Healthmad-most Lucrative Site on Triond

If you are writing for Triond. Try and publish as much as you can on healthmad because Healthmad is the Most Lucrative Site on Triond.

As a member of Triond, you are aware that there are several sites you can get published on. And sometimes articles get published in bizarre categories. I find it infuriating!!
Except when articles mistakenly get published in HealthMad like the article on A Request for Your Views. Simply because then I know I will earn well as the site HealthMad is a Top Money Grosser!

This has been my experience. I wonder if others have had similar experiences on HealthMad?? Take for instance all the articles I published on the topic of Depression.  Most of those articles have done really well for me. Honestly, the major bulk of my first payment received from Triond so far is from the earnings generated mainly by these articles. Why is it so?

I am baffled, a bit, by the outstanding performance of my articles on Depression. The topic is widely written about already. Right now, I did a Google search on the term,”Depression” and here’s what I found 265,000,000 results (0.12 seconds) .  Now, logically if I say Triond is not a writing site and it seems like no one is really reading articles here. IF all you really do on Triond is publish and network then any site should do well. Why only HealthMad?

For me HealthMad is magical: Everyone of my articles published there has earned at least 10 cents, so far. As for the articles covering the topic of Depression, they have done brilliantly!

Thank you!

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  1. This is so very true Avissado, a very good share, ^_^
    ps glad to see you!

  2. I also have noticed that the health articles earn very well. Great to share.

  3. yup, healthmad is great…

  4. So true

  5. It’s fine to write on health issues provided one’s an expert on the matter. Otherwise, one’s cheating the reader and one may fall into some sort of plagiarism copying out the experts’ information. No serious magazine will accept articles on such an issue unless one’s an expert on it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. A person that has experienced certain conditions,disorders,and diseases, may help someone in writing about the specific ailment.

    Resarch is part of writing and this is one of the writer’s tools.
    When a person quotes a professional expert “Thet Must” put down where the information derived from and the experts name. When quoting someone or a expert, a writer needs to implement quotation marks around the quote.

    If everyone had to be an expert, probably wouldn’t be much to read. Keep in mind that when writing medical information (also other educational articles) always put your sources, this is very important.

  7. well done

  8. Don’t write like nobody’s reading - that’s the way of the Hack.

  9. Maybe the high pay has something to do with the ads used on health pages.

  10. still, triond pay less than 50%.

  11. thanks for your suggestion

  12. nice article

  13. Healthmad does pay the most…

  14. You are so right about this.

  15. Excellent advice, thanks for it.

  16. You’ve done a great research. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Excellent find, Avissado! Good article, nicely written.

  18. Ive noticed my health articles pay out quite a lot. I think it is because these topics get googled a lot.

  19. oh really ? its only now i know this….well i’ll give this a try..have u tested it by yourself ? Thanks for posting this one..

  20. Healthmad is in good health….lol

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