I Don’t Want You to Follow Me, I Want You to Lead

Hurts to heal….But it can be done. The first step is to look at US…Stop blaming someone else. Fact is we ARE the only ones that control OUR world!

This one is HARD..really hard..You have to look at YOU….but THAT is EMPOWERING..THAT is taking control of YOUR world !!!!

I have spent months sharing what I learn in my journey to be free of the “feelings” from physical and emotional abuse. To finally be emotionally healthy. As I heal and learned I have shared. For absolutely free. No books. Just me ;_)

It can be hurtful, hard and scary but so empowering once done. It can take a long time and yes sometimes mistakes can be made.

The worst mistake is not trying at all and giving up on YOU. Letting other people tell you that you are worth it or you thinking you aren’t. 

That is letting the past control your future. Letting the past control your present. That is being stuck. That is remaining a victim.

The biggest fight you will ever have to fight in your life is the fight for YOU. YOUR happiness, YOUR emotional well being, YOUR self respect, YOUR self esteem and YOUR self love.

I often speak of “Owning your stuff”…it means growing up, taking responsibility for YOUR mistakes, your own feelings, thoughts, behavior….No more blaming someone else. You are grown, you are control of your world, You can not blame someone for what happens to you any longer.

You control YOUR world, Your space. Claim it. Demand Respect from each and every person that comes into your space. No one including family gets a free pass. Especially family.

If your were abused, emotionally or physically the time to stop it is now…Baby day at a time..but start…take back your life..We only have one..

What happened in the past, we can’t change…we remember , but we dont have to stay stuck back there. Move forward..keep going…Dont give them your energy…Dont hate…takes to much away from your future…Use that energy on you.

Dont ever stop believing in you…Dont ever stop fighting for you…..When it gets hard and you want to stop…Listen…Listen…and believe again…Believe in YOU

It hurts to heal. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is a battle but dont ever stop believing in YOU. 

You have to believe in YOU. YOU have to be selfish for awhile and learn to demand respect for yourself. For many it is so confusing. You think your kids love you because they say it. You know deep down they down they don’t show it, but you make excuses, because they are your kids. They must love you, they must. You are the parent so they love you, you know it.

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