10 Reasons People Cut Themselves

10 different reasons many people feel that harming themselves is the only way to make them feel better.

Many different people across the world, no matter what age, sometimes need to cut themselves, or inflict pain onto themselves in order for the to feel better. This happens for many different, explainable reasons.

  1. Cutting is a Disorder

    Many different people that suffer from different forms of depression, cut after reaching a peak in sorrow. Which is very reasonable. Seeing them bleed reminds them that they are still able to feel something, and that life isn’t over yet.

  2. A Cry For Help

    Some people cut themselves to show others they need help in life, they need to find something or someone that can give them a reason for why they should be here. They don’t tell to increase the effectiveness of anyone wanting to help them if they somehow find out.

  3. For Attention

    Many teens or other people cut themselves in hope for attention. In hope that someone will care that they do it. These people are usually the ones that go off and tell everyone that they do it, just so they’ll feel bad for them.

  4. It puts them in control

    Some people cut in order to see that they are in control of something. Seeing the blood and feeling the pain shows them they can control at least one thing, which is good positive reinforcement.

  5. A symbol of love

    Many different people think that carving their lovers name into them is a good way of showing them that you love them, and that you’ll go through any amount of pain for them. This isn’t always the best idea. Yes some people do think it’s very passionate and caring, but if they truly love you, they won’t want you to do that to yourself.

  6. Cutting relieves stress

    When someone cuts themselves, pain relieving chemicals called Endorphins are released to relieve stress or emotional pain.

  7. They like how it looks

    Alright, I honestly hate when people do this. They only cut themselves to see how it looks, or the cool patterns they can make. This is possibly one of the worst decisions you can make. If you want to do that, just draw something instead.

  8. They feel like they deserve it

    Many people are very self-loathing these days and want to do whatever they can to hurt themselves after making bad decisions. Cutting usually comes into play there.

  9. They like the pain

    Some people are just truly messed up and like being hurt, so they do things like cutting in order to feel pain. But the truth is, when people cut themselves for reasons that actually make sense, they are too worked up to feel any pain at all.

  10. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

    Many people suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder, meaning they have somewhat of multiple personalities. And the only way they could get through the different problems and different pain, was cutting or self-harming to relieve it all.

I myself have cut. Over 300 times as an estimate. I did it because of depression, and feeling that I was not worth anything. I have tried stopping many times, but usually fail due to different problems with my life. Currently I have been clean for only a week, but I hope to find something else to relieve pain instead.

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  1. i remember when i used to do the same thing. but it seemed like i only did it when i was angry and depressed about life and i felt that was the only way to stay in reality. i never really told nobody about because i know how some people would respond when hearing this. and it’s crazy because my mother of all people never took notice to none of the signs but know i can talk to people about it and be ashame to say i did it and and i’m better now

  2. If you know someone who may have done it, would you tell there parents or not?

  3. i cut myself to see if im stil alive sometimes it feels like im just here and everyone is moving,changing and im still in the same place, where i started. i havent told alot of people actually the people that know saw my arms, thighs,calves and stomach.. i hate talking about with people that dont understand how i feel. i dont think anyone can live with the pain i do every day. it takes alot of me not to kill myself, thats all i think about how to kill myself. ive tried alot things like overdose, cutting, hanging myself, holding my breath, and nothing works so i guess it wasnt ment to be. so now ive decided to talk to a therapist. which is very hard i cant deal with people judging me. so i sing or write poetry instead of cutting myself..i dont anyone to feel how i felt.

  4. how do i approach my 13 yr.old son about this without putting anymore pressure on him . I just found out by one of his best friend that confided with his mother.

  5. how do i approach my 13 yr.old son about this without putting anymore pressure on him . I just found out by one of his best friend that confided with his mother.

  6. how do i approach my 13 yr.old son about this without putting anymore pressure on him . I just found out by one of his best friend that confided with his mother.

  7. im 13 and i constantly cut myself with rubber bands and i erase really hard at my skin and give myself these rugburn type of things and when people try to help me it only works me and stresses me more… though when my best guy friend who i really like said he wanted to help me and talked to me on the phone everynight made sure i had no cuts the next day.. though soon he went out with my best friend and i got so upset i tore my whole arm up and took my razor and cut my legs and said i did it skateboarding and i still cant stop myself from cutting.

  8. I have cut myself numerous amount of times, since Freshman year to be precise. For me, I like to come home sore from practice (h20polo) just so I know that I worked that day. I find it wierd, I know, but then I cut. When I cut, I feel like I can see my pain. I get really depressed and then I see the blood that poors out of me and it makes me think “There is my pain.”

    Then I hear a song by Sheryl Crow stating, “If it makes you happy, then why the hell are you so sad?”

    Cutting IS satisfying and helps me, but in the end I still am sad. I come home somedays and just grab something such as a pen cap and hop in the shower and cut away. I scare myself. My best friend cuts too, but for different reason. The control factor. My other best friend, he tries to get us both to stop, sadly, I’m the only one who hasn’t. I love them both dearly and I want to quit for them and myself.

  9. why even do it

  10. i have 3 friends who cut themselves and i do to ive cut myself probably around 100 times one of my best friends rachel tried to get me oto stop she got me stop for around a month just cuz she cared but i started again about a week ago i do it cuz its the only thing that reminds me im human cause im so different cause i cut myself and i also do it to take the anger out of me i have been sine 5th grade pretty young to start to

  11. There are 9 people at my school who cut, and 3 of them have stopped, but that still leaves 6. Its really upsetting because my best friend is one of those people. Nobody sees the reason for her to be cutting, but nobody tells her that because they dont want to make her more angry. She always walks over to us and says Nobody cares about me! But shes talking to at least 3 of her best friends at he time. It confuses everyone. Shes done it in front of people, and shes been in the hospital, but she wont stop! It makes everyone else depressed too. :( I try so hard to help her, but nothing works. And when shes not thinking about it, Shes smiling and laughing sincerely! I think shes doing it for attention because she tells everyone about it too. EVERYONE. Anyway Im just really confused so if anyone has any suggestions… anyway thanks

  12. i know what all you guys are goin through,i’ve been doin it 4 years now i just cant stop.The reason i do it is because i feel as though im in control of something in my life.i’ve just finshed uni an waiting 4 my results,my parents have really high expectations of and im scared i wont meet up 2 their standards so i’ve started to cut myslf more often.I’ve got so many problems right nw.dont knw how to handle them

  13. o.O yE but have you? ok.. ¬.¬

  14. Hi was the above comment 4 me? yeah im still cutn myslf,my results r comn on fri lets c wot so scared

  15. Hi, I am 25 and I cut myself to forget about all the pain in my life. There has been so much going on in my life that I have no control over so the cutting helps with the pain

  16. Ask yourself: “Why do I feel depressed, and when did I first start to feel this way: can I associate this with any recent change in my life?” (if so, it is probably situational depression: counselling, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is indicated). Or, was it a more gradual thing, with no apparent cause? (nutritional deficiencies, hypothyroidism, environmental toxicity, or reactions to some medications, etc., becomes more likely as the cause).

    Depression: I KNOW, from experience, how difficult it is, but once you drag yourself out of bed, throw on a dressing gown, and have a little time in the morning light, preferably doing easy stretching exercises, then have a shower, a cuppa, and either fish, or scrambled eggs, and possibly bacon for breakfast.

    These provide a lasting energy boost: no carbohydrates for 2 hrs, or extremely little; a teaspoon of sugar is OK, but Xylitol is preferable, (health food stores) or fruit sugar (fructose, such as “Fruisana”, from supermarket sugar aisles) or even a LITTLE honey. Splash cold water on your face, to revive you, as needed. No daytime sleeping; only 8 - 9 hrs at night. Overall though, low to moderate levels of protein suit most people best, with considerably more of the complex carbohydrates, preferably from wholefoods, and a smaller amount of fat, or oil.

    Antidepressants work quicker than the following; 2 - 6 weeks, but you may have to adjust dosage, or types, whereas St. John’s wort is effective for most people, tolerance doesn’t develop, and the few side effects don’t occur often, and even then are normally not severe.

    It doesn’t cause sleeping problems, or weight change, but usually takes at least 2, and generally 4 - 6 weeks to become effective. A recent, independent German double blind study showed it to be as effective as Sertraline (marketed in the USA as Zoloft: a commonly prescribed antidepressant) in cases of major depression, with far fewer side effects, and those were generally better tolerated, with a lower rate of discontinuation. Unlike antidepressants, where sexual dysfunction is a common side effect, it happens much more rarely with St. John’s wort (I have noticed no effect in this area).

    Remember back to a time when life was full of promise, or a day when you felt particularly good, or possibly excited from a good result. Emotional states are associated with memories, and if it isn’t major depression, this method can help.

    A multidimensional approach to treating depression without medication follows. All except for no. (7.) are safe to use with medication, but not St. John’s wort, because of interactions, and it’s sensible to check out anything else first with your doctor.

    (1.) Take 4 Omega 3 fish oil supplements, daily: (certified free of mercury) it is best if consumed with an antioxidant, such as an orange, or grapefruit, or their FRESHLY SQUEEZED juice. If vitamin E is added, it should be certified as being 100% from natural sources, or it may be synthetic: avoid it. Also take a vitamin B complex which is certified as being 100% of natural origin; a deficiency in vitamin B9 (folic acid, or folate) is known to cause depression. Around 30% - 40% of depressed people have low vitamin B12 levels. Depressed females using the contraceptive pill may benefit from vitamin B6 supplements.

    (2.) Work up slowly to at least 20 minutes minutes of exercise, daily, or 30 - 60 mns, 5 times weekly. Too much exercise can cause stress, which isn’t wanted when dealing with depression.

    (3.) Occupational therapy (keeping busy allows little time for unproductive introspection, and keeps mental activity out of less desirable areas of the brain).

    (4.) Use daily, one of the relaxation methods in sections 2, 2.c, 2.i, or 11, and/or yoga, Tai Chi, and/or the EFT, in sections 2.q, 2.o, and section 53, at whichever works best for you.

    (5.) Initially, at least, some form of counselling, preferably either Cognitive Behavio(u)ral Therapy, or Rational Emotive Behavio(u)ral Therapy.

    (6.) Maintain a mood chart, and daily activities schedule, as per page R, in section 2, at ezy build.

    (7.) As options, if desired, either a known, effective herbal remedy, such as St. John’s wort, (the strength varies, but the supplier should be using a standardised hypericin content, so follow the directions) or supplements, such as SAMe, or Inositol (from vitamin and health food stores, some supermarkets, or mail order: view section 55).

    If 5HTP is used to boost serotonin levels, (which are low in depressed people) it is best taken with a high carbohydrate, minimal protein meal, like pasta with tomato & basil, and avoid protein for 90 minutes, before, and after, to maximise the amount crossing the blood/brain barrier.

    Also, 80% of people in the Western world have low magnesium levels, and these are known to cause depression & anxiety. Try the magnesium supplement types shown in Some of these will be available in pharmacies, or supermarkets. Low levels of calcium, and potassium can also cause depression. Have your blood tested, and correct any deficiencies, preferably through improved nutrition.

    An improvement can be noticed in as little as a week, if a deficiency is the cause. Also, iodised salt is much preferable to regular salt (one of the treatments in books on depression is iodine drops).

    Try to imagine, as vividly as possible, a time in the not too distant future, when you have overcome this temporary setback, and things are much better.

    Most depressive episodes last for around 6 months, which is why treatments should be maintained for at least that long, and preferably 1 - 2 years. Then wean off medication, or herbal remedies, over at least 2 weeks, with medical advice, and see how things go, but I would maintain the other treatments, with the possible exception of therapy. Even then, realise that depression recurs in about 50% of cases: know your early warning signs, and be quick to act at the first hint of it returning.

    This is a shortened version of the much more comprehensive post, which may be seen on page R, in section 2 of ezy build, above, but to gain full appreciation, it’s really best to view the whole of section 2.

    If you are already taking antidepressants, and want to use the wort, I suggest that you taper off the antidepressant, over at least 2 weeks, with medical advice as to how long to take, before beginning the wort, which is believed to act by increasing the availability of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, moderately, rather than selectively giving the serotonin levels of the brain a large boost. Self harm is addressed in section 16, at ezy build.

    1. WHEN IM MAD.
    2. WHEN IM SAD.



  18. When i cut it’s when I’m mad!
    One time i liked a guy.
    Then i founded out he like my sister!
    So i made a big x over my wrist.
    But now i don’t really cut.
    Some people know about my scars.
    But i hide them so people don’t know i cut myself.

  19. hey its not easy to cut you know i used to do it myself but i stopped because i told my mom somethig really bad that had scarred me and she and god help me through it and now im helping those kids that are doing it by taking them to church and telling and showing the that there is a god that loves them so much he died for us!

  20. Its easy to cut yourself. and you can control how much pressure you put on the blade. I have been depressive and somewhat suicidal since the day my friend died, that was almost 12 years ago yet I still feel like it could have been avoided. I cut and occasionally burn myself to prove that I can feel pain and that i still exist on this plain of existence. I have no religion to turn to, and since I am such a shy person I hardly talk to anyone. I have found other ways of keeping my mind off of the real world and my surroundings.

    I have sought out help before, but i fear of what people might think, so i dont anymore. I live one day at a time now and through many of these sites, I have found refuge…

  21. i noe wat ppl are going threw most of those things thta ppl have said i cut 4….. to tell u the truth i still havnt stoped cuz its sooooo hard i have been doing it 3 years… my skool found out my parents noe nd my friends noe. even though they all noe i still hide it.
    i cut just a lil while ago cuz i rlly liked this guy nd he likes my best friens she knew i liked him nd she still went out w/ him….. were not friends anymore…
    ppl say “wu can help u. u can talk get help” U CANT!!!!!!
    i want to so bad but i tryed mostely everything nothing works i dont want to do it but it takes all the pain away.. my parents dnt understand they try but its not helping at all….

    im srry 4 ppl who do it i cnt say nothing to make u stop its ur choice…
    i dnt

  22. I cut in high school,not really too deep but alot of cuts at one time. Stopped for only a short time when I had my first child but as he grew older, I started again. I just couldn’t find any self worth and cutting made me feel better about myself. I was in control of me. I stopped mostly after having 2 more great kids. Many years have passed, I’m going to be 59 next week, so for all you cutters out there, you might be in for a lifetime. I also regretably have started again, BUT I NEVER SHOW ANYONE, IT’S NOT THEIR BUSINESS!

  23. i used to cut myself during my teens all the way thru uni. i did it to release the pain i felt over my parent’s failed marriage and later on my own failures.

    then i met a girl who saw me. saw my scars and my imperfections yet loved me still for who i am. i’ve been with her 10 years since and never cut myself again. because i wanted to be better for her.

  24. hi everyone.
    im a 17 year old girl, and i started cutting myself when i was 15, after one of my good friends pasted away. i was shocked, upset, depressed, everything so i thought maybe cutting myself would help. And honestly it did. it took the pain away for about an hour, then i started cutting again. ive been cutting myself off and on now for almost 3 years. i did it last night because someone said some very hurtful words to me, and thats how i deal with my feelings. i cut myself about 25 different times on my right arm intill i started to see blood or intill i felt alittle better about what had just happened. my mom or friends dont understand why i do it, but thats how i take out my pain, && feelings. i hope one day in the furture i will be able to stop, or get help for it. my mom thinks i just do it for attention but i do it because im so upset inside. if you know someone that cuts themselfs dont bring them down or talk about them, reach out and help them.. but thank you everyone for listening to my story. && hopefully ill find another way to take my anger out.

