How to Combat Boredom

We all know that being bored is possibly one of the worst feelings in the world.. but how do we combat that feeling when there really is nothing else to do? It might not be as hard as you think.. read on!

Whether you realise it or not, sitting doing nothing all day is fairly dangerous. Being bored is one of the most common causes of stress, and may lead to various illnesses. By ”bored”, I don’t just mean sitting around with nothing to do for an hour or so, I mean having nothing to do with your life in general.

I can’t promise to be able to change your life, but I can help you to find new hobbies or interests, and just generally give you a few tips about how you could become less bored.


You would be surprised at how much time can pass when you’re reading a good book. A lot of people say that they don’t like reading, when all they really mean is that they’ve never found a book that appeals to them. If you are one of these people, you should go to your local library and take out a selection of books, and then try them out at home to see which of them best suits you. From this point, you will be able to recognise which authors appeal to you, and you will be able to target their books. I would suggest that you borrow books from the library rather than buying them, as you most likely won’t want to read them more than once, so it would be a bit of a waste to pay full price for them

Make the most of the internet

If you have a computer at home (which I’m assuming you do, seeing as you’re reading this) join a forum! There are a wide range of forums out there for you to join, and there will be most likely one or more than wil suit you. If you have a special interest, you could use a search engine to find forums relating to that subject, and then meet people with similar interests to you who you will be able to chat to. You must be careful if you arrange to meet people off the internet however, as a lot of people aren’t who they seem. If you are meeting up with somebody you’ve met on the internet, you should either take another person with you, or meet in a place which you know will be crowded. This way, you know that you cannot be harmed. 

There are some websites, for example which pay you to take part in discussions on their forums. They don’t pay very much, but it may provide you with a couple of extra cents per month or something like that. It’s much better to be involved in interesting discussions that you get paid a little bit for than it is to be involved in discussions where you don’t get paid at all. In time, your earnings will add up and you may be able to treat yourself to something nice.


No matter what interests you, you should seriously consider writing an article about it. Doing the research for an article is extremely interesting if it is one of your favourite topics, and you can write something and then have it published somewhere. One of the excellent websites for this purpose is, where you are paid per view of your article. You can upload anything you’ve written, or any photographs that you might have taken, and promote them via the internet, or via your own circles of friends or family. It is rewarding in itself when you receive feedback from strangers saying that they like your work.

Get fit

If you don’t have the money to join a gym then don’t worry; most people don’t. Instead however, you should take up walking or jogging to get yourself fit. You probably don’t have to go very far from your home either, but try out routes which perhaps you haven’t tried before, and make certain landmarks your aim to get to, and you will find that it will keep you occupied certainly for a couple of hours each time you choose to do it.

If you have a swimming pool near you, this is an excellent way of keeping fit. Typically, it only costs around £2 to use the pool for a session (usually as long as you like) which is very good value. Some pools offer an annual pass where you pay one amount and then can go for the whole year. The swimming pool near to me charges £30 for an annual pass, meaning that you only have to go once every three weeks to make it worth the money.

Some swimming pools have extra classes, such as aerobics, which are good fun, and help you to keep fit. If you have an annual pass, these may be free, but if you don’t, you can usually get in for around £1 per session, which is good value if you take into consideration the benefits of attending.

Catch up with old or current friends

You should make the time to do this at least once every two weeks, but more if you have the time to do so. Whether you go to the theatre, go for a drink or just go out for a walk, a catch up with old friends can be very uplifting from time to time. Friends can help you with your problems, or just have a good time with you; whatever you feel that you need to do at the time. You needn’t spend too much money either; a lot of things to do are free, such as park walks and visits to museums.

Tidy up

This might not seem like your idea of fun, but, at the end of the day, it is something which we all need to do. If you are left with a couple of hours during the day and you’re looking for something to do, why not sort through a drawer or cupboard, and see where you can clear up any space. If you do a little bit like this every couple of days, you will keep on top of it, and not have to spend an entire weekend at some point doing everything which you had let build up.

To make things a little more fun, you should put on the radio and listen to some upbeat music. This will keep you on task, and will make you feel a lot more energetic than you would if you were tidying in silence. You should also take photographs of before you tidied and after, so that you can fully appreciate the difference which you have made.

Watch a film

If you have a DVD collection, there are probably some which you haven’t watched for a long time. If this is the case, and you find yourself bored one evening, choose one and sit and watch it with a mug of tea. This will relax you, and help you to get rid of any stress that you may have acquired during the course of the day. Doing things like this in the evening help to keep us calm, and make it more likely that we will be able to sleep during the night.

You could invite some friends round to watch the film with you, and maybe order a pizza or cook some popcorn. This way, you will have some entertainment after the film ends, as you will be able to talk to your friends for a while.


This may not seem like a good way to relive boredom, but trust me, it is. If you don’t get enough sleep during the night, you will not feel as though you have enough energy to do what you need to do the next day. This might mean that you choose to sit around your house ‘relaxing’ (thus becoming bored) instead of going out and making the most of the day.

You should get at least 8 hours sleep per night, and you may not be able to function effectively if you do not get this. Everyone is slightly different however. Some people feel as though they can function on 7 hours per night, whilst some people find that they need up to 10 hours. If you have nothing that you need to do during the day, you should let yourself have an extra hour in bed. Just that tiny bit more time will help you feel more alert during the day. You should be careful not to sleep more than 10 hours however, as studies have shown that too much sleep is often just as harmful as too little, and you may still feel tired even though you have slept for much longer than you normally would.

Treat yourself

Each month, you should find one item that you intend to purchase during that month. It can be something as simple as a CD, or as expensive as a mobile phone, depending on how much money you have to spare. If you treat yourself to one ‘major purchase’ per month (how you define this depends on your income) you will feel as though you have earned it, and you will also look forward to your purchase for the next month. Just make sure that you have the money for what you’re buying though, as being in debt is a very stressful experience.

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  1. Some sound advice, my life has just changed in the last 10 minutes or so, from being bored to having no time to be bored, thanks for sharing

  2. yes, sound advice really

  3. I usually treat myself together with my kids, going out and have dinner or sometimes watching movies would really help in combating boredom..

  4. great to see you back on Triond - we chatted in Feb I think!!
    (just putting one of your points into practice!!)

  5. WOW! Great post.. i like it..

  6. Yup I agree , I do it all the time….

  7. Can’t argue there, really; but I think getting enough sleep and going to the gym/exercising should be number one, as most people who suffer from cronic boredom are also extremely lazy - I should know. 8^b

  8. Can agree with remedies for boredom but that I very seldom am.I already read,write,go to the gym and quilt when I have the time.Grandchildren never let you be bored for at all, they keep you on the run.Great article and I liked it.

  9. take your dog for a walk.

    Most parents fail to teach kids how to get use to boredom… we give them TV everywhere even in the car, no wonder so many of them have attention problems

  10. I have to agree with a lot of the ideas in this article! I’ve definitely used most of them myself at some point or another. Always good to be reminded of some of the healthier ways to kick boredom to the curb. Nice post!

  11. origami gets me out of boredom. just free-fold some 3d origami while watching tv. *(^-^)*

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