Choosing The Right Cosmetic Surgeon

An article that gives advice to people looking to have a cosmetic procedure done.

People who have truly made up their mind about cosmetic surgery owe it to themselves to find the best surgeon possible. Here are some ways that people can find the proper reviews for a qualified doctor

Make sure the Surgeon is Board Certified 

Anybody who receives cosmetic surgery should get a doctor who’s certified by the the appropriate boards, such as the Australian Society of Cosmetic Surgeons. It is simple to find a doctor who’s board certified in cosmetic surgery from the American Board of Medical Specialities’ Website. It is important to use a board certified surgeon since they have to complete three to five years of mandatory trainin

Navy doctors perform reconstructive surgery on a 21-year-old patient (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

g in general surgery and a minimum of two years of training in plastic surgery, plus receive passing scores on written and oral tests. 

Check the Surgeon’s Record 

It is important for a potential patient to check the surgeon’s record before receiving surgery. If the surgeon has any malpractice judgments against them, the patient should reconsider receiving surgery from that particular doctor. The majority of state licensing boards reviews malpractice judgments, plus any actions that were taken by the board. 

Ask if the Surgeon has Hospital Privileges 

It is always worth checking out if the doctor has any hospital privileges. Even if the patient receives their plastic surgery at an outpatient clinic, it is important for doctors to have hospital privileges since hospitals do background checks. Any surgeon who does not have hospital privileges is considered a huge red flag. 

Come With Many Questions for the Doctor 

One of the most crucial questions a patient should ask their doctor is how often do they the procedure the patient is interested in. For example, if the patient is coming in for a facelift, it is best to pick out a surgeon who does the procedure weekly. A patient should also print out a list of questions that they can bring with them to the doctor’s office. There is no such thing as a stupid question, so patients should utilize this time to ask the most critical and important questions. 

Be Wary of Multiple Procedures 

While receiving cosmetic surgery, a patient should not have multiple procedures at the same time. When a patient bundles multiple procedures, the risk goes up for complications and infections. Perhaps the most valuable advice for a patient to take is to only take advice from an objective source rather than being swayed by their emotions when receiving surgery.

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