Benefits of Voice for Healing Various Diseases

Benefits of Voice For Healing Various Diseases.

In a certain frequency range, the sound turned out to have a healing effect. Now, sound therapy has become one of the alternative treatments that can be selected. This method has mushroomed in communities abroad.

Diddi Agephe is a sound therapist in Indonesia. He has to pursue the field of music since 1987, but introduced a new voice as a therapy in Indonesia four years ago.

Diddi, so familiar greeting, indeed close to the world of music. Aside from being a therapist, she also works as a composer. Indra and Titi DJ is a musician who also worked with him.

But his musical talents Diddi want also useful for others, especially to heal. He also began to concoct music that is meditation.

“Since the birth of first child, I felt real happiness. But I see, there are many others who are less fortunate than me. It was then that inspired me to make music that meditation appeared in character,” he said when interviewed Diddi Yahoo! Indonesia.

After that, began to pursue science Diddi sound therapy. In the corresponding frequency, the sound can cure many diseases, especially those derived from the feelings and thoughts. Not only that, according to research, a variety of viral diseases are also die if given a voice with a specific frequency.

The method most frequently used Diddi is finding one the right tone to heal his patients. The tone may be determined by many things, depending on their cases. Then Diddi will mix the sound and music meditation for these patients.

Diddi conscious, alternative treatment method is still relatively new in the homeland. Not easy to also make people immediately believe the treatment methods he uses.

“Given this method has been implemented in many countries, I usually featuring videos that can be searched on the Internet about this treatment to my patients to reassure him,”

The most interesting part of sound therapy, the patient would not be dependent on the therapist. After they found the frequency and tone appropriate to cure the illness, then they are free to practice their own without the help of therapists.

“So they can heal itself,” said Diddi again.

Want to know more about sound therapy, please come to the festival Namaste on 2,3,4 December 2011. Diddi Agephe will be one healer in the festival.

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