I Have a Black Eye! How Can I Naturally Get Rid of It?

Here I am going to explain what a black eye is, how you can get it and some herbs to get rid of it.

You don’t necessarily have to get punched in the eye to have a black eye.

If you have a short supply of vitamins, the little blood vessels around the skin of the eye tun black.

Basically, a black eye is a bruise.

Roget J Abel M.D. clinical professional of ophthalmology at THomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia says,  “Bruises around the eye can be dramatic  because the tissue there is extremely soft, in fact, the tissue around the eyes is so sensitive that the bruises there spread spontaneously.”

One way you can get a black eye is to have your eye hit a hard surface, like a punch.

If you get a hard hit in the eye, you should see a ophthalmologist because there is always the eye was hurt because the eyes hit against the bones around the eyes.

You can use natural herbs to help the black eye.

Bromelain does wonders. Use three 500mg capsules four times a day until black eye disappears. Bromelain is an enzyme found in a pineapple plant.

IIn a study boxers were studied, 74 boxers were treated with bromelain that had bruises and 72 boxers received pseudo medicine. In 14 days, 75% of the bromelain boxers were cured of their bruises while 14% of those with the pseudo medicine.

C. Leigh Broadhurst says, Bromelain for any bruise resulting from injury including black eyes it helps digest some of the clotted blood  that accumulates in a wound, which helps reduce , which helps reduce inflammation, and basically cleans up the degraded tissue.

Comfrey should be used as a compress.

The reason comfrey works is because it encourages your skin to heal quicker and it is an anti inflammatory containing allantion.

Broadurst says  to make a comfrey infusion by use 10-12 drops comfrey in two ounces of cold water. You can make the solution less strong  and use five to ten minutes at a time until the black eye goes away.

Calendula can used as a compress. It helps grow new cells that are healthy, thus replacing the damaged black skin around the eye. Janet Zand  a naturopathic  doctor of oriental medicine in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles gives the suggestion of making a calendula infusion.

Here is how to make a calendula infusion. Using four ounces boiling water that is distilled. Put a Tablespoon of dry herb in water and steep 10-15 minutes. Cool mixture. Cool mixture and use a strainer to get rid of any herb parts . Put it on CLOSED EYES for 5-10 minutes  do NOT get liquid in eyes.

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