  25. Hey everyone,
    Im 16 male
    i live in indiana
    born in chicago
    i never cut before but nowadays i want to try it i keep reading on pages of people’s comments to make myself prevent myself from doing it but i dont know i tried to be an honest person my entrie life but i dont see a point i lost the little i had and think that im too stupid nowadays teachers tell me im bright but i think they say that because they are teachers also i used to like doing things but i dont care anymore i just sit down and try to calm myself down when i feel depressed i feel like “who gives a blank” and i just want to kill myself i sit and try to concentrate to not come close to anything so i tried prozac and am on lexapro and arent working aka they are both anti-depressants im going to consoling so i can control myself before anything happens but i dont know i know there is a God but i believe he’s turned away from me why would he make anyone suffer he made his own son suffer i dont know these days i want to cut but cant pull myself to do it im not sure if im weak or what but these last days ive seriously thought about it but i was hoping you guys would pray for me maybe God could give me a sign that he hasnt thank you and thats why i gave you my real name add me on myspace if you guys have any advice to stop these thoughts from coming back and back everyday

  26. I just moved to this country. Where I come from, If someone cuts themselves then they are put into a mental institution and are considered to be an outcast. things are just so diferent there. There wasone young girl who had cut herself because her boyfriend moved away. When her father found out that she did this, he slapped her and took her out of school. We we were so scared for her and never heard from her again. She was not mentaly ill, but still she was taken out of school. However, I have many friends in this country who cut themselves, but they do not seem like they should be in a mental institution of any sort. In fact they seem fine. it is very strange where i come from there is so no time to hurt ourselves because that would be considered a distraction from school work. we are too scared of our parents. Also, if a situation occurs where there is a major loss of blood,it might be possible for us to not have enough eneergy for homework. Loss of blood is not as bad as loss of energy for us. If we are taken out of school to go to a mental institution then all of our chances of graduating and having a career would be gone. No one is willing to make such a sacrifice i guess. Our parents would then be so ashamed of us for failing. I have read many different articles reguarding self mutilation however, I do not understand it very well. I worry about my friends here. Hopefully they do not get taken out of school. One school mate explained to me that when she cuts her arms, she feels very happy. I did not understand. I thought she confused the word happy with sad but she did not. She actually said happy. She also said that I should try it the next time I am upset. I laughed thinking it was a joke. Then I realized that she was serious and I assumed that she wanted to hurt me without getting into trouble for it, which would be why she suggested that I cut myself. I was very confused. She would not have any reason to hurt me so that could not have been a possibility. Then again she did not have a reason to hurt herself but she still did that too. I asked her why she started to cut her arms in the first place and she said becase she just felt like it. Any how, what should i tell my friends? Everywhere I look I see new cut marks in new places. they say tht I will eventually start doing the same, but I cannot possibly begin to imagine that. I feel like there is something that i am not understanding. I feel like I am the only one who gets scared for myfriends. The ones who do cut themselves show eachother their cuts and talk about it. I really do not know what to do. I feel as if i am in a different dimention all toegther

  27. The first one is pretty comical. “cutting is a disorder”
    is there a disorder for absolutley everything?
    As for the foreigner, you ARE in a different dimention. Ignore what you see. Its an absolute outrage.
    My sister slices her arm once, she gets an Ipod. Then she does it again this time a little deeper, she gets a new 32 inch flat screen tv for her room, Then the third time comes around she creates some sort of obscene bloody picaso masterpiece on her arm and whats the outcome? An Infiniti g35. If she is so depressed then why does she watch movies all day in High Definition and flaunt around in her new car listening to her new ipod. Someone needs to slap her before i do. She takes pictures of her arms and legs and shows the whole world. I suggested that she move her blade half an inch to the right to actually cut a vain. Maybe that was a bad idea, her father will end up buying her a yacht.

  28. Hello. my 14 yearold daughter is a cutter. She has cut herself well over 200 times.As a Mom my first reaction was shock.I was confused and sick in my stomach with horror. I never heard of this in my life till now.I only found out 1 month ago.I let her know how much I love her everyday.I am not ashamed of her or her cuts. She is getting counseling.If there are any parents who read this please do not yell or scream at your child for cutting.Trust me I lost many nights of sleep worring about her as I still do.I don’t let her see I worry because she can’t handle the “guilt”.By that I mean she can’t handle people feeling disapointed in her.Please understand that if you yell or scream or “Flipout” on your child it might make them more depressed. Be their total support.Let them know you love them everyday and when they talk listen to them,look them in the eyes and truely listen to them.I am still learning about cutting but I hope I was some help.

  29. i am a cutter. i been cutting for 4 years.i do it because it release stress and it tells me that i am in control. i do it with a rarozr blade and a box cutter. i do it to deep that every time i do i end up needing stiches. i tried to stop but it does not work.

  30. ya i still do but im really upset when i do it!! but now im stopping cause i see a shrink so now i feel much better!!!!im only stopping cause thw boys that i like & he likes me said 2 stop 7 if i dont hes not gonna date me! so ya ppl u need 2 stop cutting its bad for health! i stopped so now i write poems that help me!

  31. my girlfriend cut herself for two years after i had been doing it for four years, she stopped a week ago and told my parents about me still doing it and now, ha ha lucky me i get to go to therapy:(
    when i confronted my girlfriend about it she said “you need fixing”

  32. So my boyfriend comes to me in the last week in the morning with some juice when i noticed he had cuts on his arms. I immediatley asked him what had happened and he replied… “Im scared of loosing you, i thought you were serious when you said you were going to break up with me.”
    Of course i was really upset about it, and I asked him why did he do that, what he was he feeling so on so fourth. At that moment the whole idea was that he wanted to prove how upset and traumatized he was over our very serious argument.. He did. I was truley upset, i felt so bad. I told him that we just had a very small fight and that no matter what happens we will work through our problems and we will stay together. He said “great!” a few days after.. someone at work saw his cuts..that person went to spread the news, and soon it traveled to the boss. His boss came to him and asked what happend and that he knew the cuts were deliberate. My boyfriend replys “Sir, I have been so stressed out from work, with all these deadlines, meetings.. just dont know what to do.” the boss suggested two weeks of paid time off. Lucky him. Later on my boyfriend gets a call from his mother asking him to stop by as she always does. he had already planned to drop off some documents at her house , which was where one of his cuts began to bleed on her white carpet. His mother discovered his cuts and nearly had a heart attack.(I wish she did) She began to automatically blame me for what he did to himself,and she felt so sorry she gave his son 3 weeks worth of home cooked food. Once again he opened his mouth and he said “Mom, I did this because i am obsessed with spending time with you. Iwant to quit my job, leave my girlfriend, sell my dog and my computer and comeloive with you.” Naturally his mother found this very sad feeling that her son could not give up his life just to spend time with her. Makes sense right? Genuine conncern. She told her son that she wuld stop calling him (us) to come to the house, and that they would spend a lot of time apart. He smiled and walked to his car. Last but not least….. My boyfriend, is driving at 65 milesper hour in a 30 zone when a cop pulls him over. Since the same excuse had been working all day, he used it again. He rolled up sleeve, and the officer shined the light on his arm. In a shaky voice my boyfriend said “Sir.. i just want to get home. i need bandaids” The cop asked if he was alright, and sent him home with a warning and some stupid words of encouragment. Well…
    As of now.. my boyfriend is sitting next to me, Not at work, eating really good food, and suffering from the wounds of our cat…. What a liar. Our cat Cinnamon scratched the life out of his arm. He was nice enough to admit it to me.

    Anyhow the moral of the story is .. go to school and study hard, however pick the right major (so you dont end up making excuses to get paid time off), maintain a good a very good relationship with your mother, Dont speed,Dont lie and most importantly stay away from sharp objects…and cats.

  33. I used to cut myself. Ive bin clean for about a month. Im 17. i started when i was 10. I attempted suicide about 15 times. Only once i came very close to commiting. But my brother kevin, who is 11 monthes older than i am, saved me. Everytime i see a scar on my wrist, i feel the pain all over again. Im happy to have stopped but i come close to beging my end almost every day. I go to theripy with my dad, who is a theripst, my theripst. I lost a very good friend to scuiced…and it all started with cutting himself. I still love him and care about him, even though he is no longer here to feel my love for him. I miss him terribly and i never want people to feel that way for me. Although when i would cut i felt that i was’nt worth any tears. Im over this now and greatfull i am. Im happy i had people like kevin, my father, and friends to support my life.

  34. i hate that everyone1 thinks its stupid well its not. some ppl actually look for to help them. me im 13 nd i started when i was bout 10. i started cuz ppl called me fat nd stuff. then family problems nd guy problems. sooner ar later they stiped but i dnt every time would say shut up or something silly i would go deeper. i tried commiting suicide nd its not funny. about three times i almost killed myself but thanks to my friend. she caught me nd stoped she noes wat im going threw cuz she does it to so we call each other blood sissters. but anyways i had to get stiches shots u name it nd i had it. sadly to say i havnt stoped nd i hate the way my life is going. my friends family nd everything is falling apart i just hate it but wat can i do about nothing. so ya all im sayong is at least try to stop….. if u cant then i rlly cant give advice cuz i havnt stoped..

  35. People around me always think that people who cut just want attention or just do it because their friends to it. Well I know I didn’t. At first I just wanted to know how it felt and it was relaxing. Later, on I did it because I was stressed out and needed to relax so I cut myself again. Then I kind of enjoyed doing it. It was my friends who finally noticed and got me to stop.

  36. i honestly don’t know why i cut. i love my family, my friends, my boyfriend. i do well in school and enjoy it. my parents are split but its fine, my sister and brother are kind to me. there’s no teenage angst in my life, yet i cant seem to resist cutting at my elbow and on the palm of my hand. i’m ashamed when people spot the cuts and i lie to them saying it was my cat, and they believe me.
    everyone says cuttings a sign of self loathing, hatred, attention seeking or a cry for help, but can you cut just because you can?

  37. Can you cut just because you can? Well yeah. Dont cut your elbow though. Your elbow is visible.Dont cut your palm your always using your palm man. cant cut yourself in places where no one sees, and still have the same affect? because if so then you arent doing it for attention right? Just for the hell of it. ive been doing this for years..and im pretty positive that im NOT doing it for attention,considering the fact that i never do it in a visible spot.No one has ever seen one mark on me. In fact im a huge hipocrite. im always talking about how dangerous and horrible it is to cut, so that no one would ever suspect. and its fabulous because i can admit that here cuz no one knows me.
    Im not depressed, I dont have any mental disorder, in fact my life is wonderful. Im a Singer, a dancer, a straight A student, have millions of friends, a great family.. Im literally almost alaways extatic.
    But… the only problem is that i think cutting is fun.
    …I dont want to stop doing it. Its irrational and ridiculous, leaves unnecessary marks on your body, blah blah i know. Dont care. i have 14 different herbs, 3 oils, and four different types of plants which when mixed together form an incredible substance that makes the scars disapear. Ill never let anyone know because I dont want people to worry about me, I dont want people to think i am insane and eventually label me with some funky disorder consists of the patient having no real problems just irrational self destructing tendencies or whatever. Who needs that right?

  38. who ever created this page somewhat sucks as a human being because they should not have started off saying “many people need to cut” thats like saying, “many people need to snort cocaine…its not within their control, because they need it” are u serious? Way to go smartass. lets just encourage people and let them feel like its not wrong to hurt yourself.. because its just “a need”
    You guys dont NEED to cut, what you need is to find out ways to stop wanting to do this to yourself. you just think you need to do this which is completley different then you actually needing to do it. its not Vital. there are tons of things to do, talk to your parents, talk to professionals, distract yourself, read a book instead i dont know. just do something. mainley what u need to do is to not listen to the first paragraph of this page

  39. ok! I’m not a teen. I started cutting in 6th grade. I had a lot of emotional problems to deal with. I never thought of it as a “bad” thing. I never actually really thought of why I did it. I’m and adult now and I still find myself cutting myself when my feeling are out of control. I don’t want to. I try to do things like take a long relaxing bath or take a walk to relieve some stress, but sometimes those things don’t help. After I cut myself, I feel bad. I feel like there is something wrong with me. I’m embarrased and I don’t want anyone to see what I have done to myself. I hide it from everyone, except my best friend. I told her one day because she saw the marks on my leg. That wasn’t my best decision. She must have thought it was something to try and now she cuts when she gets angry. I don’t want her to cut herself, but how can I tell her not to when I do it. Pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think? Anyway, I hadn’t done it in a while. Christmas is coming up and stress is really starting to overwhelm me and I cut myself one day when I was really angry. I just sat and cried, because I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to have these scars, I don’t want anyone to see what I’m doing to myself and I don’t want my children to see it, because I fear they will think that it is okay and end up doing it one day. the relief that I felt when I was young, is short lived now. I feel relief for a very short time now, it’s quickly overcome by the feeling that something is really wrong with me. I’m trying to control it. I’m afraid to ask for help because I’m afraid of what people will think of me. I’m afraid that they will act as if I’m crazy or that I’m just doing it for attention and I’m afraid that their reactions will make it worse. I want help. I just don’t know how to go about getting it without the fear of what other people are going to think of me. I’ve thought about talking to my pastor, but I’m worried that the scared feeling of actually telling someone will cause me to do more harm to myself. I have scars on my hands and arm from when i was younger, when people ask what happened, I make up stories. most of the cuts that I do now are on my legs. I can hide them there. My best friend cut herself only a few times when I first told her. I don’t think that if she hadn’t of seen the cuts that I would of told her. Although she could be a great benifit for me to be able to talk to someone who knows what I do, I’m afraid that she only did it, because I did it. If I talk to her about it, will she do it again? If she does it more and more, will it become a habit for her? Sorry bout how long this is, but I’m using this as a sort of escape. A way that I can talk about my feelings and no one will judge me. A way that I can get it all out. I just wanted to talk to someone and I don’t have anyone else to turn to about this.
    So thanks!

  40. hi, this is for the person who is an adult who cuts. My mom does the same thing. She hid it from me and my dad. my little brother died a year ago and ever since then she has been cutting. She tried to hide but we caught her doing it 2 weeks ago. she had losttoo much blood and we took her to the hospital. i was able to understand why she was doing this but i still could not help but be so sad. I cried alot. I told my mom that I was scared of loosing her. I asked her if she didnt love us enough to live anymore. and then she started to cry and she has not done this in two weeks. my mom said that she made a terrible mistake by hiding it and that she was sorry for making me sad. I really thinkthat you should tell someone. jmy mom says the worst feeling was having me ask her that question. i didnt mean to make her sad but i really wanted to find out. i dont think that cutting yourself will really help you in the end. my mom said that instead of cutting herself she should have gone to get help. My dad said that if she does it again, he is going to send her away to a hospital. Im scared that i will not see my mom if she does this again. She promised us that she wouldnt but if she was able to do it before she may do it again. she says that if she ever feels like it she will think about me and that feeling will go away. Will that feeling go away for you if you think about your children? I hope so. Take care.

  41. I’m 15 and I only cut myself when I’m angry or irritated. I’ve been cutting for 2 years, I stopped last year for about 3 months only because my friends found out and with there “daily arm checks”. They thought I stopped so they stopped checking. I started agian when my dad started threating me. I do it becuase when I’m mad, I get numb and hate that feeling so I have to feel something and I like the pain. I also like the adrenaline rush it gives me and I like to watch it bleed. I can’t explain the way it makes me feel. I’m NOT deppressed, so I don’t cut all the time.

  42. Im 15 the reason i cut myself is becus of my dad i lived with him
    i moved out when i was 11 since then i lived with my mom after i moved in with my mom we moved to illinois in naperville i miss him so much i rarely talk to him and the last time i did it made me sad he said he hates me my mom and my sisters and wishes i was dead everyday since then ive become very depressed i cut like crazy my mom took me away ive been in a flak jacket in rehab id go into the bathroom and use the paper napkin dispenser the bottom was sharp and so id use it to cut myself ive been cutting myself for about a year i like cutting myself it relieves pressure i feel like som1s always out to get me
    i feel like i dont hav a life but now my lifes changing my dad sent a letter saying he was sorry and that he was drunk i hav the sexiest girlfriend ever i think im falling in love
    so all i have to say is in the end there will always be a happy ending as for me well see

  43. I have thirty one cuts over a four month period, and you know, I have been clean for 26 days. It has not been easy at all, but cutting is very addictive, and I know that if I don’t hide my sharp objects, I will never stop. I also want my friends to realize tht I’m finally making an effort to stop. For me, cutting relieves stress and pain. When ppl cut themselves to “be cool”, that is not advisable - once you do it once, you are addicted for life, and even if you don’t cut for years and years, you will always be a cutter, that’s just who you are. I accept what I did - and I’ll be honest - I can’t promise I won’t do it again. For now, though, all I can do is hope tht I’ll pull through.

  44. Anyone who says that cutting isn’t a need should talk to those who do so that they can understand that when you are in a certain position, you feel like their is nothing else to do but to cut yourself. And so, you do it. People who do this need support and should not be judged based on their actions.
    All My Love, Tiff:)

  45. i am 12 and i started to cut my self because no one lisens to me and i wish that my life is normal but its gust a messed up family. The first time i started was when my brother was yelling at me for no resson and at nite i will sneak from my room and go to the kichen and cut my self but i stoped because i told my self i have god in my heart and i will never forget that but then last weak i started again.I was the only one from my friend that cut my self and none of my friends exept my guy friend told me to stop and talked to me that its a bad habbet. I cut my self because all the bad grades i am getting.

    but now i am going to try to stop and hope to not do it again
    hope god forgives me
    hope not to cut any more Yas A

  46. my friend told me to stop and told me difrent stuff i can do instaid of cutting my self
    thanks to here she made me stop thanks cariss

  47. i have repressed anger and today for the first time I tried cutting myself but i just rubbed the knife along my hand really hard several times and it just left welt marks and some small cuts. I did this because wheni get angry i can’t control my anger and since i can’t hit another person I normally attack myself by smacking myself or hitting myself or one time i put a belt around my neck and just pulled as hard as i could. today i was washing dishes and the knife was just in my hand. I hit hurt myself when i am angry because i feel like most of the time thatis my only option. I feel like i can’t commit suicide because then God will condemn me to hell and be upset with me, i can’t hit the other person because then icould end up going to jail furthermore i really don’t like puttting in the energy to have confrontations. I know this is bad but i started going to therapy 2 months ago to get help on finding other ways to express my anger towards ppl and to overcome all my repressed anger in a non- violent way. i hope i learn something soon.

