Mental Health Association in Jamestown Ny

Peer support and charity services for individuals with a dual diagnosis of a mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction.

The Mental Health Association in Jamestown NY (Chautauqua County)

What is the Mental Health Association?  The Mental Health Association is a non-profit peer support program.

What does ‘Peer support’ mean?  Peer support means that they have  had a mental health diagnosis and can help you because they have had similar experiences to your. Most clients have a dual diagnosis with substance abuse and mental health.


  The Mental Health Association offers referrals for charity services such as clothing, food, social services, housing options, counseling, legal services and more.

  The Mental Health Association also has support groups every day. There are focus and recovery groups, women support groups, AA meetings, arts and craft groups, job skills for life, music lessons/therapy etc. The groups are always changing and evolving to meet the needs of the clients.

Work closely with clients on personal goal setting and finding their spark in life.

  The services from Mental Health Association are FREE !

Involvement with Mental Health Court and SPOA (Single Point Of Access)

  The Mental Health Association is also involved as an advocacy partner for their clients in programs such as Mental Health court and SPOA

***If you have a dual diagnosis of a mental illness and drug or alcohol addition, The Mental Health Association can help you. Their professionals are educated, experienced and willing to help. They can help you overcome your obstacles, they know what you are going through because they have already been there.

Mental Health Association

31 Water Street / Gateway Center

Suite 7

Door 14 / Near the river

1(716) 661 - 9044


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