Dynamic Advertising Techniques and The Hard Sell Tactics

Marketing gimmicks.

Dynamic Advertising Techniques and the hard sell tactics:

More and more attractive sophisticated and effective advertising techniques due to growth of consumer market and growth of consumer market and growing maturity of the consumer himself. Product flow increases competition. Effective communication skills with both audio and video visual presentation is now becoming precious than money. Manufacturer is trying to make effective impact on the consumer by going for attention –getting messages, unconventional approach and urge to buy to the prospective customer.

Manufacturer researchers the rival products, consumer market and social values. Take an example while scarcity of water during summer months prompt certain manufacturers of toilet accessories to claim that their product uses only one third of the quality of water used by conventional cisterns , current environmental issues make certain industrialists  to claim that their products are “Ozone friendly”.  So catch lines, identifying target areas shows the serious of determined seller.

 These hard sell tactics originated from US. These techniques of certain impact likely to increase the artificial need of unreasonable buying practices like buying through credit cards.


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A sound mind goes with the sound body

A sound mind goes with the sound body, says an old adage. Complex society, dynamic environmental factors, maintenance of the expectations of the community, keeps everybody under constant pressure to perform. The daily conscious or unconscious stress may affect one’s health, if not continually cared for.


It is continually an active process and the conclusion is reached through process. Modern medical diagnosis consists of using scientific method to elucidate the whole compass of problems that influence a sick person. Facts and critical evaluation through whatever method and sources through lively art based on sound and growing science. From facts and principles of anatomy, physiology, pathology, the conceptualization of the causes,, pathological lessons, disordered processes, and the correct diagnosis is singled out from these with a popular findings. From possible hypothesis to the correct diagnosis, the entire process of selection is done through differential diagnosis.


It is the purpose of combating the disease or injury with the total management of the patient, supervision of diet and fluid intake, symptomatic and supportive measures to relieve pain and ease discomfort. The medications, vaccines and the anti toxins, the surgical repair and the removal of diseased parts, the supply of artificial or natural tissues and organs, the use of irradiation of the application of physical agents such as heat and remedial exercises, nursing care, psychiatric treatments, development of muscle strength, and motor skills, human sympathy and empathy, deployment of social services to cope with the social consequences and hardships with diseases is so frequently associated.

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