Depression and It’s Causes

There are various causes of Depression. Generally speaking the illness is a result of a combination of genetic, biochemical, environmental, and psychological factors rather than just one single cause/factor.

There is no single known cause  of depression. Though a particular event or cause may lead to Depression, for example: death of a loved one, loss of job, divorce, etc. Depression is often a result of a combination of factors for instance a person genetically predisposed to Depression may not show any signs or symptoms of the illness until he/she is exposed to certain environmental factors (thus suggesting a play of situational and genetic factors). Furthermore, a person not having any family history of Depression may suffer from depression and so on. To summarize, Depression results from a combination of  genetic, biochemical, environmental, and psychological factors.

The main causes of Depression can be summarized thus:

1) Genetic Factors: Where depression runs in the family.

2) Situational or Environmental Factors: Death,stress, loss of job, marital discord,failure in examination, financial difficulties,trauma, etc.

3) Biochemical Changes in the Brain: Reduction in serotonin levels.

4) Psychological Factors: expossure to intense emotions of sadness and grief.

5) Economic Factors: Studies have revealed a strong link between depression and poverty.

When a person suffers from depression it is most likely that the illness is caused because of two or more of the above mentioned causes rather than just one factor. Although, it may appear that Depression has been caused due to one main factor such as death of a loved one.  Depression is often a result of a combination of factors. 

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