  48. I started off the New Year by cutting. I wish I wouldn’t do it but it releases endorphins and it feels better than the pain of depression.

  49. I cut myself a few times before but I’m not like suicidal cause I’ll go to hell. I didn’t tell anybody cause they will only make my like a lot worse. I don’t know if I’m depressed a lot or just sad a lot. I’m stressed about school and getting into a private high school, and I’m in trouble plenty for so many retarded reason sand it sucks. I’m sorta new to my school, and don’t have a lot of friends so I can’t tell anyone about my life and I don’t want my parents to know cause half of it’s because of how invasive and like overprotective they are. So if they find out it would kill them… And my friend that I would trust enough to tell is already messed up with cutting and I didn’t want her to have to deal with anything else or have any assumptions about why I’m sad or anything. So I play music and write, but again my parents won’t let me practice a lot cause it’s loud and I don’t want them to see that I’m writing cause they’ll ask to see what it’s about and I don’t want them to know that.

    BTW the writing is about stuff that has nothing to do with my sadness- one story is about peace in Ireland and another is about… It’s complicated but it’s like my ideas of a better/worse world and stuff like that

  50. i think people should never cut themselves.

  51. Think about your family and how it makes them feel when you hurt yourself. do other things that intrest you spend you free time with your family. dont think bad things

  52. good look and my best wishes to all the people who are trying to overcome all this.

  53. maybe iam so interested in this very common problem because when i was younger growing up my mom had a friend that used to come over alot to my house and we got very close to her we knew her for like ten or eleven years and was very nice to me and my brothers. What we dint know is that she had a problem she used to cut herself we dint know until one day my mom went clothe shoping with her and saw her scares she tried to help her but she dint want to help herself some time after that she passed away in the hospital. I guess that one day she cut herself so deep that her body dint resist and she died. We still remember her everyday. Sometimes my mom thinks that maybe if she would of found out a little sooner she would of been able to help her. But i tell my mom that it dint matter if she was willing to help her because she had to want it too. That is why i get mad when i hear about this i feel bad because people have the decision to themselves.

  54. i wish happyness to everybody!!!!!!!!!

  55. hey ive never met anymobedy that does this kind of stuff. What i mean that cuts themselves but i think that life is really precious to waste it on being unhappy i think that we should enjoy life to the fullest and just to take day by day.Maybe you should find something that you enjoy doing on your spare time and that will help you not to think about bad things!!!.
    i wish you happyness and sucess..

  56. i did the same thing and in my mind i used to think that it felt good but i dint. until one day i said its not worth it so i stop doing it and now i realize how good it feels to stop hurting myself. but now i will do it again.

  57. To Michael Jones if you see this page again-
    Did you say you’re going to cut yourself again? I only did like a few times, and I don’t think I’m going to do it ever again and you shouldn’t either….

  58. So i tried to find a different website. Reasons why people cut other people. Yeah didnt have luck with that. my boyfriend decided to slice up my arm last weekend …when i was drunk and passed out. Before dumping himi asked himwhat his problem was…and he said he felt compelled to cut me. and then he aske dme noto to break up with him and that hed keep his knife to himself. i told him that i also feel compelled to save my life and never talk to him again. I used to cut before that…but now that someone did it to me.. Im so done. Its creepy as hell but it worked.

  59. weird question… does anyone think cutting is hot? Cuz i do. scars blood, pain all of it. I know that girls boyfriend would agree with me. But its only hot WITH consent. Does anyone think that at all? Even slightly? I seem to not be able to find one person who does.

  60. to Viva La Vida thanks for your comment and yes i said that but you know what now that i think about it no am not going to make the same mistake. Thanks for caring for me even thought you dont know me . and if you can send me a message that let’s me know you read this message. to tell you the truth this is not really my name. My real name is krystle. well Viva la Vida if you dont want to talk to me its ok.i how hard it is to trust someone that lies.

  61. well anna i think that the decision you made was the best thing you could of ever done. If he enjoyed hurting you the he really nevr cared about you. If you love somebody you dont hurt them like that. But i have a question how long have you been going out with this person? Why did you let him go that far? He could of killed you. But anyways i wish you all the kuck of the world.

  62. hey viva la vida send her a message she sounds very nice.

  63. hey you Katherine Denny i think that you should never hurt yourself for anyone just think of for family and what you want for your future and life can be if you just took a chance. and when ever you feel depresed just think that there is someone out there who feels the same way you do.dont think your the only one who feels like that. i see you started at a young age well maybe that is why you feel like you might never be able to stop but trust me i might think that but its not really that hard. give youself a chance and prove to yourself that you can do something better of you life once you start working on it it wont be that hard. well see you laters!!!!! hope for the best.

  64. Haha thanks but obviously Viva La Vida isn’t my real name, too. I got it from an album by Coldplay lol. Idk how to send a message or anything but if this website has to do with Yahoo! I’m John Bonham like 27 or something like that. It’s me if like it says I play drums and I have wicked cool hair or something lol!

  65. hey you!!! anyways i obiously knew that wasnt your real name. but anyways you know my name alresdy and am 19 years old.

  66. I have no idea what even gave me the idea to start cutting myself. One day, I drank a lot and just wanted to see what it would be like. Should have never started. It is so easy to do and happens so fast, it’s not like you sit there thinking and planning it for hours, it just takes a second. I had stopped, it had been 10 months that I didn’t even really want to cut myself, but then I did again the other night. I am trying to figure it out, I am in my 30s, I am not sitting around depressed all the time, I have friends, a good job, people that love me. So I am not sure as to my reasons. Hopefully, I will figure it out soon, but there is a weird part of me that likes to do it and thinks it is kind of just plain cool to watch the blood rise up to the surface, seems so freakin crazy!! Anyway, I am glad I found this site and see other people that are going through the same sorts of struggle to figure it out. To the young ones, it makes me sad to think they are so young and doing things to hurt themselves, but on the same level, I understand that it is hard not to do. Just try to find support from the people you trust and keep working towards a day when you don’t have to do it to feel better, that is what I am trying for.

  67. im 14, turning 15 tomorrow. (:
    i used to cut myself. still do sometimes. when it gets really hard to stay put in my set of mind, i do it to be put back in order. i guess that’s what you called the control part.
    i kinda liked the way it looked to. as Michelle said, to see it rise to the surface. and the pain, i know this is wierd to say, i did like, no doubt.
    but i hated lying to my mom and friends all the time. being careful to hide them inconspicuously. so i did quit for almost 3 months, but a few nights ago i slipped. i just couldn’t control my feelings. they were about to spill out in front of my boyfriend so i went to the bathroom and did the deed and i was able to get my personality back in check.

    idk what that^ is called, or if there is there a name for it.
    but i am trying to stay clean. it’s just hard, ya know.

  68. Lol you’re 6 years older than me and I’m a guy lol so yeah.
    To Michelle, you should try talking to you’re friends about it. And listen to more music, it’s like 10,000 times as addicting as cutting! Well, to me anyway. You could take up an instrument, I did and I always try to play it when I’m down. But it’s loud so I can’t always lol. And try listening to happy music, like the Beatles or something you like.
    To Nicole, you really should tell your BF and he can help you out.

  69. i have cut myself about 16 times in the past month im going through a hard time… and i cut myself just 2 create pain i wanted instead of going through pain i didnt want 2 feel anymore… but since my friend found out he has helped me find other ways 2 create pain without cutting… i keep a rubber band around my wrist so whenever i get the feeling 2 cut myself i just keep snapping the rubber band on my wrist…

  70. To Jessica dont do any more its not worth it when you have children and the see all your scars what are you going to tell them? Trust me nothing that happend and no reason is a good excuse to hurt yourself!!! I know because i lived that experience before.

  71. life is too precious to just let it bug you all does little stupid things. dont let bad moments ruin your life!!! think of the good things you can accomplish for yourself think about it……

  72. i had an used to cut myself and i stopped when i realize that it really wasn’t worth hurting myself. now i see i was making a mistake and i will never do it again. now when i think about it i say to myself why did i even do it. my recomendation is to stop doing it and you will see things more clear.

  73. i’m 13 and I started cutting about 2 weeks ago…I’ve tried to stop because I hate wearing sweatshirts to hide the scars..but without my consent my mind stumbled across an idea..I can cuz my legs and thighs instead of my arms that way my sweat shirt problem is solved. and ya I no 2 weeks is really not that long..but..I don’t know..the weirdest part is..I’m like a anti pain freak. I hate needles, sharp objects, and anything that causes pain, and I faint at the sight of blood.but when I cut it’s different…I guess you could say it makes me makes me forget about the internal pain. about 4 months ago my best friend and her friend got into a I stood up for her..than her friend threatened to get me in trouble and I got a little scared..and well my best friend thought I was causeing too much drama…and ended our friendship and became friends with the one she was fighting with… at first I was mad beond belief but after a month..than came the pain..I found out that I’m a better acter than I thought..but recently it’s all become too friends, who are the reason i’ve made it this far, say that Im to optimistic and I’m annoying. and that’s not even the real me that there seeing. last night I basicly had to tie my self down in order to not try and kill myself. but still…no one noes the one noes I cut..and no one noes the pain I’ve been hiding for so long. anna…u were my life…and I trusted u. how could you do this to me?

  74. I cut myself because i feel nothing. i don’t know why i do it, i guess from to much crap that people throw at me. i don’t do it for attention. people who do it for attention, need help. i have self control over the cutting, but sometimes it to hard to handle and it gets way to hard to stop. i was free of cutting for 2years, till one night i did it for the reason of my boyfriend who i fail to see .. since his wreck.

  75. To Kayle i Know how that feels but if she betrade you like that the i dont think she was that of a good friend so just forget about her. Make new friends and stop thinking of somebody that doesn/t deserve to call a friend!!!!! I bet you will find a new friend that wont dissapoint you like that. But stop hurting yourself.

  76. To anyone who cuts:
    Okay tell someone if at all possible! Not to sound like hippocratic because I didn’t tell anyone but that’s only because it for sure wouldn’t have helped and like since I’m a teen guy it would have like ruined my life if people found out but that was me, for different reasons. Just tell someone! My friend did and now she got help and she’s a lot happier, and it helped her to sort out her life a little more.

    (BTW this wuzz Viva La Vida)

  77. i agree with foo fighter. but sometimes is hard to find a good friend that you can talk to. but their is always someone who is willing to litsen.

  78. When i was in seventh grade i started cutting. I dont even remeber why. Well, someone found out and told the school. Now i have to go to therepy. I haven’t cut for about 7 months. But then i started agaiN last week. I have been going through a lot. My sister has been mean to me. She said that i shouldn’t be in the family. And she’s only seven years old! My mom always yells and i feel like she doesn’t really love me. Then she started being really nice and friendly, like Yesturday we actully laughed. So i told my dad that i wasnt sure who i should live with… But then we found out the reason why she’s being so nice she got the court papers. Then my friend tried to kill herself two weeks ago. :( i just feel like i wasnt meant to he alive. But then i couldnt kill myself no matter how much i wanted to. I want to be a doctor for children with cancer and scientist to cure cancer. When i think about killing myself i just go wait what about the children they need me. But yeah sorry if i’m bringing my personel problems i just needed to talk. And if anyone needs to talk to someone im me at because i do t judge people.

  79. to kendra i know how you feel i have a mean sister too and i know what it feels to be alone. i have a younger siser too and she finds any excuse to hurt my feelings i try to ignore her but its hard. my mom also takes parts when it comes to me and my sister and sometimes i feel like like her more than she likes me. and that makes me feel really sad but i guess i will just have to deal with it.

  80. Im Currently A Cutter And Cant stop. I Know How all This Must Feel for Fellow Cutters, And I Must say You reasons Are Spot On.
    The Longest i’ve Gone Clean Since I’ve Started Was About…. a week. Its Hard To Stop…. TT3TT

  81. i cut myself. i noe how it feels. i dont show noone. who would want 2. i just relish my stress. it helps me. makes me feel better. but i will say this. never cut ur self dont fall under that influence. im addicted now . i want to stop but cant im working on it. i told one of my friends and he got depressed like a month later and started cutting himself im trying 2 make him stop. its not 2 late 4 him. but 4 me like i said im addicted and its almost impossible 2 stop

  82. plz sum1 help me!!!!!! im always wearing long sleeves and its soo hot!!!!! any1 who cuts themselves and shows ppl r stupid and dumb. i understand y sum1 would cut themselves because they hate wats going on in life. i only told my bestfriend. i hide it from everybody. the first time i cut myself was with a razor blade at a mechanic shop and i still use that razor to this day. im almost 13. still a kid help me

  83. to 7th garder first of all you shouldnt be cutting yourself there is never a good enough reason to do it. i said your friend cut himself and you are trying to make him stop then you should start by stoping yourself. you cant tell your friend to stop when you do it yourself. try to follow your own advise…..

  84. for some people it’s really hard for them to stop hurting them selfs

  85. But when you really want to quit you will no matter what.

  86. Okay dont come on here if all your gonna do is yell at us! This was a place where we could express ourselves!! So no one would judge us! And so people felt the way we felt. And you dont know our personal lives so how do you know! Dont you have something better to do with your life rather than yelling at kids who arw depresed jeesh!

  87. noone has the right to judge someone else But they do have the right to express themselves.

  88. Tired of This Sh*t, I’m under fifteen, and I believe we all have problems to some extent. Jake you have a point…people do get very worked up..and Karley, sweetie..I appreciate that you are defending people, but calm down a bit love. I know you mean it in the nicest way possible hun. And Kendra, I agree, no one should judge on this topic, it’s very serious. And to everyone who does cut, I wish you all luck:) Take care.

  89. i cut myself now and i know it is not a good idea so i’ve been trying to stop…i can barely go 2 days without doing it…so when someone told me i was completely psycho for doing it i decided it was time to get help. I went and talked to the teacher i trust most at school and told him about it, he said he will gladly go with me to talk to a school guidance counselor, and he had me promise him that i wouldn’t do it for a whole weekend. I promised him i wouldn’t but now i can barely stop myself…i took all of my razors and locked them in a box and taped a peice of paper to the top saying “i promised” then i took the key and put it in another box and on the lid of that one i taped a peice of paper that also says “i promised”. So now if i go to do it i’ll have to get passed the first paper, get the key, get passed the second paper and get the razors…i’m hoping that if i get to that i’ll just not feel like doing it then.

    On tuesday i’m going to go with my teacher to talk to the school guidance counselor.

    So i guess the best thing i think you can do about cutting is to just talk to somebody who you know will help you and who you know you can trust…i knew i could trust my teacher and i knew he’d help so i chose him.

    I wish you all the best of luck.
    Take Care,

  90. Someone i need help with this……! I am only 11 and i have a 12 year old friend who cuts herself. She offered me a razor. And i didn’t take it, but i want her to stop. She also has another frind who is only 8 and cuts herslf too. Even my friends LITTLE sister, cuts herslf, shes only 4. She tries to cut me sometimes too. But i pull my hand away. Can anyone help me?



  91. today i broke down and told my grandmother i cut. i just wanted her to leave me alone and let me leave her. but instead she now thinks i’m doing this for attention. and it hurts to think that i would want that for myself. i hope she just leaves me alone. i absolutely hate the woman. if murder were legal she’d be long gone. i don’t care if i sound like a heartless brat but that’s the way i am. i know that this isn’t all me and i will get better. but if i’m left with my grandma for much longer i can’t be so sure. i want out.

  92. Someone plz post something reassuring…!
    I only cut once, and that was in 2008, but late ‘08… (Haha rhymes…) Anyway, I’m like wicked sad all the time because I have like no friends and kids tell me that I have no friends all the time and my brothers always pissed at me and like I’m in trouble a wicked lot (got a few of lunch detentions for f___king stupid reasons), my grades aren’t…. Like really good, but like they’re not bad, but they should be really good, it’s complicated; one of my teachers hates me and gave me an F on the midterm because I was absent for something, I miss my friends that I moved away from last school year, and also my parents are being wicked controlling and paranoid all the time. They’re part of the reason I have no friends.
    So now I really, really, really want to just cut the hell out of myself. I never felt this wicked sad before. The only thing keeping me from killing myself is my God and family.

