Acne Treatment - How to Prevent Acne with Home Remedies

Acne comes in many forms. Although most commonly found on the face, acne ranges from Mild to Severe and can be located anywhere on the body. Most frequently self-treated, mild cases are manageable.

Here are the tips to cure Acne –

1. Washing the face twice a day in warm salt water will leave your face oil free without irritating the acne.

2. Apply avocado paste mixed with water and wash it after half an hour, this is also a natural remedy for acne.

3. Avoid the use facial scrubs encourage you to scrub at your face which is a bad idea; although it is a good idea to remove dead skin cells and excess oil, gentle action with soap is better;

4.Avoid the use astringents and masks — even where the labeling claims that the products are acne-friendly, their use is unnecessary and may irritate your skin; and

5. Avoid the use oils or creams — in fact, all cosmetics which feel greasy should be avoided; for the same reason you should take care when selecting hairstyling products or creams advertised for the specific purpose of concealing acne. The best policy is always to buy products labeled “noncomedogenic” or “water-based”.

6. Exposure to the sun can aggravate acne in some people. The problem is made worse if people use greasy sunscreens. As a very specific warning, note that using some of the prescription medications require you to stay out of direct sunlight or take precautions such as wearing a hat or cap with a brim or using an umbrella.

7. If you tend to get acne around the temples and hairline, this may be a transfer of the natural oils from the hair to your face. The first step is to use products containing benzoyl peroxide to keep your face clean. Secondly, you should shampoo your hair fairly frequently and adopt a hairstyle that keeps the hair away from your face.

8. Look carefully at everything you use that may touch your face. For example, the new mobile telephones or old-style landline handsets may pick up sweat and grease over time. Unless you clean them regularly, you may be transferring more grease on to your face.

9. Always wear loose clothing. Anything close- or tight-fitting can cause you to sweat more. It is better to allow as free a movement of air as possible. If you do get hot and sweaty, take a shower to remove any build-up of bacteria.

10. Apply a paste of fresh methi leaves on the face every night for ten to fifteen minutes and wash with warm water.

11. Mixture of Lemon juice extract and equal quantity of rose water will also help to cure acne, pimples. The scars and blemishes can be reduced if you apply it on the face and wash the face with fresh water after half and hour. Repeat this method for fifteen to twenty days.

12. Apply the pack made by boiling fifty gram of raspberry or strawberry or blackberry leaves with one and half liters of water for three minutes and this will give itching free effect and smooth skin.

13. Apply a thick mixture of yogurt and oatmeal in the face and wash it with lukewarm water and then apply any antibiotic lotion according to the skin type.

14. Aloe Vera is used as remedial measure for almost all type of skin allergies. Any kind of soaps and gels made from Aloe vera work well in reducing the acne.

15. A paste of honey and cinnamon powder helps to cure acne damaged skin. Apply the mixture while going to sleep and wash it next day morning.

16. Apply egg whites using a cotton ball on the affected area for a few hours and wash with fresh water.

17. Bay leaves are also a remedy for acne. Grind it with water and leave it beside till it becomes cool and then apply on the affected part and wash after a few hours.

18. One of the most popular remedy for acne is to put toothpaste on the affected area before going to bed. It helps to reduce swelling overnight. It must be a paste and not a gel.

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