Ryan Seacrest Giving Back to Kids

Ryan Seacrest is giving back to kids as a gesture of appreciation for all his success as a media celebrity. He is setting up closed circuit media centers in children’s hospitals all over the U.S.. The media center at Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta has taken off like a ball of fire. Sick children are communicating with each other and having fun being on the air ways. It relieves their boredom and suffering to have something interesting to look forward to every day. Thank you Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan Seacrest has done something good with his media personality status. The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston has a new in hospital closed circuit television, thanks to Seacrest. Kids can watch and call in answers to questions, and request music among other interesting things to do. “The Voice” is a broadcast media center located in the lobby of Egleston hospital, a gift from the Seacrest Foundation. Ryan Seacrest’s hometown is Dunwoody in Atlanta and he thought it only right that he install the first center in his hometown.

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His mother, Connie Seacrest said, “We talked and he said he wanted to do something that will make a difference to children.” Once the plans were made the foundation became a family affair. His plan is to install broadcast centers in pediatric hospitals all over the U.S.. Another radio television center opened in Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia in July and others are already in the works for Boston and Orange County.

Patients are allowed to take their turns on the air ways as DJs and hosts in the radio and television studio. Patients confined to bed can call in to talk, play games and request music while watching and hearing from their rooms. It’s an excellent way to keep up their spirits and lessen boredom. High School and College students volunteer in return for broadcast training. It’s a win, win situation for the sick kids and the volunteers. Any celebrities in town can make appearances as they would at any other station. The children lend a hand as interviewers and have a lot of serious fun doing it.

One patient was such a constant presence at “The Voice” that he earned the name, “Joking Joe” Joe’s genetic heart condition eventually led to a transplant and “The Voice” his mother said, made the stays better and gave him something to look forward to. Joe was in the studio so much that the nurses carried in his medications and took his vital signs from there.

Ryan Seacrest is to be admired for his attention to these youngsters who suffer and have little to relieve day to day discomfort and boredom. Thanks to him they can look forward to communicating among themselves and having something fun to look forward to every day. I give the young man a big thumbs up.

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  1. That is very nice of him. I remember in high school a few of my friends had a crush on him! It’s good to hear that he is giving back to the community.

  2. That’s a good way to encourage them.

  3. Ryan Seacrest has a kind heart indeed.

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  6. How nice of him. It id always nice to help people.

  7. A wonderful thing to do. It’s very encouraging.

  8. he seems to be a really good guy. he is a good influence to everyone especially the kids.

  9. The measure of true success and wealth is what you do with it.

  10. It is so good to see celebrities giving something back to society. This sounds like a really worthwhile cause.

  11. That is really nice of Ryan Seacrest. You do not hear that about too many celebrities. It is always nice when they help the children. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Good for him!! It is important to give back!

  13. Good to know.

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