    -Foo Fighter/Viva La Vida

  93. 2 months ago my sister one day was lying in the middle of the street because she tried to kill herself, but was rescued & sent to a psych ward. Last week she slit her wrists & bled to death & I was the admiting nurse in the emergency room to see my little sister die.

  94. I was here before and i told you all that i spoke to my teacher about this and that he sent me to a school guidance counselor…well here’s a continuation: My teacher decided i might be uncomfortable talking to the guidance counselor that he initially spoke to (because of her being my spanish teacher as well) so he told one of the other guidance counselor (Mr Sikorski) Me and Mr Sikorski talked and Mr Sikorski told me that my mom would have to know and that either i would tell him or he would. So he gave me his home and cell phone numbers and told me that if i didn’t call him by 7 or 8 pm that night he would call and tell my mom himself…well, that night i had driving school so i was gone until 9:45pm. so i texted mr sikorski and told him i wouldn’t be able to tell her until after then…and he told me to call him then…but then i thought about it and texted him and said that it may be a better idea if he tells her, than if i do. so he told her….she was pissed (mostly because my dad did it when he was younger…now he’s in jail) she took me to see a psychariast today…the psychariast said that it is just a way of coping with complex feelings and emotions and that it would be completely impossible for me to stop completely…so she told me if i do, do it again to make sure i keep it completely clean. She said that i didn’t have to go to a Psych Ward because i am not doing it in the hope of suicide…i’m doing it in the hope of getting the pain out… I go back to the psychariast in a few weeks…

    i’m getting help and that’s what i want you all to do! if you are a friend of someone who is cutting themself, try to talk them into talking to someone about it (someone you and your friend trust obviously) if you, yourself are cutting PLEASE seek help immediatly…it’s the best thing you can do…

    I wish you all the best of luck.
    Take Care

  95. i cut myself at first just to see what it was like..i was having a bad day and people says it relieves stress and what not. so i did it. i cant say i felt much relief. after i did it i just wanted to do it again! i told my friend that i found out also cut herself and she made me promise to never do it again, i made her promise the same thing. but ive been doing it behind her back for a couple months now. i feel really bad and i want to tell her but i dont want her to hurt herself, and i kind of dont want to stop. now i just do it becuase it gives me something else to worry about. like not that i want more stress, but it helps me deal with something other than some of the stuff going on in my life. i dont want people to see the scars, and i always wish theyll go away. i regret doing it but i cant stop myself. what should i do?

  96. And if you don’t trust anyone?
    I can’t think od something to do in that situation. Anybody have any ideas?

  97. Dave Grohl, there’s gotta be someone you trust…a family member? a teacher? professor? friend? Church member?

    if there’s still no one you trust i suggest you either go in a chat room here on the internet and ask some random person what they think you should do…(ask a few people)
    i did that…that’s part of the reason i ended up talking to a teacher at school.

    if you don’t want to do that i suggest talking to a psychologist…a lot of people think they’re out to get you…but they’re not really, they’re there to help you. Even if they think you’re like stupid or something for cutting they legally cannot say anything. They have to help you, and they will.

    and if you don’t want to do that, i suggest just going to the ER. Just sit in there awhile, talk to some nurses/docs see what they say…again legally they arn’t supposed to say anything bad about you cutting. and anytime you feel like doing it just go to the ER.

    Take Care,

  98. i currently cut myself because i feel like no one cares about me and my house is filled with nothing my shouting and violence . like sometimes my parents dont even care. nd aslo i was really depressed because the dude i loved moved to brazil . and my dad has abused me hittinq me and threatning to kick me. also theres alot inside of me i need to get a rid of and i feel like i dont have a shoulder to cry on and i dont want to tell my parents all of this because i dont want them to find out or i feel that they will just brush me off like always . i dont want to go to my friends because i feel like they wont give . nd counslers are just way out of the question since im a shy person . but yeah thats why i cut and more *

  99. Meli, if you ever need someone to talk to…please email me at either or i’ll be happy to be the shoulder for you to cry on :)

    and any1 else that goes for you too… i’m unable to get online much now because i have no computer at home but i’ll be geting one soon so i’ll beable to email you as much as you’d like.
    -take care

  100. people shouldnt cut themselves its painful it leaves scars and it is not that attractive

  101. “The pump don’t work ’cause the vandals took the handles!”
    Hope this cheers someone up! It’s from Subterranean homesick bues by, you guessed it, Bon Dylan!
    Here’s a link:

  102. hi, i dont realy know what to say…i started cutn an burning myself some years back. i have lots of reasons but a reason is just an excuse. i was born in a bad place with a father that beat me and my mother. i was the second born child and my older brother is perfect!!! in my parents eyes…i started cutn myself again about 4days ago…it makes me feel better when i do it and i dont think of the people that i hurt while im in the ack of going at my arm with a steak knife. i got to the point now that i dont care who sees my arm any more so i dont try to hide it as much…my girlfriend sa the cuts on my arm and now she wont speak to me…that hurts me even more then any thing. my life has felt like hell for as long as i can remember and being that i dont fight people any more i look for the power to control, and the relief in cutn my arm…my dad walked out on me and our family many times and now my mom lost her old place so my brother and i had to move in with the man that used to beat me with his fist and walked away from our mom for his girlfriend….the marks on my arms serve as reminders of my life and why i turned out the way i did so far…but i want to stop so i wont hurt the ones i love any more.and no1 really understands why you do it even if they cut theirself, the look at me like hes a tall light skined guy with energy that never ends like i have no reason to be cutn myself but no1 can understand you truly……

  103. It’s not about the pain because it really doesn’t hurt much physically. But while you shout, scream, kick, punch, or hit others or destroy things, because you don’t agree with them or can’t cope otherwise, I will silently cut myself and know that I haven’t hurt any body, and I will have dealt with the same issue. And don’t try to scold or rebuke me. I already did it to myself. What could you possibly do to me? Deal with it. I’m not trying to justify anything, I’m just trying to help you understand.

  104. I wish we would all do something about the hate in this world….

  105. Well i guess i’m another one…i cut myself…i hate doing and i try i best to not do it..but whenever i do it’s like if i dunno wut i’m doing until its already done….i have made promise to my boyfriend to stop…but i have broken that promise..i hurt him by doing that…but that just seems to enrage me to cut myself more…why i do it… i cannot explain all…i think i do it cause i have soo much hurt and pain inside me that is not released and me not wanting to look like a weak person who can’t even controll my emotions…so i do it to try and cope and have some kind of controll..i need help! but im not the type to shout and say hey! i need help! pride is too much..and i’m scared that people will react differently to me or might not understand my emotions or the inner me…cause of that i do the damage secretly and ALWAYS..ALWAYS put on a smile,i never complain bout anything..i forgive people,i don’t show much anger openly,ingeneral i’m ms.sunshine in people’s eyes who’s has nothing to worry about….i WANT to stop..but its like an addiction!!!…it hurts me that i’m hurting myself and that fuels me to do it more cause i’m helpless…i don’t wanna be the one who is weak….and the events that has occured in my life …scares me to show that i do have weaknesses..i think to myself that i have to be strong or else youre gonna b stepped on or the things that happen will get ahold of you…..i cannot catogerize why i do it…..but in general i want to stop…i need to….but i dont know how to shout it out….my boyfriend asks me why i do…and when i tell him i don’t know..he thinks i’m lyin.honestly i dunno how to tell maybe if someone out there can give me a push start…i be thankful a million times and over!!….i wanna change for my family and the one i love….

  106. my friend cuts her self i think she does it 4 attention because she goes around and shows everyone . i still get really upset and i dont know how 2 even look at her anymore, i want to tell that i dn’t want to be her friend but then she would just tell people thats just another reason to cut herself!!!

  107. Many of my friends cut themselves and when i found out i was shocked. i couldnt undersand why they would do that and i tried to help them and told myself i wouldnt do it to myself.i was wrong.i was going through so much with me moving to a different state and me just being scared of losing everyone and everything i knew but so much more that i dont want to i started. at the time i would mark my arms up with my fingernail it really left marks but they went away after a day or 2. then i started using a sharp metal stick i found. after that i started cutting my legs with the razor so people would hardly notice. then one day when we left we were visiting my grandmother and my parents said something that wasnt a big deal but at the time it seemed like it was and i was so mad so i went to the bathroom got a one of those pins that you put on your shirts and started cutting all over my arms. once i came out of the bathroom after a hour i was still mad and hurt but i managed to act like everything was ok but then my grandma saw my arm and right in front of my parents asked what was on my arm. once our visit was over i got in so much trobble but i didnt care nothing matter anymore because of what i was doing to myself.every time i got mad my parents would watch me and thats what really helped me. its been two weeks since i havent cut myself and i want to thank my grandma for saying what she saw outloud and thank my parents for fixing me. before this i have been through eating dissorders and i now realize that even though i miss my friends, i am doing better away from them. i still have the marks on my arms and scares on my legs but since i moved and i dont cut or have any eating dissorders and i think that god sent me away for a reason and at the right time when ever things were gettin bad and all i could do was follow in my friends path.

  108. i cut myself when i fell stressed or alone or depressed because i feel like when i bleed my problems are draining out of me. i end up feeling happier afterwards. but then my parents found out and they wont stop bugging me about it. then my friends found out, and they didnt talk to me for a long time. After a while one friend started cutting herself for the attention. she would show them off to everyone in school. this really bugged me because she didnt understand the stress i was going through. After she realized how much of a pain it was to have 15 councilers talking to you about your personal life secrets she stopped and now is bugging me about it. i now have many councilers and therapists that dont address the real problem, they never listen to ME. i dont need therapy, this is my therapy…..and why do people always make erogent remarks about it lik “go cut yourself and cry in a corner, emo kid” it really pisses me off sometimes. I may be emo but not everyone who cuts themselves is!!

  109. how do i get to my best friend that is cuting him self?

  110. well the first thing you have to do is ask yourself why is he cutting himself is it for attention or is he going through something. me being in the position that you are in and that your friend is in is really hard but i hope that you can help him and dont judge him because nobody was fully there for me but to judge me and that made it even worst. if you dont know what im talking about of the things i went through then read the story above tessa. i hope i have helpped you.

  111. is there really any hope?

  112. is there really anyway past this?

  113. who, is actually lisening? who knows the answers?

  114. is anyone out there?

  115. not for attention

  116. i have cut many times before. each time had a different reason but all related to stress and not feeling appreciated or even there at all. sometimes the only thing i could feel was the pain when i did it. for the moments during and right after, i felt better, like “okay so i really am alive?…” i didnt feel like anyone cared so what would it matter to anyone if i hurt myself? well now i havnt cut again for about a month & 1/2 and now i have a good friend who is doing it and i cant beleive i ever put myself through it. whoever you know does this to themselves, they need help. dont send them to a freakin counsler ( that made it worse for me and my friend ) what they need is for you to show them that you care and you need to let them talk to you about their problems. obviously they have some problems and dont know how to deal with them. there is only so much you can say to them at once to make them stop. its not gonna have an imediate effect. the process of getting better is gonna take a while and sometimes you will get worse before you get better. and its hard. but your life will turn around. i can finally see the corner and im turning…. i hope the number of people who hurt themselves decreases significantly.

  117. there is always a way passed anything you do. i dont know all the answers but if you are the one hurting yourself, you need to ask yourself “why?”. get to the root of the problem and go from there. it wont be easy but you have to try if you really wanna get better. hopefully you have atleast one person who is close to you who is simply there for you. someone you can talk to weather or not they really understand, just talking it out and knowing they care enough to listen is always helpful. the things that (jess) said are very good points too. i hope ive helped you a little anyway, i hope you get better :)

  118. I am the same way. It is like a drug and hard to stop. I’ve done it since i was 11.

  119. good to know someone is out there.
    I know the why, I just want the pain to stop. And temporarily…it does, until the pain becomes unbearable again.
    Sarah, if you have done this as well, how long has it been since you did it last?
    Ashley, what do you think it will take to make you stop?
    Jess, I am proud of you, after 1 1/2 months, that is truly an accomplishment! I am glad you have a “true friend”
    It has been a couple weeks for me, but my last time is still healing.
    I cant tell you how many times I tell myself this is the last time. But what has seemed to happen is they get deeper, more violent.
    Thank you all for your insight. Someday, I hope to be of a help to you as well. It is the first time I have ever talked to anyone that understands or has done it. Quite astonishing after all these years. thanks

  120. I had to change my name, someone else already had “me” sorry to the original “me”
    Another day without it. Doing fine though. However, still healing. In a couple weeks, we will see. It can be pretty scary when your wound becomes infected. And you pray to God that he will make it better, then make promises if He will to stop. I guess I am not a good promise keeper.

  121. seems like no one comes on line often. is there another place to go to talk?

  122. i cut for 3 or 4 reasons up there i cant ever promise my friends ill srop bc whenever i say i will i cut the next week or 2.

  123. do you cut for the same reason? Are you hurting too?
    Have you tried to stop?

  124. I have been cutting myself for about five months now. I do it because I hold so much of my emotions inside. I never cry. I never talk about anything with my friends or family. only a couple people know that I cut now and they are my best friends. it took so much effort and strength to tell them but when I did it felt so good and I’m so relieved that I told them about it. I cut to release the pain I am feeling inside and I don’t know how else to deal with the pain. I have constant stress put on me by my parents about school sports and life at home. they also physically abuse me on occasion and ifeel as if it is all my fault for them to do this to me. I think it is. my friends are what helps me get through the emotional pain and one of my friends actually does cut but she stopped and she’s getting me to stop but I still do it a lot I try so hard not to but the only thing keeping me from not cutting sometimes is my friends because I care so much about them I wouldn’t want to hurt them they say if I cut I am not only hurting myself but I’m hurting them too and that really means a lot to me to have such great friends like that. I live in the city of new York also I am 15 years old and thugs are really tough right now but I’m hoping they get better

  125. Wow,what started it? why did you start?
    Crying is a natural part of life.
    I too, at one time was not able to cry, I understand that. Still at times it is hard. Funny, I remember one time at school, all that was in me wanted to cry, but I just laughed instead. Of course there was nothing to laugh about, but I could not cry, all I could do was laugh, of course the teached did not appreciate the laughter and sent me to the hall untill I could settle down, that was a pattern of mine.
    Is there anyone you can talk to?
    I know I have a fiend that gave me a box, she called it “fifty things firse” I am supposed to do fifty things first before I do cut. I does help some. but then sometimes, all I can think about is a release of the pain.
    I wish I could stop your parents from hurting you…I know it seems like that will never happen.’
    I have to go somewhere, but do come back and talk. I understand.

  126. Hi “life sucks”
    Life does suck at times. I know.
    New York huh? wow, I live smack dab in the middle of the country in Kansas.
    Your 15, your parents hurt you. I am sorry. I am past that age, you do get past it. Sometimes it seems to take forever, but it does passs.
    I know how you feel “life sucks” it does seem to be that way, I wish I could take your pain away, I understand that pain.
    I wish I could take that pain away from you.
    I do know that eventually the pain does get less and less.
    The big key is learning how to deal with that pain.I have had a few years of learning.
    If there is anything I can do, please let me know, I am here if you need to talk. OKAY???
    I remember, wishing I had someone to talk to, I know how much it helps.

  127. i used to cut myslef when i was 17n years old. but now im so over it.i don’t do it eny more and im glad.

  128. i still cant stop and life is getting harder and harder and fills like u dont want to live again but i got help and everything and hoping to stop because once u start you cant stop like me i try and try.

    for cutters who need advise or needs to talk to someone i am here here is my aim

  129. hey i know i haven’t talked in a while so here it goes. :]
    Some people can deal with problems internally. Some people get too overwelmed with everything in their life, so they cut. Cutting reliefs stress. And it feels good. But its just like trying to cover a big whole inside you. You shouldnt bottle up your feelings because then one day you will burst and then you cant handle it anymore. and then you will do something you will regret. if you are ever in the verge of cutting yourself try doing something that will distract you like read a book or call a friend and tell them whats going on.

    and if you ever want to talk you can i.m. me at

  130. cutting is addicting you can’t just tell someone to stop cold turkey. You have to slowly stop. See if you can last without cutting for a day, then a week. Set a goal for you.

  131. Good morning.
    It has been a while since my last. Still healing though. I think I am going to really try this time. It is time to stop, The scars are just not worth it. It is like a visious cylcle…50 things first!!

