How to Stay Positive

When life gets tough you need to be even tougher.

First of all, I would like to say that I am not a “writer”…so please forgive me if this article looks a bit messy :)

Well, I decided to write this article to relieve a bit of the stress life has been putting on me lately. You know, when things seem to be going the wrong way, and it is only a matter of time till you crash against a concrete wall.

So yes, that’s life testing you and trying to see how tough you are. When you get to this point, in my opinion, you have only 2 options. 1- get desperate and get yourself in a worse situation. 2- Smile and say… “Okay, so you wanna see how tough I am? Come at me bro!

I chose the second option, specially with my financial life being a mess right now, I think getting desperate will only make it worse. Great people had to overcome great challenges in order to be great. I don’t mean to say we will all be great people and be in the history books, but whatever your problem is… Stay strong and face it. 

Big problems make you realise how small some other adversities are, and help you live outside your comfort zone. I have goals I want to achieve in life and the problems I am facing right now seem to be telling me to quit. However, I am no quitter and I always face my problems. 

Two things that help me be more positive no matter how bad the situation is - 1. Listen to a nice song that gets me in battle mode, 2. A good movie.

Sometimes when I am in a really bad mood and have to think about stuff like “personal/professional problems”, the first thing I do before taking any action is head to the cinema alone and choose any movie I think will put me in a better mood.

So whenever you feel desperate, try cheering yourself up first. Because like in a real fight you don’t want to let your emotions control your actions.

Anyway, it is a bit late in London now. 

So I hope you enjoyed this little piece of craziness.

Leave your comments and let me know what you think about this article and how you deal with your problems.


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