What are The Side Effects of Green Tea During Pregnancy?

According to some reports, drinking a bit much green tea when pregnant is not good. Why is that?

It is very crucial to supervise the health of pregnant women to guarantee the health of both the mother and the baby. A few expectant mothers are quite apprehensive due to the various changes that happens in their body. Doctors frequently recommmend a diet regimen for pregnant mothers and if you’re one of those pregnant women out there, you must be extra careful with your food consumption to avert any problems or complications.

According to some reports, drinking a bit much green tea when pregnant is not good. Why is that? Doctors and researchers were able to demonstrate that green tea carries caffeine. Caffeine consumption is discouraged during pregnancy because of particular side effects.

In spite of the numerous health benefits of green tea which involves cancer prevention, improving the heart’s health, promoting the immune system, dental health, aids digestion, lowers cholesterol, lowers the level of blood sugar, and a lot more, it is not advisable to drink green tea when you are pregnant.

The EGCG or epigallocatechins whichis present in green tea, impacts the use of folate inside the body. Folate is really important during pregnancy since it can assist in preventing birth defects in the neural tube. EGCG gets harmful in pregnancy since it resembles the structure of methotrexate. The latter can eliminate cancer cells by bonding an enzyme called DHFR or dihydrofolate reductase.

The folate nerve tract carries these enzymes and since the EGCG is like methotrexate, it also adheres with the enzyme and when this happens, the enzyme is deactivated. Once the enzymes are deactivated, the body can not utilize folate effectively. There has not been any absolute studies which show how much green tea a pregnant woman must consume or how much folate can be impacted.

Likewise, there are already reports which shows caffeine to cause miscarriage and lower birth weight amongst babies. Drinking around six cups of coffee per day can unquestionably affect your baby’s weight at birth. If you do not want your baby to suffer, you may have a cup of coffee a day or better yet, you can just stop drinking coffee altogether. The caffeine in green tea is much lower than that of coffee but as said earlier, ask your doctor about it first.

Pregnancy would only take 9 months so you need to enjoy it. Even when you undergo a lot of body changes, just imagine that you’ll rejoice the day your precious baby comes. If you are able to avoid drinking caffeined drinks, then try to keep one’s distance from them.

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