Pandemic in Toronto

I Worked In a Downtown Toronto Hospital During Sars.

During the 2003 SARS epidemic that reached pandemic proportions,

I worked as a staff nurse in a downtown Toronto Hospital.

It was a small specialty hospital but we were affliated with a large teaching hospital.

At first we were not to concerned about the Sars breakout in Toronto because our patients were mostly,

Pre and post operative patients with a rehab department second to none ,for orthopaedic patients.

Then the health department made some procedures for all hospitals and health care workers to follow.

These were emergency infection control measures. They had stated that there should be no transfers of,

patients from one hospital to another. The management at our site and the big hospital decided to send

some patients from the large hospital to ours to free up space in their facility. The Nursing staff were very,

concerned as they did not want to have it spread to our site and there were cases of Sars at the big hospital.

And at first the management said we didn’t need to wear the protective gowns and masks we usually wore the gloves.

Then suddenly they said every health care worker has to be in full infection control garb at all times,

and we set up some isolation rooms. Then they told us we all had to take turns in triage at our site ,

and the other hopital where most of us had never worked. Some of us tried to refuse as we had some children

at home and were worried that we could Sars home. We were told we would be fired if we didn’t not take our turn.

By this time some healthcare workers were very sick and some had died. many people were completely

terrified at the prospect. My Mother thought the whole city was infected when she watched her local nes.

She thought we should leave the city. This was a very stressful time and if a nurse used public transportation,

they would try and conceal the fact that they worked in a hospital or the people around you would move far away.

It was heartbreaking when families of patients begged to visit and we couldn’t let them in.

It was a very trying but no one contracted Sars or died at our hospital, and our infection control policies were stricter.

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  1. woww u a nurse…just like my mom

  2. Scary.

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  3. nice share

  4. Good job Lauralu….Nursing is a noble profession.Thanks for sharing !

  5. It must’ve been a frightening time.

  6. Good share lauralu. Interesting, that you are in the medical field

  7. Written nicely! This is a critical issue and we must take all precautions against SARs. My daughter is an R.N. at a large hospital, who works in a pediatrics unit.

  8. sounds like it was an awful scary time

  9. very good.

  10. Your words speak for themselves.:P

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