  132. It’s been 2 years and 5 months since I last self-injured. Back in the day I could never have seen myself going this long without it.
    I still think about cutting every single day. I can’t tell you exactly why I don’t do it. But I can tell you it does get easier the longer you go without it, even if you still have reasons to want to cut.
    Quitting is possible.

  133. hey guys.. thanks for the support it’s good to know people are here for me even people I don’t even know! things are getting better but I’m still cutting.. parents are being better about things lately. I know what you mean ^- to the person above me. I feel the same way. I don’t know what I would do if my parents ever found out what I’m doing to myself. probably send me very far away. but I just want like for all of this to END already.. I hate constantly feeling like this and constantly feeling like I’m all of a sudden going to break down crying. I’m tired of being the tough kid and putting on my smile everyday when really that’s not the case. I have been cutting less but still too much.. and I feel the same. I don’t know what to do. things happen in my life that I just get screwed over and fuched over every chance possible. this has been the worst year of my life and I now choose drugs instead of hw and grades are dropping which makes parents more mad but whatever I just need to get out of new York I can’t wait till college.

  134. hey i’m back from my trip. My school went to Washington D.C. the day before that i was stressing out sooo much that i just had to cut. the whole trip i was paranoid about my wrists. someone even saw! there was just too much drama. when i was at arlington cemetary i just broke down and cried. i couldnt take it anymore because me and my friend was in a fight, and i was rooming with her. it sucked. i just really wanted to die, but i had nothing to cut myself with so i had an anxiety attack. but then we became friends again. i still wanna kill myself sooo bad. and its taking all my strenght not too, seriously. im debating whether to just go down to my bathroom and swallow some pills…. god help me

  135. oh my Kendra. Please dont do that. Please dont.
    You may think there is no other way out, but there is, there truly is. I was at the same point you were a few years ago. Truly I was. Even tried once or twice, I know the deep sadness, the inner pain and turmoil, the hunger for love. Your last statement, “god help me” it is the best thing to cry out. Been there. Done that too.
    Kendra, not to get preachy, I am sure thats the last thing you want to hear, but do know this, if you dont read anything else, that God does love you. He does want to help you through. There are still ups and downs, still pain, but He does help when we call out to Him if we let Him.
    Kendra, He loves you! He truly, truly does.
    I forget that sometimes and get myself so depressed, that after a long time of not cutting, I forgot about how much He does love me and start cutting again. It has been a while since my last cut, but I am actually trying again, asking Him to replace it with His love. And reminding myself how much He does love me. Everytime I think about cutting, I try to remind myself of that. It does help.
    I wish I could take away your pain.

  136. hi i started cutting myself, when i was 18. I just love to see blood coming out of my body. I also enjoy the pain which i get cutting myself. It releives a lot of stress . Some people call me mad, but i love doing this and i will continue.

  137. I didn’t do it! :] it took all my strength but i didnt.
    i’m done. no more cutting. i’m done feeling sorry for myself. i don’t want to look back when i’m older and just remember me being depressed. I don’t want the scars to bring me back pain and bad memories. From now on i’m gonna live life to the fullest. no regrets. not caring about what other people think, but what i think. I’m starting my life over. :]

  138. I’m wicked happy, I can cheer anyone up that needs it!

  139. Well reading all these posts really makes me understand how so many youth are not connected with their parents/family. I am a grown woman and I stress too and I have deep scars too but I eat, not cut. I guess I am thankful cutting was not “around” when I was young. Understand the older generation does not really know how to help but we would do anything to help teach you there are other ways to deal with pain, etc. then cutting. I have a niece right now that is fighting for her life because she slit her throat last night right in front of her mom after months of her trying to get her daughter help for the cutting. Parents, aunts….we don’t know really HOW to help or what TO say or what TO do….I can only pray to God right now that my neice does not die. I guess as an older person I would REALLY suggest that you try and get the older people in your life to understand and understand at the same time that no matter if you tell them it’s “not their fault” that they are going to accept at least SOME of the fault because they raised you. People ALWAYS look to the parents when you have a “troubled teen”…so help us old folks to help you. We love you more then our lives so give it a try….

  140. I used to cut my self because some things were so hard i wanted to know if it was just a dream so i cut to wake myself up.

  141. dear all. i know how a lot of you feel and what u are going through. i am almost fourteen and have been cutting myself for about two months. i was depressed before but too scared of the pain to actually hurt myself. then one day, i just snapped. i couldnt deal with all the drama in my life anymore. so i cut myself and it felt like i was releasing all my pain. my depression has now become so much worse as time passes. every single night i cry myself to sleep wishing that i just wont wake up. all i think of at night is ways of how to kill myself. and i know its getting serious, though not as bad as some. only a few of my friends know i cut myself and they want me to stop, but i dont want to stop. it feels like cutting helps me. i know im on my way to committing suicide, but there feels like there is nothing else i can do. im lost in this world. and i only hope someone can help me…but i dont want people to go through this so please, dont start cutting yourself. its terrible and although it may help at present, its only bad for you in the long run. so everyone, please take care of yourself. much love, xxx.

  142. You’re all weaklings. Do the mentally stable people of this planet a favor and cut deeply. Cut yourself ’til you drop, children. Bleed, pussies…bleed for me.

  143. oh come, on, have some sympathy here. why dont you try it? maybe ull hit a vein…but please if u really think that, then just, keep it to urself, we dont wanna know. and i dont think ppl will bleed for you…

  144. Just stop cutting yourselves!!! Is it that hard?!!

  145. I have cut… many times. My friends all call me crazy and that makes me cut more. i know I should stop but I can’t. I just don’t see the beauty of life. I have never attempted suicide, but I have thought about it. If I did, no one would care. Nobody cares…

  146. i know how you feel lynda. i cut to. and my friends act like its a disease or something. and i should stop to but i cant, i actually want to. and there are ppl who care. lots. i guess they just dont show it. ride it out. they’ll coem to their senses. you’ll see. and your not alone.

  147. Cutting isn’t easy to quit, it’s addicting, but not impossible.
    I hope you all find different, non-violent outlets

  148. I have never cut myself before but I am really depressed. I cry a lot but I just never did it. I think it’s because if I did my friends would abandon me and call me crazy. My mom already does that and I don’t need more coments to put me down. I suck at life but I can’t cut myself.

  149. I am new to this. I have a close freind/ co worker. I just found her at home cut on both arms, up and down. she said it was the first time she ever did it. I came to this site on how to deal with her. she just lapsed into this deep depression after we confronted her about her drinking and drug useage. what do I do? shes 22 yrs old. parents are out of the picture. her older sister has tried, she seems to only respond to me. otherwise she clams up. im trying to get her to go to a place, but ofcourse lack of money. whats out there to help?

  150. i am only 13 years old turning 14 soon, n i do cut my slef , weird rite pplz say a 13 year old !! no u just do it 4 attention.buh there wrong i do it 4 2 reasons 1 is wen im depressed n another is wen i feel lik im not good ebough to b alive. its lik everytym i do somethin bad ma parents gain it up all on me n it makes me feel lik they dnt want me as there child anymore. i have a 1 year baby brother so they will b perfrct 4 them. buh theres been soo many tyms were i just wana run away frm home buh da onli thing thats hlding me bak is hym; ma baby brother. lik i feel lik hes da greatst ting tat happen 2 me n 4 me to leave dat hurts buh one day i need 2 have blls n just let free run away
    w.e that is ??

  151. I have a friend that was doing this and I have had them stop for near a year. I made them accountable to me and showed them care and concern for who they are. Now they look in hind site and are upset they they cut their arms up and the scars are visible to others.

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  153. I’m 12 and started cutting… I know it sounds strange a 12 year old!!! Wow!!! But I have…depression…and my mom thinks I’m to young to even go to the movies with my boyfriend…it’s usually because of depression. I cut myself with a broken light bulb. I opend up to my boyfriend and he has helpped me get over it.
    You should open up to someone you trust.
    And I’m not some emo girl. I’m a known and popular girl on my school but once you cut you feel that ur in control and you can rebel against anyone but ur only hurting urself.
    I have tried to control the cutting and I’m not going to lie but I have cut recently and am ashamed of it.
    What I have been doing is getting a ruberband and when ever I feel the urge to cut I pull the ruberband and it works.

  154. I have a really good friend who is a cutter she cuts her self and she actually likes the way it looks when she see’s other peoples cuts she will go over them and say how pretty they are she went to the hospital to find out if she was depressed or was suffering from some disorder she didnt exactly tell me what they said so im not sure but i have tried cutting before 3 or 4 times and i dont do it anymore i dont think that it is the best way to deal with pain and i felt really bad for my friend because to her it was so hard to find a way to stop but to me i could just stop right then and there and i always felt bad and some times i thought it would be better if i also starting cutting again but i realised that i dont have to do those things to stay friends with a girl who does them i love my best friends very much and i only want whats best for her but i think she is still cutting herself and when i tell her to stop she dont listen im afraid its going to get to difficult for her to handle i think she may suffer from deppression and did. i think she needs help like staying in the hospital for awhile not juss a week you cant figure out problems in a week i want her to get better any suggestions email me at please and thanks:)

  155. i used to be really close to my cousin but then she changed alot. She found a friend that cuts and i am not into that so i started hangin out more with her two brothers. a week ago i was ovr her house and i found some disturbing pics and i didnt think anything of it. yesterday at a cookout we were at i noticed these cuts on her legs. there must hav been like 30 or 40 to each leg. i always thought she wore long sleeves and pants becuz she was cold (even though it was 96 and humid). i asked her if she wanted to go put on short sleeves because she was sweating bad and i didnt want her to get heat stroke. She imediatly said no and i was shocked because i had never heard her say anything in that tone before. my sister asked wat was one her legs and she said that her brother threw the cat at her. i belived her until i remembered her cat has no claws. i never thought she would be one to cut herself and i dont kno why she does. i feel bad becuz it freaks me out so i try not to say anything to her that would make her cut herself but now i dnt say anything.

  156. Your friend is a bit of a drama queen and just wants attention. Sorry, I don’t have any advice for you or anything because I don’t befriend those kinda people, but good luck.

  157. i am 15 years old and i cut myself because i dont know how to cope with things anymore and it seems like the only thing that makes me feel better, i am not proud of it but it feels like the only solution.

  158. u know the girl in the hallway, smiling and laughing with her friends,
    no one knows she sits in her room with a knife to her wrist and crys herself to sleep
    praying tomorrow will never come

  159. i would try to help them first but i do not know because i did it to……

  160. omgg! i love this quote! where did you find it?

  161. w3ll i cut my self not 4 attention but 4 the fell dat makes me think every thing is real n when im hurt so i can just get som kind of other pain other then emotional:(

  162. I was always confused as to why people would want to inflict such horrible means of pain onto themselves.. it never made sense to me as a child. I would go through school and occationally notice signs of cutting on my friends arms, one of which did it for the attention, and the other cut because she was depressed. It seamed to me to be completely stupid, how could my beautiful friends want to make themselves ugly and scared - I failed to understand the reasoning behind such behavior.
    That was until sophmore year in high school that I started getting into nasty fights with my father. As a result of my fathers temper I would turn to my mother, who was a coward. I then began to feel resentment towards her and my family life was terrible. I didnt feel loved and I wasnt planning on showing any affection toward my family. My siblings and I have never got on well with eachother.
    My best friend, Tina, at the time, became my sister figure and tina’s mother became my mother figure. My boyfriend that i had been in a relationship with for four years (on and off) became my main father figure. considering he was extremely insecure and controlling, our relationship was rocky and quickly turned abusive. I would channel all my frustrations i had for my father unto my bf and things just became worse from there. My bestfriend tina and i stopped being friends after a stupid fight and my bf and I ended things arfter we tried to fight eachother at a party.
    I felt alone and insecure. I had just began a new school too and i didnt know anybody.

    The first time i cut was out of curiosity, i had seen my friends do it and i wondered what effect it would have on me.
    when i was in a state of anger and sadness i would lock myself in my bathroom and use a razor to slide tiny horizontal slits into the back of my wrists. i did it under the bone instead of on the flat side of my arm to avoid anybody noticing.
    the first person i let notice was my friend kk ( who is a former cutter)
    who showed her concern and demanded i get help, which i never did. the closest i came to recieveing help was when i walked into the office at school and sat down in my councilers office. she asked me if i was okay and i just stared at her. i began crying and when she asked me what was wrong i told her i was stressed from school.
    i thought it wouldbe worst to be discovered and be monitered for the rest of my life. my mother would be so dissapointed if she thought i had ruined myself. my mother insisted i stay nautral and clean, primmed, thin, and beautiful.
    high standard i have to fill but i dont mind, i wouldnt want to be anyother way.
    as an artest i got my fuffilment from drawing .. i would cut myself and watch bllod run down my arms onto the floor and draw pictures on the tiles

    i would write words in my diary like FUCK BITCH STUPID FAT UGLY WRONG i would draw small nail scissors, which occationally i would cut with and draw blood falling from the blades and then drip my real blood over it.
    I would fanticise about being tied up by my wrists and having my dealer/ friend (who is extremely depressed) cut my wrists and make love to me while my blood ran down my body

    sick and twisted right?

  163. I was always confused as to why people would want to inflict such horrible means of pain onto themselves.. it never made sense to me as a child. I would go through school and occationally notice signs of cutting on my friends arms, one of which did it for the attention, and the other cut because she was depressed. It seamed to me to be completely stupid, how could my beautiful friends want to make themselves ugly and scared - I failed to understand the reasoning behind such behavior.
    That was until sophmore year in high school that I started getting into nasty fights with my father. As a result of my fathers temper I would turn to my mother, who was a coward. I then began to feel resentment towards her and my family life was terrible. I didnt feel loved and I wasnt planning on showing any affection toward my family. My siblings and I have never got on well with eachother.
    My best friend, Tina, at the time, became my sister figure and tina\\\’s mother became my mother figure. My boyfriend that i had been in a relationship with for four years (on and off) became my main father figure. considering he was extremely insecure and controlling, our relationship was rocky and quickly turned abusive. I would channel all my frustrations i had for my father unto my bf and things just became worse from there. My bestfriend tina and i stopped being friends after a stupid fight and my bf and I ended things arfter we tried to fight eachother at a party.
    I felt alone and insecure. I had just began a new school too and i didnt know anybody.

    The first time i cut was out of curiosity, i had seen my friends do it and i wondered what effect it would have on me.
    when i was in a state of anger and sadness i would lock myself in my bathroom and use a razor to slide tiny horizontal slits into the back of my wrists. i did it under the bone instead of on the flat side of my arm to avoid anybody noticing.
    the first person i let notice was my friend kk ( who is a former cutter)
    who showed her concern and demanded i get help, which i never did. the closest i came to recieveing help was when i walked into the office at school and sat down in my councilers office. she asked me if i was okay and i just stared at her. i began crying and when she asked me what was wrong i told her i was stressed from school.
    i thought it wouldbe worst to be discovered and be monitered for the rest of my life. my mother would be so dissapointed if she thought i had ruined myself. my mother insisted i stay nautral and clean, primmed, thin, and beautiful.
    high standard i have to fill but i dont mind, i wouldnt want to be anyother way.
    as an artest i got my fuffilment from drawing .. i would cut myself and watch bllod run down my arms onto the floor and draw pictures on the tiles

    i would write words in my diary like FUCK BITCH STUPID FAT UGLY WRONG i would draw small nail scissors, which occationally i would cut with and draw blood falling from the blades and then drip my real blood over it.
    I would fanticise about being tied up by my wrists and having my dealer/ friend (who is extremely depressed) cut my wrists and make love to me while my blood ran down my body

    sick and twisted right?

  164. its hard to admitt but i have cut..alot.i hate it and i do it for reason number 4..i actually had some pain i caused myself.if so many people let me down and hurt me..why cant i hurt myself? its been a habbit for 5 years and considering im only 17..i have a bad habbit..i quit alot and recently stopped for awhile but then lost alot again..i am a control freak..and i guess i was in control! feels good to say it

  165. Hi,I am Marie.I cut every once and a while.I am now 12 year’s of age.My sister know’s I USED to cut,But I am a shy person now.My whole school know’s I cut,But I didn’t tell them.I told my ex-bestfriend to get help and she told the whole school.Now I am called an Emo.But really I am not…I cut to feel the pain,Yes I know it’s messed up but my body is compleatly numb and I want to know I can feel something.And to feel like I can actually do something right.I’ve been cutting sence the 4TH grade…I am curently in the 7TH.I wear jacket’s with finger hole’s 24/7 so my family wont see my cut’s but I am trying to stop.Right now I have no cut’s on me but I do want to do it again…I tried to throw away my razors but I just stole my brother’s whole box of them! I hope no one feels pain such as me! D:

  166. hi my name is jennet and use to have cutting problem. i would cut on my legs and my left arm only. i did care how bad i did it. i thought that seeibg me bleed was cool. im almost cut free for about four years now. but im not going to lie i had a slip up after 3 years 11 months. i also have a mild learning disablete and i also have bipolar to. but now i have a web sit that helps people woth any problems that he or she migth have. it is called

  167. seriously ppl who ‘need’ to cut really ‘need’ to get a life like seriously you dont do it for diffrent reasons your do it for one. attention. ppl just blame it on different reasons so ppl go drink some coffie or something,and make your lives that much better.

