Man-opause: Men Get Bitchy Too!

Menopause: It’s not just for women anymore!

Andropause. Menopause for men. Also referred to as ‘man-opause’ or the ‘change of life’ for men.

Medical Term: Late-onset hypo-gonadism.

The point is that men get bitchy too!


The difference is that a woman’s reproductive system shuts down - while a mans merely slows down. So while the symptoms can be similar for both sexes - including fatigue, insomnia, impaired memory, hot flushes, depression/anxiety, mood swings, intermittent or long term loss of libido - and bitchiness, - ‘HER-opause’ produces far more sudden, far more extreme symptoms.

‘HIS-opause’ does not present nearly as suddenly, nor as intensely - making it difficult to recognize, diagnose - and therefore - treat properly!

None the less, by their mid-fifties - over 35% of males are experiencing andropausal symptom! 


We women have long suspected that something had to be wrong. Very wrong. What was the dark, debilitating dysfunction plaguing our men? We had no name for - yet we knew it must exist.

Otherwise - it just made no sense!

How could something NOT be terribly amiss when the male of the species can maintain such a consistent state of miserable and moody - even in the face of women’s devoted attentiveness - and unwavering desire to fetch a beer (or 6)?


How could they NOT be suffering from some dreadful, unnamed ailment when they can remain grumpy and grouchy - even while their better halves are consistently patient, eternally understanding, and always ready to perform fellatio?


There is NO doubt that something is terribly askew with the ‘boys’ when they begin to have a problem with, ahem, production - or performance - despite their women parading around half dressed 24 hours a day - either going to - or coming from - a pole dancing class!(Where else?)


Clearly - it made no sense. Until now!

Here are some strong indicators that your man is suffering from MAN-opause - and is desperate for proper diagnosis and treatment - whether he knows it or not!




Clearly - it’s time that men ‘womaned-up’ - and started taking their man-opause like a woman!

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  1. Now… why does a man with Donald Trump’s money not get a sensible hairdo? I never did get that one!

  2. LOL I think The Donald’s hair has become a trademark. Nice information, but, that doesn’t explain the young guys. :)

  3. lol @ woman logic

  4. @mphsglo: Early onset MANopause? Sometimes really really

  5. Brilliant article! Just amazing :)

  6. Cute article. I Facebooked it. Thanks for the entertainment. I have all of those symptoms. Now I know why. The fat guy photos are funny, too.

  7. OK, now I’m bitchy, err, mad. I think I’ll put on my bandana & my fat man overalls, go catch a lap dance, & then check out what’s available at the Harley shop. Good article, unfortunately, sad but true.

  8. OK, now I’m bitchy, err, mad. I think I’ll put on my bandana & my fat man overalls, go catch a lap dance, & then check out what’s available at the Harley shop. Good article, unfortunately, sad but true.

  9. OK guys, let this article inspire us all to let the inner bitch out. I’m hurt and I’m mad. I’m going to put on my bandana and my fat man overalls, and go get a lap dance on my way to the Harley shop to see what they’ve got that can help me with my condition. Good article, sad but true!

  10. well done

  11. Have we got HRT tablets for men yet? :P
    ImKarn, fetch us a beer will ya from the fridge? ;-)

  12. Don’t want no short, short man…. Don’t want a man with boobies either.. Those who are bald, out of shape and grumpy need not apply.

  13. BITCHIN’ comments, peeps! lol

  14.’d i forget about the Harley shop?? lol

  15. LOL! Glad I haven’t reached that age yet. (rolling eyes) And here I always thought it was “mental-pause”. Who new! Coughing too hard and cracking a rib…E/D…falling down and breaking a hip…E/D…high blood pressure…E/D…high cholesterol…E/D…fading eyesight…E/D…loss of hair (except in your ears)…E/D…loss of hearing (assuming it worked before then)…E/D. Ahhhhhhhh…my golden years. Maybe I’ll just have myself bronzed when I reach my peak…and avoid the downward death spiral. Huh?…did you say something? Oh Noooooooooo!!! :o

  16. Excellent article. You do understand of course that fast cars and younger women constitute a natural form of viagra for man-opausal men…? I’m not justifying it! Just stating an observation.

  17. will be a tough situation to have a menopause and man’o’ pause under one roof :)
    i love the pictures…especially the faucet one ;)

  18. Haha!! Hilarious one! Keep it coming! :D

  19. Great article

  20. we call it huffy, thank you. :)

  21. Phew - thanks for the explanation…:) (just kidding)

  22. OMG! This is awesome stuff!! Thank God for you - that’s all I can say.
    *LOVED the ‘appropriate’ photos too!!!*

  23. very good, hihi… :)

  24. Packed with goodies, this is a fun and gorgeous article. I just loved it.

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