The Latest Craze in Japan is Operated Hands to Change The Destination

During the procedure, which lasts about 10 or 15 minutes, you can join, break or even create new lines in the palms.

The lines of the hands, as they say patients can determine our future

Are you not happy with what they say the lines of your hands on your future? No problem, in Japan and there are specialists who operate to change the fate of his patients and is the latest trend in the Asian country. Thus, according to the needs of each patient, these lines can extend, merge, crop, or even create one that was not before.

The plastic surgeon has extended this practice, Takaaki Matsuoka said that was the brainchild of one of his patients, who asked to investigate because “he wanted to change his fate.” The doctor looked in magazines and medical publications until she found an example of this type of intervention in Korea. The operation, which lasts 10 to 15 minutes, was performed with an electrocautery, which burns the flesh and leaves a visible scar. In a month heal the wounds and forming new lines.

“If we try to create a brand laser line leaving unclear. You need to use the electric scalpel and make an incision manual for hand lines are not completely straight. If you do not burn the skin, and the lines are not, “insists the doctor, who adds that although it is a difficult process, one must know to do well.

Since he began his career in May 2011 and has made nearly 50 operations, most young people who are in their 30s. Men generally require the money line and the women love.

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