Do Not Let The Brain Damaged by Excessive Work!

Working overtime is not wrong, because you may want a dedicated and total to give the best for the company. But if overtime even led to death, of course not silly?

In addition to potentially damaging organs such as the heart , excessive work can also damage the brain . A long-term study project called Whitehall II shows interesting facts about the impact of working with brain damage . Normally the number of working hours is 40 hours per week or less . Well , those who work more than 55 hours / week will be :

# 1 has a problem in vocabulary ( vocabulary ) . Their vocabulary test scores is bad, not just at the beginning , but also in the subsequent repair tests .

# 2 problems with social interaction . Those who work too long will decrease interest in fellow human beings . This is evidenced by the low value of cognitive ability tests .

# 3 experienced a decline in thinking abilities , so that they work longer hours than his colleagues . As a result , they will need more time to work .

# 4 is difficult to remember , especially in the short-term memory .

# 5 impaired concentration , difficulty doing the work of multi - tasking .

Not that you should avoid working , but you should do in ways that can make the brain stay sharp , as follows:

- Exercising

- Reduce stress by sitting quietly for 10 minutes per day .

- Communicate and connect with family and friends . Relationships between people can maintain physical and metal health .

- Napping at least 20 to 30 minutes per day .

- Do things differently . No need to resign from your company , but do positive things that are rarely or never before you did . For example , a walk in the garden taking pictures , visiting old friends , playing guitar or piano , and others.

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