Learning Better Eating Habits

Look at your patterns of eating diary. Are you eating all over your home or at work? Do you sometimes eat standing up? Or whilst doing other things? All of these situations may trigger of eating. Try to eat in just one place at home – and one at work. Sit down at a table and don’t read or watch TV. You will gradually weaken your wide range of eating triggers and only want to eat in the ‘proper place’.

Learning Better Eating Habits

By Mr. Ghaz, October 21, 2009

Learning Better Eating Habits

Knowing where and when you are eating – as well as what – will also help you work out why you’re eating. Once you know why you’re eating you can begin to choose. “Do I need to eat or could I do something else instead?”

You need to keep a diary of your pattern of eating, and then concentrate on when and how and why you eat. You may need to plan to eat at certain times and paces. Look back at your patterns of eating diary and tick any of these statements that are true for you.

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1.     Can’t Resist Temptation

□ At home, do you eat your favorite foods if they are in the house?

□ At friends’ houses, are you unable to refuse the food they offer?

□ In restaurants, do you give in when it’s all there to choose from?

2.     Eating Twice Over

□ Do you eat a tea with the children and then have a big supper with your    partner later on at night?

□ Do you eat a large meal with your workmates at midday and then another when you get home at night?

□ Do you have a bedtime snack even though you had a good supper earlier?

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  1. Great suggestions. If I kept such a diary I’d have to burn it. I have terrible eating habits. As a result I must take iron and fiber supplements plus stomach remedies by prescription. Even now I’m undergoing CT scan and sonogram to see what’s going on.

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  5. very useful. Now, I have to start practicing it.

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  9. An illuminating article again. Thank you so much for the good advice.

  10. Excellent write as always and definately a wonderful guide to follow for a lot of people! I eat to live,not to eat,however; I do like my chocolate…

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  12. Well-researched..great advices..nice read as well..Well done Mr Ghaz! Thank you :)

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  14. Those chocolates are distracting.We should listen to our stomachs , not to our tastebuds nor those who heap our plates.Thanks for letting me participate.

  15. very important article eating right is so important and so hard to do with fast food

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  19. Great article. love the pictures especially the one with the baby with his mouth covered in plum. It looks like baby food. lol. Anyhow, I have some bad eating habits myself. I eat a lot throughout the day since I am always hungry for some reason. I love bed time snacks. sometimes I eat standing up when I am in a hurry and also I tend to eat out a lot especially on the weekends and late too. But I do workout three to four times a week so I am not that bad. lol

  20. an excellent piece and you have expressed some good points.

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  22. A Great post Mr G. This is good advice for everyone.

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