Curiosity. Courage. Love. You Have It All?

To accomplish all your goals in life you just need to be smart and ambitious. Need to work on many more issues. Think of them as a possible list of happiness and use it to get maximum enjoyment from your life.Each of us want to be happy. And to succeed.

 The problem is that happiness and success are two things so nondescript that , most times , you have no idea how to get them . But if you could focus on a few simple things that you allow to become a better version of you? I talked to some experts and found seven things you can improve on and that will help make your life much happier . Read , try tipsily which I will present and prepare yourself, your life is about to change for the better ! Here are the seven aspects that should work :


What is the essential ingredient to produce significant changes in your life, even if most of the time you lose in ” overt confrontation ” the desire to do more things quickly.
What matters: self is to help you make the choice difficult ( going to the gym ) rather variant more enjoyable and light ( an extra hour of sleep in the morning) , for a result that , most likely , it will be worth ( an enviable body ) . Studies have shown that students with high levels of self-control not only achieved higher grades , but there were less depressed, socially interacted much better and their level of confidence was one superior to the average.
How to get more: ” Think about it, talking about, or even write on a log important things you desire in your life and why they want it. ” Says psychologist Florin  . ” The analysis of several things to do, the more you will be more focused and do them ,” adds our specialist . In addition , studies have shown that when you choose consistently more complicated solutions in an area of your life ( diet , for example) , you will feel more sure of yourself in others ( sudden draft the job will seem more lighter ) .


What is the combination of patience , perseverance and courage to go forward, despite the obstacles .
For that matter : labor-intensive important dreams come true . Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania did a study in which they asked people in fields from art to finance that are essential ingredients for performance and passion was among the first mentioned by all respondents .
How to get more : “To increase your passion for what you like , always choose the long way , no shortcuts . For example, if you are passionate about cooking , try a complicated recipe rather than watching with admiration a professional chef who does. Or if you’re passionate about politics, not content to just read what’s in the daily press , seeks debates , studies, whole issue about your favorite topic , ” advises psychologist Claudia Malachi .


What is the impulse that makes you try to see beyond appearances , what makes you to want new things .
For that matter : People who consider themselves very curious have a higher level of understanding of the world and life rewarding, recent U.S. studies say . They are also more capable to pushing the limits to achieve their goals . Curious are those who find the quickest solution to any problem .
How to get more : ” When you consider yourself an expert in a field stopped being attentive to what is happening about it. Therefore , every time you do something that you’ve done a dozen times , trying to find a different way to achieve the thing or looking details that so far have not been followed , “says psychologist Laura Needles . ” In the same way you do in social relations . Instead ask your boyfriend every night how was your day at the office, ask him to tell you funny or unusual things that have happened. Thus, your conversation will not go out after a neutral exchange of words and a direct result of such an approach will, in time, a much closer connection between you , given the constant interaction . “Says our specialist .


What is your relationship secret because of which can work incredibly well . Especially if the feeling is mutual .
For that matter : love makes you move slightly difficult times of your life and takes everything out of you the best. Studies have shown that when you go through a long and hard with someone you love , it does not seem so tedious . Even more than that , just think about the person you love when you shower a complicated task to complete , and will be much easier to go through.
How to get more : be with loved ones only when going through tough times , but when good things happen . Most of us support our relatives when they have a problem. Just not enough. ” Often when a friend is a great thing going , you do not feel the same need to be there as it passes through an unfortunate episode . ” Says psychologist Florin Nickels . ” So , be with your best friend and you knew a guy that is very much in love , not just after a breakup . Rejoice with her promotion of job , the new house that he bought a wonderful vacation or who planned it this summer . The touch of you will be much stronger and positive energy that she releases will influence you for the better. “Says our psychologist .


What is the belief that there is always room for improvement .
For that matter : if you are convinced that good things will happen and you will be more open to opportunities that arise . A Duke University study showed that graduates optimistic and find a job more easily than the pessimists, even if their financial claims have been high . “When you are satisfied that you have a chance , you’ll be more ready to give all your best to show what you can ,” says psychologist Claudia Malachi . ” Optimists also tend to put small failures account the circumstances and not on their qualities , which helps them to progress even when they reach an impasse . ” Adds our specialist .
How to get more: every day think of three things that went well in your life and the reasons why this is so . For example , you received a raise ( you worked hard for it ) or the guy who brings home the food arrived very quickly ordered from you ( you’re always nice to him ) . Researchers have found that when you do ” reserves” of optimism you feel much happier . With minimal effort the results can be spectacular .

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