  168. and if you do it for the so called pain factor (a.k.a attention) then go wax your armpits that hurts like hell!

  169. you are to young to be going to the movies with your so called boyfriend next thing you know youll be pregnant and cutting your stomach so that the baby can ’share’ what it feels like jeez get a life

  170. LOok up Jehovahs Witnesses.. Listen to them please.. THey are wonderful

  171. i couldent understand why people would harm themselves, then my best friend did it, at first i felt bad for her until she said i should do it to because “it feels good” so i told her to grow up and get a life. were not friends anymore and she still cuts and she tells everyone, so now i know that when people cut its just for attention
    get a life people

  172. so ppl cut for attention and don’t tell anyone hmmm makes total sense they are not doing it for attention i do it when i feel like i have messed something up with a friend or a loved one so don’t hurt each other help each other

  173. so ppl cut for attention and don’t tell anyone hmmm makes total sense they are not doing it for attention i do it when i feel like i have messed something up with a friend or a loved one so don’t hurt each other help each other

  174. um, try masterbating if your feeling down..

  175. I used to cut myself im 12 almost 13 now and when you say something to him in my opinion it makes it worse if you automatically ask why and dont get mad if he doesnt want to share. My mom wouldnt leave me alone about it so i kept doing it just in places that she wouldnt see; my shoulders and legs so be understanding (:

  176. hey, this is coming from someone whos best friend is cutting. it really sucks for those around you. and i done it once just to see why she was doing it….. it hurts like hell!! lol but i really hope that if you need any help that you feel the honor to post a comment back to me, even though you don’ t know me. :P but i am 13 about to be 14….. so maybe i can share with you some helping hents…… thanks for reading

  177. sierra taylor,,,,,, i will check back with you tonight…. cuz i am hangin with my friend,,,,,,,,, and she’s the one who cuttsss………… so lol but i have a question……. do your parents know????????? cuz my bff’s parents don’t and i just want to know what it would be like if your parents knew,,, and so would she. so plz feel free to write me back………:)

  178. i need help, or advise, whatever the heck you wanna call it……. but my bestie is cutting, and do i tell her parents??? or do i just help or support her? if i were cutting i wouldn’t want her to tell my parents but still, i’m very worried about her. and my boyfriend is starting to do it, i told him that i needed a break from our relationship for a little while, and at church i went up to him and grabbed his arm to turn him around to hug him and he acted like i had just slashed him with a knife, turns out he was the one who slashed hiself cuz i needed a break, how do i support them??? just by talking??? or cutting too?? HOW??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????:(

  179. I’ve been cutting myself, for about 2 years now. Personally I do it, because it gives me a sense that I can do something to fix whatever has gone wrong. Or at least to a point. Some of my friends know that I cut, but I hate telling them that I have gained more cuts on my wrists, because it makes me feel like they are disapointed in me, and that triggers me to cut again. 2 of my friends cut themselves, and they say that they ‘understand.’ But in reality, I don’t think anybody does or ever will. I have now resorted to giving myself eraser burns also.
    My triggers include;
    - disapointed people or being disapointed
    - feeling worthless
    - crying
    - rejection
    - my family life at home

    I can’t stop. And I want to. But I’m disapointing myself by not stopping. This is a never-ending circle.

  180. i do it.
    i hate talking about it.
    my bestfriend emily knows only because she was a cutter to.
    i do it because my friends dani and lily are always fighting. i feel bad because they can’t get along. it’s my fault. and i do it because of boy troubles. i do it to feel like i’m in control of my life. i’ve been doing it since 6th grade. i’m a freshman now. i don’t do it often cause i’m scared that my parents will find out. i mean my dads girlfriend teases me already. she thinks im a cutter just because i’m in theater. and i dyed my hair dark brown. i don’t think cutting is funny at all. i’m scared that one day i’m just going to snap and admit i do cut.

  181. Jesus can take any desire away. Accept Him today, He’s calling your name.

  182. shelby, i automatically just felt the need to post back to your comment. i cut too and am not proud of it. we have pretty much the same situations practically except i live with my mom and not my dad. i am only in the 8th grade but i totally feel what i think your feeling. and if my mom found out she would be so disappointed in me. but i do it because my little sisters drive me crazy. and my best friend says that i have too much going for me to just be throwing it away. and i believe it. i have great grades, wealthy, i’m not full of myself, but i’m not ugly, and used to be in pageants and gymnastics and i know i’m throwing it all away, and like you said, idk if i will crack and tell any one like you had said, but as far as now, the only person that i will force myself to tell, is if my future husband sees the scarres and asks. but i really hope you post me back, i really wanna talk to you ;P and to make me want to do it more often is the fact that i just moved to a new school over a parents divorcing. i don’t cut that much though, just when i’m at my lowest. plz post back, even though that i am younger, but i’m very mature and maybe we could help each other……….

  183. i did not mean to make that a winky face……. lol sorry :) better??? lol ttyl…………………..hopefully

  184. AshLynn, well it depends on the person and what they want. for example i’m a cutter and if my best friend or boyfriend found out then i would want them to show me they care, not tell anyone and treat me like a real people because some tend to separate themselves from people like that because there “weird” or “emo”but there not there not they are real peole that have feeling and they don’t need there own tag. Should you tell her parents? talk to her or him ask them if they would want you to do that if they don’t then grant there wishes and keep it to yourself. encorage them to talk to someone if they say no then try to respct that and say that they can talk to you and that you’ll try to understand but only say that if you mean it. as for your last question DO NOT START CUTTING. you will fell trapped, addicted, alone believe me i know. you’ll change the way you feel and everything you toke for granted will be far from your mind. but try to support them and help them through this
    i wish you the best of luck and hope this helps if you have any other questions e-mail me at and that goes to any1 else who needs help.

    aging i hope this helps and i wish you the best of luck

  185. I’m 17 and I’ve been cutting since I was 10 and my mom committed suicide. It’s started with sorrow from that but now it’s just impossible to stop. I’m covered in scars and I only recently told my closest friends. I’ve cut myself nearly ever day for 7 and a half years. From my ankle to upper thigh and wrist to shoulder are covered in scars a few on my stomach and breasts too. I have recently been told that this much scar tissue is extremly unhealthy. Please stop cutting for yourselves I’m now going to therapy twice a week and am choosing to go to a phyciatric ward soon.

  186. I’m 16 and I just started cutting today idk but I had a really strong discussion with my mom because she wants me to babysit my little sister who’s 10 & my little brother who’s 7 my mom wants me to do everything for them when they are able to do it themselves she only cares about them she even asks them if they ate and stuff like that (never asks me) and on top of it if I try to do something like cleaning the house or cooking whatever she would say that I suck but when is my little sister the one that does something even if its BS she celebrates and say a lot of good things…Sigh…this may not seem so bad but i’ve been through this since they were born I feel left out and even my aunts and uncles notice that…cutting felt so great…it actually helped me…I’ll continue doing it as long as this keep happening =\

  187. thank you so much for the advise. i will try to start emailing you when i get it started back up. but i kind of already started, but am really trying to stop cause of my basketball jerseys show and i rely on make up to cover them. thank you so much again……….my friend just commited suicide…… its really hard to stop……….but thank you…….tho i’m only fourteen tho. thank you

  188. i do thet 2 but i just cant stop and i got soooooo many scars on me and its just 2 much…and i cant handel the pain soo i cut myself bc people just dont understand me no1 loves me and i certanley hate myself…

  189. I cutt myself…and it is not for love..i do it bc of all the stress..its not what people think. it really isnt.

  190. omg i’m sooooooo sorry that that happened. if you want you could try wearing some bandages and say you have a bad scrape from falling or something i did that for basket ball but it’s your choice. but i don’t know if you’d want to though caus there are some people who get one big cut or bruise and next thing you know there putting up billboards about it. lol and they have to see every ones cuts but then stopped caus it got really annoying.aging i’m so sorry that your friend committed suicide. it must be hard for you but how would i know? im really sorry. im only fourteen to so if you want someone older and wiser that’s cool but i really wish i could be of more help or at least try to

  191. Talking about it doesnt always help.
    I’ve been cutting for 4 years, and i know now that telling somebody was the biggest mistake i could of ever done.

    Just please - think about who you tell. Seriously, it changes everything.

  192. no, i want someone my own age to help me, so thank you very much. but thanks for the apolagies. she cut herself too and always told me that one day she felt like she could just crack and break down and comit but i never believed her. i guess i should have tho. but do you still cut??? its kind of hard cuz my other best friend doesn’t even know. and my parents just got divorced and it’s all just really hard to deal with, cuz i’m at a new school. but thankfully i moved to where two of my closest friends were. but, i’m trying everything that i can to stop. i used to keep the knife in my top drawer. and to try to help me stop, i took it into the kitchen, washed it, and put it back up. it’s just very hard. and my real name is not ashlynn…. i put that cuz i did not want any of my friends who visited this site to see, but it’s holly, and idk if you told me yours yet. but thank you so much and write back asap please?????? thank you again…..

  193. umm i started to cut at age 12 and i just couldent stop it waz so hard then i told me boy friend and he siad it a really bad habbit to do and if u start again i dont think i can be with u and then i stoped. like 2 weeks go by and then my BF tells me he doesnt want to be with me anymore and his mom told him no more GF so then like 2 day\’s pass and he gets wit my best friend and that made me so so so mad that i went really deep in my legs. 2 mouths later i started going to church and joind the youth. then they told me there is this camp for youth in the summer and i dicidded to go for a week and the 2nd day i waz talking to one of my youth leader and told her my story and she said she used to go it to but then she dicied to give her sins to God. so now me and her are like best friends when ever i decide to do it i just talk to her and she makes me feel to better and feels like she cares. still now we talk and i never missed youth i got to know everyone and they know what my problems are 2 and we all made promises to each other. today at school my old friend had the same class as me and said really loud reamember u were emo last year at that point i got so mad i just waz not talking at all, i didnt like it when people call me emo. after that heartbaker BF i just fogot about it and went on with my life. one day my aunt found out and she told me we are the temple of god and when the temple of god is not treated right then God doesnt like it because she is our creater.
    those who do the same just do wht i did get invoved with church join the youth do wht ever to keep u bissy

  194. I’m 15 female and I cut myself with a razor.
    I haven’t told anyone about, and no one knows about it.
    One time I cut myself real bad and I couldn’t stop holding my wrist. When I was at school my friends asked me what happened and I couldn’t come up with anything. I just let go of my arm and said nothing. I don’t know anyone else who cuts, alteast not in person. I only cut when I’m mad or sad or something like that. I like the way it feels, and for me it’s like when I do it, everything else just goes away. The first time I did it, I didn’t even realise what I was doing. I just had a really tough day and when I came home and I started crying and when I saw my razor, I smashed it and just started cutting. I like watching the blood drip down my arm. I know this sounds like super depressing, but honestly, if you knew me, you wouldn’t even think twice about me being someone who did this sorta thing.

  195. I cut my self because it make me feeel like I’m then center of the world. It also relieve the pain from my period.. and I’m a dude…cutting my self is the best Idea I ever had cuz I’m emo like… “cutterz”

  196. I’m a heavy cutter and sometime I even cut my ball sack .. it some time hurts but it stops me from getting horny. Once I tried to cut my eye ball out but it did not work due to me been a pussy .. my fantasy iz to cut my girls vigina open so I can put my head and think that I wan been born again.. I cut my ear off but then I ate it for a snack

  197. WOW… You guys. You ACTUALLY cut your Bs? = O

  198. hey there.. well im 17 and have cut myself sine i was bout have to say that the reason i do it is to be in control..i need to be in control of my own life and pain,,okay so take this in., everone seemed to be hurting me that i trusted,,why is it fair that they can hurt me? out of alll things i am going to be in control of my own pain atleast..if they can hurt me when i dont expect it atleast i can hurt me whenever i wanna and i have the control..i will always cut for comfort

  199. Also, if there are any young people out there who cut and want to talk to somebody about it, you can get ahold of me on my website as well. I’m happy to help any way I can.

  200. I have never cut, but i still suffer everyday problems, just like everyone else. i have been tempted to cut though. i want everyone who reads on this website to know that they are NOT alone in this fight for control over themselves. but control over yourself starts with control over your mind. if you lose that, you lose every control, and you just LET yourself WANT to cut. your mind ends up running rampant and thinking FOR you. you CAN control your mind, your actions, yourself.

    Romans 12:2
    “But do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may know what is the good and profitable and perfect will of God.”

    the Bible DOES give advice for kids and teens that is helpful for us. youre not alone in this. there are more ways to get rid of the feeling of “im nothing, and everyone agrees.” a friend of mine, Ruth Conry, says,”your feelings are about as reliable as the weather man, they could be right, but they could be wrong. her website is . please listen in on this. she’s an amazing teacher.
    God loves you. give your pain to Him and not cutting.

  201. Kia Ora. Im from NZ. My two daughters attend boarding school. Just on Thursday (four days ago) my eldest daughter was crying on the phone telling me that her baby sister was cutting herself. She is 13 years old, and my eldest is 16. One hour later on was on my car making the 6 hour trip to go and pick them up. FOrtunately my younger sister lives in the same town as the school and they were waiting there. Got there just after midnight, packed them up and came back home. Since then I have read over a thousand comments, views, suggestions etc every possible moment. So far this site has been the best source of “real” experiences. Today we went to see a counsellor, but it was only the initial meetin with the manager of a counselling service and in the next two days he will find a counsellor who can talk with my girls.

    I have been trying to find the right process. I’m so scared I will do things all wrong and my daughter will feel even more stressed. It’s has been sad to read about all of those who do not have the support of their parent/s and although I have cried for the last four days because I do not know what to do really, I wonder if I have made matters worse.

    I have not asked her at all about the cutting, but as we do at the end of every term, we talk about her classes, friends, hostel life, sports and goals for the next term.

    She is still eager to return to school, which is a blessing, but I know I will not send her back if I feel she still needs help. It seems that cutting has a time dependant on the cutter.

    I begun writing about our life together, since she started boarding school, trying to highlight all the times that she may ahve felt pressured or unhappy, etc.

    I, myself had a very violent and abusive childhood, but fortunately I found my place to ‘hide’ in books. My daughter begun reading the twilight series and I just couldn’t believe it. She does read but this “desire” was intense and she did all she could like helping more at home, listening more so that I would buy her the book. I have so much more to say but still need to read the other of all the comments.

    I would like to take this chance to thank all of you who have shared your stories, as it really does help. As a mother, solo parent, reading these stories has given me an insight of what my daughter maybe feeling. I hope the counselling does help and that she does see the benefit of it.

  202. i am a 13 year old, i think the best way to talk to him is with a calm face and listen.

  203. i do it naw and i swear i feel retarted, and somwhat relieved…

  204. I cut simply because it’s a distraction from reality. Divorce is painful but I’m angry so I don’t want to cry. Cutting myself forces me to concentrate on the sting of the cut instead of the sting in my heart.

  205. Every day after school im come home and cut myself. I wish i could just die. U cut my arm stomach and penis. I have had to go to the hospital because i have needed stiches in mypenjs and arms because i cut so deep. I need help but i dont want to talk.

  206. i dont get y people cut them selves

  207. well ur stupid

  208. i noticed one person represented theirself as “life suks”; someone else as “trying to find a way to escape”; another yet as “NOBODY”. i noticed that one person possibly made many people feel worse than they do about themselves by saying, “well ur stupid”. ill pray 4 her. one person said that their 13-year-old daughter cut and she doesnt know how to approch her about it. for “life suks”, i dont know anything about your history, so i’ll just say, life DOES suck! but it doesnt have to. just know that God loves you, and that you can give all your emotions to HIM. you know, you could get sick from not crying. when you cry, you extract a certain type of chemical from your body. i cant remember exactly what that chemical is, but if it isn’t let out, it could prove harmful to your body. understand that im not telling you to cry; thatz your choice.
    for “trying to find a way to escape”, you can escape, and i know the perfect key. it’ll get those shackles you thought were unbreakable and that doorway that was inevitable to POOF! disappear. what is it? God! Jesus! the Holy Spirit!
    for NOBODY, youre somebody, in my eyes, even though i dont know you, because you are in Jesus’ eyes.
    for “mama”, im thirteen too, and when i get thiiiiis close to cutting, i need someone to talk to, andd im glad its my mom. you may not understand her like you wish you could, but still, just listen to her w/out interrupting, and, if need be, let her cry on your shoulder. she doesnt need a counsellor, she needs a listening, understanding mom.


