Tips How to Rid Blackheads on Face

Do you have problem with blackheads on your face?

Do you feel awful because of having blackheads on your face and want to know how to rid blackheads from your face? Actually, the size of blackheads is small but it has great impact. Besides blackheads make the skin look unhealthy, blackheads also make the face look dull. Then, how to rid blackheads from face? Actually, there are many steps to rid blackheads from your face, those are;

1.      Recognize the type of your skin. Commonly, blackheads appear to oily skin. And by recognize the type of your skin, you would able to choose the right products of cleanser to clean your face.

2.      Choose the right cleanser that can make your skin become clear, fresh, and elastic. You can give tolerance for about 1 month to examine the effectiveness of the cleanser you use.

3.      Choose the right moisturizer. If you have normal and oily skin, you can use free oil moisturizer. Actually, our body has natural system that able to adjust skin moisture.

4.      Avoid comedogenic products. Other products that causes blackheads are cleansing milk, sunscreen, foundation, solid powder, shampoo which it contain ginseng, and conditioner. You need to know that solid powder is highest comedogenic product. The usage of solid powder for a long time will cause blackheads and acnes.

5.      Follow healthy life and consume healthy food.  You need to sleep enough and avoid from stress.

6.      Doing facial. Facial is one of way you can do to rid blackheads accurately. Do facial regularly and after menstruation. This is needed to do to avoid hormonal changing and sebasia gland during menstruation that produce more oil actively.

7.      Limit consumes chocolate, chocolate milk, durian, nuts, eggs, cheese, avocado, mango, dairy products, and fatty meat.

8.      The last way you can do to rid blackheads is by visit dermatologist. Usually, the doctor will suggest you to do facial and will give you certain medicine. If you have a lot of blackheads on your face, probably the dermatologist will suggest you to use laser technology.

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  2. Thanks for the share. Blackheads are a nightmare lol.

  3. Helpful tips. Blackheads can cause discomfort feeling.

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