What is in Today? Looks and Looking Younger That’s What!


Yes, Yes. Looks are in. Looking young is especially in.

More and more people are getting breast implants, botox and collagen injections, plastic surgery. A lot of people nowadays, thrive on looks and looking young, more  than ever before.

Face creams to help you look younger are in, no matter what the cost is. There are face creams that supposedly make one look younger, Even though the cost is $500.00. But most all of these face creams and other such cosmetics don’t really work. They are a big rip off.

Tattooed makeup is also in. Instead of spending oodles of money on makeup, now, you can get tattooed eyeshadow, tattooed eyeliner and tattooed lipstick. A great way to save your billys!

Our generation, is now into looks and looking young more than ever, as mentioned above.

You can get jobs easier, you can get the best seats in a restaurant, and even though people are disrespectful towards young people, young people have the players choice, when it comes to easy living.

Plastic surgery and botox can also back fire. There haven been horrific results with plastic surgery. Lips way too full, Eyes that look distorted. Skin that looks too tight. Botox bad results, can be a problem with droopy eyes and also can cause no facial expression.

They say that looks don’t matter, but nowadays, good looks and looking young, are simply the way to go.

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