How to Have Better Willpower and Self Control

Here are some ways to get more willpower and self control.

ROY Baumeister Ph.D, Mark Muraven P.h.D. and Suzanne C. Segerstrom Ph.D is telling us Woman’s world readers some tips on how we can increase our willpower and self control.

Expert Mark Muraven says self control is a “laughing matter”, not meaning you can’t have it. When people who had willpower problems watched a comedy, they received self control.

He explains, “Laughing puts you in a positive mood which helps you regain your resolve.”

In a study the people who did a task that required self control and those who imbibed in lemonade with sugar did better at the task.

Saying to yourself you can do anything you want to do and have the idea there is no  limit on what to do or at least there is no stopping them in what they do. People who have those thoughts did better on things that require willpower.

If you want self-control or willpower you need some kind of sugar during the time you need that willpower. In a study people who drank lemonade with sugar did better at such tasks.

Suzanne C. Segerstrom Ph.D. says, “Using your willpower regularly in small doses keeps it strong.”

MARK Murave P.D. says an example of the above, “Brush your teeth with your non dominant hand , for example, or cut back on swearing.”

Roy Baumeister Ph.D says “getting enough sleep is is very helpful in bolstering your willpower.” If yur body is tired you will not be able to help your self control as it is too tired .

If you can do something like dance in your living room that will spark your energy will help your willpower wake up and it will be better.

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