How to Love Yourself

Advice for confidence and self-esteem issues.

  Most of us has already suffered from self-esteem and confidence issues at least once. If you still struggle against them, don’t worry, you can get over it.

  It’s extremely important that you value yourself to start with. Try to step out of your point of view and see yourself or the things you do for what they’re worth. Don’t be so harsh on yourself.

  When you find yourself in front of a mirror (and sometimes it can be scary) notice the things you like about yourself, and accept the things you don’t like so much. It’s a good thing to compliment yourself and embrace who you are and what you have.

  Learn to accept compliments and say thank you instead of thinking the person is just trying to be nice. Also learn to listen to other’s opinion about you, even if they’re not very pleasent. If you feel comfortable on your skin, no one can bring you down.

  Cheer yourself up when needed. In those days where you think it’s you and the world against yourself, be active, jump out of bed, get yourself really pretty and do something that makes you smile.

  Learn how to be friends with the scale. It’s just numbers, don’t let them get the best out of you.

  And I’d say most important of all, never compare yourself to others. People are all different and unique in their own way. You can’t compare the ability of a bird to fly with the ability of a fish to swim.

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