  209. Lyndsey,

    God Bless YOU!!!

  210. My 16 year old niece has been cutting herself for about three years. In her case I am inclined to believe she does so to draw attention to herself. Her dad had a very stressful childhood. Where his siblings found ways to deal with stress, he tended to internalize his. At times he would rebel physically in ways that generally hurt himself more than anyone else, such as hitting a wall. He never, that I know of, became physical with his wife or children but his anger and demeaning verbal abuse certainly left scares. Today, he finds himself alone wondering why. He also wonders why his beautiful daughter is so angry, cuts herself and talks about making her own way after she is eighteen. For now, she is in a facility which has tried for the past two years to help her address the issues that stressed her, continue to stress her and to stop using herself as the whipping post for problems which I believe were thrust upon her as much as I believe they were thrust upon her father by his father. I believe all who cut have been cut emotionally and that sore is difficult to see, to understand, and to try and heal. It is hard to ignore a scar we can see but at least we can know with some degree of knowledge how it happened. The emotional cutting is far harder to discern, but so desperately needs to be recognized so that some type of healing can start. So that the person doing the cutting can finally believe that some cares and that there are many joys are being missed while the pain holds them captive. This is not an easy task. It takes work, it takes caring, it takes love and sometimes, it does take a village.

  211. i started cutting in 1999 when my mother commited suicide, i didnt do it for attention in fact i tried everything to hide it, even wearing long sleeve shirts all summer long. Cutting has become an addiction to my life, infact i can walk past a razor i guess how long it will take me to break it down ( i know its horrid) but it keeps me sane in some sick way. i have been cutting for 10 years and i occasionally do it now. i guess the word occasionally is over used, i wont lie i still do it. it re-assures me that i am a live and i still can feel the pain from everyday life. it keeps me from crying sometimes. i dont do it to try to kill myself or because i want everyone to know. typing this right now is hard for me and before its over i will think of cutting, but the question is “will i”? i use to do it on a daily basis but now not so much. i am trying to stop but like i said its an addiction that i fight ever single day i wake up out of bed and it happens whether i have a bad day or a great day…and to think i have years of scars on my arm an on my heart and only one of them will heal.

  212. i cutted my slefss imess and i bleededdd

  213. I cut myself. I’m 17 years old, I’ve been going threw depression ever since i was 10 or 12. I’ve tried so hard to hurt myself even more then just cutting. I’ve had thoughts of Suicide…It’s been getting worse evey day. And telling me I’m stupid or that I shouldn’t do that or it’s just for attention. NO, its because its the closest thing to me that prevents me from hurting myself more… I’ve been trying to seek help here lately. All I’ve been doing for the past 2 months is laying in bed and crying myself to sleep. Thats what I do on a daily bases. I’ve found out that drawing and listening to music helps me out a little i geuss. I haven’t cut myself in about a week or two but, it wont be long until i find myself doing it again….

  214. I’m 15. I’ve been cutting myself since I was 12. I don’t really know what gave me the idea.. But I started doing it and I liked it.. It was something different for me. I liked that I could control the pain.. It’s really addicting. It’s everywhere I look. I see something sharp and all I think about is cutting myself with it.. I usually just cut my thighs but if I get really upset or something happens I’ll cut about 5 deep cuts on both my wrists. I’m paranoid about people seeing it.. I don’t want people to know. They’ll judge me and feel bad or something.. I don’t think my life is that horrible. Aside abusive parents I have nothing else wrong in my life.. But I often find myself depressed.. Or I feel empty or numb. And I won’t know why.. then I’ll go to school and act like everyone thinks I should.. And I come home, do my homework, and either cry, or go to sleep. Or I’ll cut myself.. Right now only 2 people know about it.. And they just want me to stop and I want to but if I do then I don’t think I could handle myself. I want to stop. I’ve tried. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

  215. I’ve been cutting since I was 14. I suppose I feel lost and confused about life and that’s why. I feel unworthy of love and affection. I’ve thought about suicide more than I can count. I just feel like I don’t know who I am anymore and now that I’m 23, I feel like I should be further along in life than I am. I’m a sophmore in college and majoring in English, which I’m not even sure if that’s the route I want to go. I feel lonely and so depressed. My family seems like it’s in disarray. My mother is depressed alot. Both of my brothers are locked up, and my fathers not even present. I’m afraid of men. I don’t even date them because I feel so unusual around them. I’ve resulted in dating only women (which ofcourse, I am attracted to women though). I’m a nervous wreck. And I try to hide my scars from everyone in hopes that they don’t see them because if they do, they’ll judge me. I’ve tried to look on the bright side of things, but right now, all I see is darkness. I don’t talk to people because people judge, and everyone has problems, so who am I to whine to anybody about mine. I do music, but even my music is slacking to me. I just feel so lonely and lost right now. But yeah, That’s my story. Hopefully I’m not alone, rather, I don’t want anyone else to feel how I do.

  216. i cut my self since i was 10 years old and now that im 13 i still do it. it all started 9 months ago when i met this guy at school and i started dating him and every time that he saw me he would always check my hands and see if i was still cutting my self and i stoped doing it bcuz he would always tell me “love doent do that anymore pliz” and i stoped cutting my self for the whole nine months that we where together and now that he dumped me im doing it aggain and that is making me feel better……. i really understand ppol that cut themselves and i hope that one day we could all together solve our problems and stop doing it:(

  217. I constantly cut myself. I dont know why its just an addiction. I dont please it at all. I just get very depressed and stressed out. I hate when my “friends” scream out “UR EMO?” and now everyone makes fun of me for being “emo.” I hate it. Its making me cut even more. I hate being made fun of. Thats why everyday in class im all alone constantly cutting.

  218. to anyone reading if your thinking about cutting please don’t it doesn’t make anything better! I don’t know what your reason for cutting is but it doesn’t make any thing better. it’s not a way out it a trapdoor to a bigger problem! I completely understand i know what its like to feel so worthless that no one would ever want you!
    but some one else will always have it worse then you, there will always be that one person that has much awfuller things going on in their lives but they stay strong and fight through it!

    please dont start this habit because its sooo hard to brake
    it only hurts you!

  219. okayy. so i have been cutting myself for 2 years now. and yes it hurts. but, you don’t understand some of the things i have been through. first my mommy loves my sister more then me..second my dad is a dead beat dad.[ he just don't give a sh!t. ] thrid… i broke this boys heart 9 times. and i love him. but, he will NEVER take me back. fourth…i hate my best friend and she has no clue!!

  220. My boyfriend used to cut years before I met him. It took him a long time to show me the cuts and explain to me why he did it, something that i am still trying to understand. He has 5 cuts on one arm, and 3 on the other, including a quite large and deep cut on the right arm. He used to hide them when he first did it, but now he just refrains from wearing short shirts around his parents and other people that don’t know about it.

    Yesterday, after 3 years he cut again. He came over my house and told me that he was feeling bad about something that he had done to me. It only hit me today that this is so much bigger than telling him to relax and not to do it again. He hasn’t been feeling well since he did it, and has had a headache for 2 days now. He won’t tell anyone that he cut again, apart from me, and doesn’t want to tell his parents or siblings, although wants to see a therapist. I really want to know that he’ll be okay. After driving home from my house, he said he considered doing it again after we talked. I just want him to be okay

  221. i cut myself coz off love tbh,
    she says she loves me but is going out with somone else,
    i guess i cut coz i dont like being hurt on the inside and coz i like pain

  222. yea….it seems like alot of people in the world cut themselves. i cant really protest im one of them. ( “oh great. another ungreatful bitch wanting us to feel sorry for her!”) hey. im just saying this because everyone else is doing it. i started a few years ago. im not going to reject this. im messed up. i want to kill half of my class, at times my own sister.

  223. i am 15 soon 16 cut myself on and off. i cut but usually i dont feel it, why? on my arm. i dont want to disapoint my dad but its relief when nothing else works. i write music, play guitar, and nothing helps. i see a counselor and a psychotherapist and i am bipolar. i get demented thoughts of blood and gore. killing myself and others. idk why… i just do

  224. Hi, am 14 ive cut for several reasons first time was when a girl i liked for well over 3 years was my best friend and i asked her out finnaly after i did it i saw so much blood and marks a couple days latter my sister asks me how i got it and i said our cat and she said that i deserved it….after that i cut some but not nearly as much then probably 4 months latter a girlfriend i had broke up with me becuase she said she just stopped having fun….so i cut next day at school she saw along with her best friend, that night she told me she cut herself aswell whitch made it a hell lot worse also ive cut becuase of school stress ect. i try and deal with it through music,singing, and happier thoughts but i always end up sad again surprisingly everyone belives me when i say the cat cut me or i feel of my bike or something absurd i think my mom sort of knows becuase i heard her say to my dad she thought i hit myself or whataver but alot of time pasts but she just doesnt want to deal with it other problems i have is is that my dad was a heavy drinker couple years ago…my brother is anorexic my older brother hates my sister for bieng gay as well…

  225. hi im almost 16 and i have been cuttin for 2 years now. i dunno why i started, i just did. i broke a razor and just started slicin away.. that sounds really badd but its true. when im wih my friends and i listen to music i feel a bit better, but recently i got grounded cuz my pparents found some weed in my room, so im not allowed to se friends or have my ipod or phone until christmas. life is unfair. i dnno why but i use to jst cut lines, and now i find myself writing things. like i write \”no\” and \”fat\” and other things. cutting just makes everything feel real to me, and whne i dont do it, i feel numb i guess.. i like the way the blood drips down my arm. only 1 person knows, and its cuz we were in gym class and it was so hot that i had to pt on a tshirt and i forgot to cover it up, and she was like\”jaz, do u cut urself?\” it was horrible. i didnt know what to do. i just froze up.. shes only brought it up twice, both times we were drunk and she just says that she wishes i didnt. i dont want to hurt her or anyone else, i just like the way it makes me feel when i cut myself..

  226. How do u handle no friends and cuts?
    Well ; My best friend hates me.
    And she cares that i cut, But i leave it alone and ignore her.
    Is that the right thing to do?

  227. Ok im 16 years old the only reason i cut myself is i like feeling the pain but thats not just the reason i feel like im nothing in this world, im a loser at my school, i feel like everyone hates me but the main reason i do cut is because i feel sad mad angry or hurt in someway my girlfriend hates when i do it but when i get done doing it i feel much better for some reason but its hard for me to stop and hide it from my mom and dad i know they love me but i just feel different from my friends and family.

  228. my older sister friend used to cut and she told me that when she used to cut it didnt hurt really more like an adrenaline thrill and relief and like shes letting the stress bleed out of her.

  229. I know exactly how that is ive been clean for a couple months now. and im very glad that ive stopped doing it too :)

  230. i use to cut myslfe but now i dont

  231. i use to cut myslfe but now i dont

  232. i use to cut myslfe but now i dont

  233. Hi you all don’t know me but I’m a 16 year old girl who cuts. I have been cutting since I was about 12. No cuts for the last week but I fear they are soon to come. I am ashamed of it and could us advice.

  234. Y_Y im gothic, emo, jock, punk (69%emo,11%jock,10%gothic,10%punk)whats rong with me Y_Y ive been depressed since my brother died ssssooooo ive been cutting myself since i was 7 and im 12 now still cut myself to……………………Y_Y

  235. i cut myself coz i cant handle the pressure anymore.i just cant.i think am crumbling under so watching myself bleed assures me that am still alive and my heart is still beating.i just dont cut myself , i etch out a certain word on my arms and legs - ALONE


  237. i am not saying its fun and i am addicted and i cant stop doing sorry to hear about ur condition but cutting is the onlt way i can let myself know that am still alive.

  238. Im 13 ive been cutting for awhile and it ended me up in the hospital., im taking therapy now and my parents are going to force me to go to church now., i screwed up big time

  239. Is anyone a stress reliever???

  240. Alright, after reading that article I think you’re an absolute prick. You should stop being such an arrogant ass and acting like you know the reason why everyone who cuts themselves does it. You’re disgusting.

  241. Hey im 16 and a junior in high school i started to cut when i was a sophmore. so a year now. i basicly started because freshman year i started to get into weed , beer , liquor and pain pills. and i got really into smoking weed evryday. all the time morning , after school and before i went to bed. as we all know drugs cost money and for a teen without a job i have no money to buy these things so i started to cut as a way to sorta get a stress releaver as weed and the other drugs did for me. i have now told my school counsler and my parents and it helps telling them but they want me to go to a rehab of some sort and i cant do this. ive been to therapy back in 8th grade because i felt depress and then freshman year came and i got into the drugs like i said before. so im at a lost right now i want to stop smoking drinking and cutting and i tell my parents this and act like i am then when the weekend comes or as soon as someone i know has weed i turn back to the same old person. if anyone cant share some advice it would mean alot i was reading the older post and it did seem to help me out a little but im basicly thinking i have to go to therapy to get this fix. and thats what my parents are thinking also but if you have any other ideas please help me out!


  242. Hey im 16 and a junior in high school i started to cut when i was a sophmore. so a year now. i basicly started because freshman year i started to get into weed , beer , liquor and pain pills. and i got really into smoking weed evryday. all the time morning , after school and before i went to bed. as we all know drugs cost money and for a teen without a job i have no money to buy these things so i started to cut as a way to sorta get a stress releaver as weed and the other drugs did for me. i have now told my school counsler and my parents and it helps telling them but they want me to go to a rehab of some sort and i cant do this. ive been to therapy back in 8th grade because i felt depress and then freshman year came and i got into the drugs like i said before. so im at a lost right now i want to stop smoking drinking and cutting and i tell my parents this and act like i am then when the weekend comes or as soon as someone i know has weed i turn back to the same old person. if anyone cant share some advice it would mean alot i was reading the older post and it did seem to help me out a little but im basicly thinking i have to go to therapy to get this fix. and thats what my parents are thinking also but if you have any other ideas please help me out!


  243. Hey im 16 and a junior in high school i started to cut when i was a sophmore. so a year now. i basicly started because freshman year i started to get into weed , beer , liquor and pain pills. and i got really into smoking weed evryday. all the time morning , after school and before i went to bed. as we all know drugs cost money and for a teen without a job i have no money to buy these things so i started to cut as a way to sorta get a stress releaver as weed and the other drugs did for me. i have now told my school counsler and my parents and it helps telling them but they want me to go to a rehab of some sort and i cant do this. ive been to therapy back in 8th grade because i felt depress and then freshman year came and i got into the drugs like i said before. so im at a lost right now i want to stop smoking drinking and cutting and i tell my parents this and act like i am then when the weekend comes or as soon as someone i know has weed i turn back to the same old person. if anyone cant share some advice it would mean alot i was reading the older post and it did seem to help me out a little but im basicly thinking i have to go to therapy to get this fix. and thats what my parents are thinking also but if you have any other ideas please help me out!


  244. 2 and 6.

  245. I want to cut because I have so much pain that needs to be released in my life I have just been making scratches an little cuts that eventually go away I want to cut SO bad but I am to scared I need motivation!

  246. i started to cut in january 2009. at first it was an experiment just to see if i felt better after i did it. i did so i continued. but i havent cut in almost 3 months.

  247. i started to cut in january 2009. at first it was an experiment just to see if i felt better after i did it. i did so i continued. but i havent cut in almost 3 months.

  248. Raquel, dont start cutting ur just gonna regret it cuz i do.

  249. Hey I am 16 and I have been cutting for awhile since 6th grade, I move alot so that’s how the whole cutting thing started. It’s so hard to quit it’s like a drug your hooked on and you just can’t get off of. Only 1 person knows about me doing this to myself because I always were longsleves. But I told the person that I quit doing it but I still do it when I am angry or stressed out. It feels like when I am bleeding the stress or anger is just coming out of me and I feel relieved! And then after the anger or stress is still there.

  250. It depends on how bad the situation is… but to be safe have them get help!

  251. I’m 22 I have been cutting since I was 12. I cut when I feel thats things are out of control and I just can’t handle it. Also when really angry. After I do it, I immeditly regret it because as good as it was now I know I have a scar and I do not want people asking me about it. Some people just do not understand. So… I found a way to avoid the scar and still have a sense of relief… Biting my slelf
    Or stabbing with a pin…. only a little mark then…
    one day my goal is to stop.

