Six Problem Pregnancy Women’s Career

Six Problem Pregnancy Women’s Career.

Six Problem Pregnancy Women’s Career.

PROBLEMS that often emerged in the last months of pregnancy is to disrupt the activities of the pregnant women especially those who are still working in the office. You certainly do not want the things that are not desired in the final period of pregnancy. To that end, here are some tips to prevent problems during pregnancy.

1. So that did not fall / slip, when should bend, bend both legs and. When you have to take something in place that is located tertalalu high, ask your coworkers.

2. To avoid the pain of the neck, shoulders, waist, and back, work with the appropriate posture. When you work behind a desk, sit down with appropriate position so that you can work comfortably without any pressure on your back and waist.

3. In order to prevent heat in the pit of the stomach, note the position of the body when pregnant either while sitting, writing, and reading. Do not let the gut region of pressure. Also, watch your diet, avoid spicy foods spicy and sharp and can cause flatulence like cabbage.

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4. So no headache, do not let yourself merada depressed or tense during pregnancy. Do relaxation and meditation to control your emotions. If your employees are working at the computer, rest for a moment with his eyes for a moment or a light stroll around the office.

5. In order to avoid a collapse, if the job requires you to stand up or climb stairs, try asking to be moved temporarily to other parts of the room are downstairs. However, if possible, try to keep the blood flow in the legs with them often mengistirahatkannya. Try also using low-heeled shoes. Keep also balance blood sugar by eating small meals but often. In order not to anemia, make sure your iron intake.

6. So no shortness of breath, a time to relax on the sidelines of busy work. Way, take a deep breath slowly until you feel the fresh air to meet the body including the fetus then exhale. It may also perform light perengan when sitting and standing.


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