  252. hi, i m 13 and cut myself
    ive been cutting scice i was 11 started because i was feeling really bad about myself. i fel like im wortless .
    i have only one friend in school and i dont really think she cares about me .i been made fun of alot and i dont no what to do other then cut myself.

  253. i am almost 14 years old and i caut myself every chance i get. today i went looking for a better blade than the one i have right now as it dosnt work very well.
    i think i cut myself because, 1. i feel in control and powerful and 2. i enjoy the pain that it causes me. (kinda sick aye?)

    Last night was one of my lowest points, i was at a christmas party watching tv and i felt like i was having an anxiety attack, the only reason i didnt cut myself was because i couldnt get to a knife.
    I think that people who cut themselves for attentio are so stupid because this is a serious issue, as i know.
    I dont have anyone to turn too as the first time i cut myself (i was only 11) my mum saw and freaked out. honestly i dont want help, i choose to do this and whoever wants to judge me can judge me.

    If you need someone to talk to please feel free to email me at maybe we could help each other through this and stop hurting ourselves and everyone around us but for now i cannot see myself stopping.

    Please dont cut too deep,
    Good luck and Be Careful,
    Dayna. o.O

  254. Okay, i really need help now.
    i just cut my thigh and i will admit, it felt soo good. does anyone have any good advise about infection prevention??

    Be Careful,

  255. all you people are so fucking stupid….just smoke some weed and get it over with. you are just scarring yourself for nothing constantly reminding yourself why you did, and to encourage you to do it again so do yourself a favor and just sleep and keep busy….may god be with you

  256. dayna you are just talking a lot of shit…..and it sounds to me that you are taking this as a joke when you should be thankful that you are in this world… take life more serious..Stay in school because your spelling skills are not that great….may god be with you and help you through your problems

  257. hi ive just started cutting because of depression. ive stopped now because of friends. they care about me and i care about them sooo i promised them i will stop but part of me is still emo and i just want to grab a razor and start cutting myself but i stop myself from doing it and i put my bfs initials on my wrist. its scar now and i dont let anyone see it. i bad for doing it. i just wish i was normal again! i broke up woth the love of my life and he cared about me and he still loves me and i feel soo bad. ugh why am i such an asshole?? someone please help me. i still love him S+R=<3

  258. To Jazmarie..

    I was just
    I feeling happy for once. And i respect your oppinion. why do you call everyone that hurts themselves stupid? you dont know them. you havnt lived in their lives . i am sorry that you feel like you have to judge people in order to make yourself feellook better, to make you look normal compared to ‘us’.

    i Dont like people accusing me of talking shit, why would i lie about hurting myself? i do not cut myself for attention so i would not tell anyone anyway. if you dont believe me i can show you some photos of my scars and you can see for your self.
    Why would you judge someone on their spelling? thats just stupid.

    Life Is A Joke!
    Dayna x_x

  259. To everyone who thinks that people who cut them selves are stupid and crazy just try to put your self in your shoes.
    I know everyone has problems but everyone also deals with them differently. people who cut themselves feel that in order to help them with their problems they may need to hurt themselves.
    I am one of those poeple.

    I cannot look my father in the eyes and tell him that i love him, this is a problem i have to deal with. When he speaks to me I can hear the resentment and the hatred in his voice, maybe that is part of why i cut myself.

    But to everyone who thinks, ‘People who cut themselves are all emos and they should just die’, please keep an open mind and be kind to people because then people will be kind back… :)


  260. I cut myself pretty often, i have my reasons. I had a bad childhood and im still facing tha facts. When i cut, it takes tha pain away, an feels lyk sum temporary high. I lyk to watch tha blood run out too cuz it reminds me tha im still living an not as dead as i lead myself to believe most of tha time. My parents just found that i carved FTW in my arm bout a month ago an were extremely p-oed. They think that it was jst that one time buhh really, ive been doin it since i was 8yrs old (5yrs). Also, if u see sum1 who cuts, dont judge them. they have their reasons.

  261. first do you know why he is doing this ? if so the best way to approach it is to try and talk to your son about,let him know you care and are there for him no matter what and that your not ashamed or mad at him for this because if he feels this way it will make it harder or impossible for him to talk to you about this.if you don’t want to jump straight in to telling him you know start off by daily asking him how his day was and talking about it and if you don’t see any changes let him know tell him you love him and he has a lot to live for and that he’s not only hurting himself but also you and his family

  262. hi i’m a girl an i cut myself its maybe cause i try my best to make people happy an i don’t care about my happiness i am just a person that don’t give a F***** about my life i just like to make/see people happy i feel sorrow wen i cant make people happy i just don’t why I’m like this i just don’t know yy? I guess i am in this world to make people HAPPY an I’m Happy that i got that job from Jesus THANKS!!!!!

  263. dude, im only 12 years old… i cut myself too. i used to be emo…but unfourtunatley, i found my long lost dad.and me and him are tied at the wrists. were bffs. i finally found some one 2 live 4. i pretty much had a fucked up child hood…so i mainly decided 2 give up on life… but im all rite.p.s ive finally made it through. i only cut my self when i feel very depressed or i cant find a reason to live…but remember peopel…find options or reasons to live. my boy friend broke up with me,and its still hard 4 me to move on. heart brak destroys my world and causes so much fucking agony and anger… peace out.=(

  264. well many people have issuses… i cant even listen to linkin park with out crying like as if everyone had been killed. i was abused.when i was little…around the age of3.but ive made it through.i used to pop pills…im only 12 years old

  265. Well I cut myself 6Th and 7th grade because I was depressed
    but I’m in 9th now and my girlfriend started to
    pintch my arm as hard as she could an I started to bleed then I realized I liked the pain and I started again 2 weeks later I’m in the emergancy room getting 13 stiches from a piece of glass

  266. Since i just moved to Texas, i cut because everyone was making fun of me as the new kid. It helped, but as soon as i popped my vein i new it was time to stop. But i just cldnt. I lie behnd my friends back and sucks”/ stop cutting, no ones going to like you.

  267. You’re trying to mess up God’s masterpiece!! The image of God in you will always shine through :) So STOP it!!! You are overwhelmingly loved! I pray God leads you to His Son Jesus Christ.

  268. Hey you guys/girls sorry if i sounded like i was judging you. i’m not. i just love God’s creation (you). i know that life can be painful,lonely,and sometimes not worth the trouble but someone loves you. Someone knows what you are going through and wants to help you survive. Someone wants to give you the strength, wisdom and love you need. And that someone is Jesus Christ.

  269. i started cutting when i was in 7th grade and stoped my senior year around the time i graduated i really couldnt tell you why i did it but i would only do it when i was upset about something and it didnt have to be somthing huge if i was feeling guilty inside or hurt that is the first thing i would think of. i use to keep rasors in my room hidden so when i would get upset there they would be. i think i did it becasue i didnt know any other way to get ride of the pain and that is what i would resort to. i dont even know why it got ride of the pain some how it just did. i remember one of my friends in 7th grade who cut herself and thats what made me want to cut myself she told me thats how she got rid of the pain so i decided to try it for myself and well it worked than i continued to do it for sveral years… i didnt want people to know about it unless they were the cause to make them feel guilty although i did try to hide it in the back of my mind i wanted those people who hurt me to know what iv done because of them… my parents knew but they just thought it was a joke and that just made it worse they would joke about me trying to kill my self because they thought i would never do such a thing and somtimes that made me want to kill myself just to prove them wrong i felt like no one cared about me so it just made me want to do it even more, like okay they dont care so i have no reason to stop. when your upset it doesnt hurt its easy to cut to deep because you are so upset that you have no feeling. i use to burn myself also… i tryed it once and never did it again! at one point i even cut my friend becasue she asked me to cause she wanted to know how it felt and she couldnt do it her self dont ask me why i agreed to it but i did and after that she started cuting herself , its a bad chain of events you see one person doing it and the other wants to try it at least that is how it was in my case!! of course i dont do it any more but i do have scares as a reminder and i got a tattoo on my wrist and my thigh to cover them up because i am ashamend of them. you can still see scares on the out side of my arm though and i get people asking me about them all the time iv been cut free for almost three years now although i do think about doing it sometimes but than i think in the back of my mind why stop for this long and than just start back up again than it was just pointless to stop in the first place thats how i think about alot of thing why start back up agian when you have stooped for such a long time you might at well have not stoped in the first place if you are going to do it again! i think my motivation to stop cutting was to feel loved by someone and that was my fiance he was my motivation to stop we have been dating for almost 6 years now and i am sometimes afraid that i might start again cause its just so easy to do and so hard to stop because there are so many things around the house and such that you can use to cut your self with its so convieniant like raizers or knives or scissors there every wear but some how i have mannaged to stop and if i can stop without help i know you can too! i dont cut anymore because i know i have someone that loves me and cares about me and would do any thing for me and why cut myself if in the end it hurts him he doesnt deserve that? just recently he left for the military to get trainning and its even harder cause i dont have him here to remind me how much he loves me and that i have some one who really cares! but he told me not to do anything stupied while he is gone so that is my motivation i love him and i want to give back what he has givin me hope and peace! so many people dont understand why people do it and so many people think its a joke but it really isnt its a problem for most its an addiction that is hard to stop just like anyother addiction they just dont know what els to resort to because thats the only thing they know and like i said i still strugle with the thought of doing it i wanna do it cause im hurting but i know there is no reason to do it in the first place so why do it? so i wish those luck that are trying to stop or those that may be doing it and dont want to stop or those who know of others that may be doing it and remember its not a joke!!!!! its serious and joking about it will just make it worse…

  270. i’m 12 and i started cutting this summer. it all started with pro-ana. for those who what that is. if u dont, look it up on google. after i binge, i start cutting because i hate the feeling i get when i start cutting. at first i just tried it out so see if it would ease the pain and it did and so now it gives me a rush to do it. a lot of people will just tell me to STOP! and that doesnt help! i have an ED. it’s all mental so the people that are looking at me and think i’m crazy just dont understand. i see myself as fat and i know it in my head because everyone says i have the perfect body, including the boys in my school. i’m not bony skinny and i never want to be but i’m afraid that if i keep going on like this, it will all tumble on me and i’m so scared but it’s the only thing that’s keeping me afloat. i cant stop myself from looking at thinspiration pictures and nobody can help me. i dont know why i’m writing this. i guess it’s better than telling someone i know.

  271. i have GCSEs coming up and my friend is getting really stressed he is normally such a fun loving person but latley when i look at him he looks so upset, and he said that he has had dreams about self harming and suicide and im really worried about him, i dont like seeing him like this i dont know what to do or say :(

  272. believe this or not when i first started cutting in 7th grade, it all started out as a trend. like scarification. we’d only scrape our skin with a safteypin to create “cool” designs. and as time passed… i starded doing it deeper and freshman year so much drama happened with my family. then with my “serious” boyfriend. and things spiraled out of control. i couldn’t help myself. cutting became my addiction. now i am 20 yrs old. have a little family of my own now. and i still can’t find it in myself to stop. every little thing gets to me. i usually do it when i’m mad upset or sad. and i have scars from years ago. all over my leg my side and my wrists. i don’t try to show them off in any way at all. and it’s weird. b/c in the moment of doing it i feel no pain from it at all. it’s really sad. i would never do it to kill myself.(tho i have thought of it many times). but it just releases what i’ve supressed inside.

  273. i have a friend who cut her wrists i need help in what to do

  274. I just like seeing myself bleed. I don\’t know why….

  275. I just like seeing my self bleed. I don’t know why.

  276. Hey, im 13 and i used to do the same thing. the best way to go to him is just start a normal convo with him, when hes alone, go to him and ask if anything is wrong. he will most likely say nothing.. (most teens say that.. lol) then say, well i no theres something up because ive noticed a change in your attitude and everything..the wAIT for response and then wen he denies it, just say, can i see your arms? and then wen u get to see his arms.. just ask,\” why do you seem to want to harm yourself?\” and then jsut talk about it,. make sure he knows your always there for he can talk to you wenever he needs to.

  277. hay, im a freshie at EPHS in oregon,i my self have( obviously like many) nhave cut myself too. only i was going to church wile i was cuting. i started cuting in feb.2009.i would cut becausse i felt like i was under to much stress. i stoped in november. my aunts and grama helped save me. but i owe it all to god. cos it is january 2010 an i havent cut and i dont plan on it.

  278. i have cut myself before but i am trying to stop even though i dont want too. every day that i dont cut myself the urge just grows stronger and i feel more and more strange. i have a feeling that wont leave me, its like i Have to do something, anything but i cant and so i think in order to make it go away i cut myself but i cant so i feel like im screaming on the inside… its so hard to deal with! soon i wont be able to take it

  279. “Sob, my life sucks… “Boohoo, nobody understands me”… “NO ONE in the WHOLE world is goin through what I’m goin through, moan”… Blah, blah, blah- WAKE THE F*CK UP!!!! Yes life DOES suck at times, YES you wont get your way even 50% of the time, YES people are mean and selfish and hypocritical. GUESS WHAT LOSERS!?
    EVERYBODY on this God forsaken planet has f*ckin problems!!! Only people with some SERIOUS (YOUR DAD IS RAPING YOU) issues have the right to do this cutting crap and i would suspect THAT person was trying to get off the damn planet not lookin for attention or to “feel alive” or bored or whatever bs reason you immature p*ssies have for doin it. I HATE CUTTERS!!!

  280. I cut myself because I hate myself.

  281. I just read the comment above mine, “Datgurl,” who the fuck gives you the right to decide when it’s alright for people to cut themselves? Who are you to establish this? It’s different for different people. It depends on our coping resouces as well. the less we have, the more likely we are to cut. I’m not saying that cutting is the answer either to depression, I’m saying it to all of the idiots like you who do have these resources, to not be so ignorant. So stop talking about shit you don’t know ANYTHING about.

  282. To Tara,

    Thank you! i totally agree with you, people like ‘Datgurl’ need to stop thinking that they are perfect because every one has their flaws and everyone is different.

    To Datgurl,

    What gives you the right to judge people and on what basis?
    Does it make it bad that people dont act the same as you, that they act out of the ‘normal’?
    Who are you to judge anyone who has ever commented on this subject?

  283. Well. I use to cutt a lot in 6th and 7th grade. I was pretty fucked up. Drinking, depression, cutting. The counselour at school found out and I stopped.

    Lately though, i’ve been really depressed due to many reasons. (One of them really serious) I hate talking about my feelings, I feel like a pussy and then people pity me. I hate that, i absolutely hate it. I tried hard not to, but just last Friday I started cutting. It was nice, and it didn’t hurt. It was like I hadn’t stopped at all.

    Me and my boyfriend tell eachother everything, and just yesterday he was like “I don’t care what you do, as long as it’s not cutting.” And I felt guilty and told him the truth. He was pissed, said it was the most fucking stupidest thing ever.

    The thing is, he doesn’t understand how much relief I get from it.

  284. The only time i cut is when My frenz or family times starts getting rough, or when out of nowhere i get the sudden urge to do it. I’m dumb for doing this but its addicting. Anyway, I count the numerous times Someone say something that affects me an thats how many times i cut. No one knows that I do it. Ands its mainly my mom who makes me cut, If you knew me you would know, you could ask any of my frenz. When i cut i remember everything that they said to me. All the good times&& bad. So when i press the razor to my arm its like a wave of emotions. It makes me feel like its the closest thing to death. I wouldve commited suicide by now if it wasn’t for my 5yr old brother. Hes the only thing that makes me wanna take another breath in this Hell i call life.&& The fact that i always look for a brighter future.(I swear if i go threw sh** like this in my next life. I’m damanding a refund!) The main reason i cut is because i feel like all the secrets that have happened to me an that i cant tell are being released an told when i cut. -Peace,Love,Crunk-

  285. I am in my 40s. I have not cut myself but i think about doing it. I think about it when I feel depressed and hopeless, worthless or unloved. I feel like hurting/punishing myself. I think it will make me feel better. The reason I DON’T do it is because I would be too embarrassed if someone saw it. If I knew I could get away with it I would do it.

    Thanks for all the posts. It helped me understand this weird thought I have.

  286. yes i would tell there mother or father asap it isnt good to cut your selfs thats y i told on my ex best friend to her gandmother because she can die from doing that stupid stuff i did it and i was in the meantel hosptal for 10 dat and stuff but it was ok but i spazed out in there like the walls were falling on me thats how smoll the rooms were in there well it is nice talking to you if you want to talk i have aim and yahoo well my aim is hotgirl4lyfe1209 and my yahoo is pandamimi07 you can talk to me on there ok nice talking to you

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