The Amazing World of Autism

What is Autism?



What is Autism?

As many as 1 in 110 children are affected by autism.

As many as 1 in 70 boys are affected by autism.

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The figures are on the increase and people are becoming more aware. Science is taking control and the help is getting there.

Autism is a very general term used to describe complex developmental brain disorders known as Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD)

The autistic spectrum of disorders is very long with many different disabilities. Autistic spectrum disorders in this group are known as PDD-NOS (Pervasive developmental Disorder) In this group health professionals refer to – Asperger’s Syndrome, Rett Syndrome and Childhood Disintegrative as Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

There are many people all over the world that are affected by Autism. It is estimated that tens of millions of people world wild are affected and there could easily be many more who have been missed and not diagnosed.

The rate of Autism is increasing 10-17 percent annually. There is no set answer to this increase although it is thought that better understanding and earlier diagnosis plus environmental influences are top of the list. 

The causes of Autism are still far from being exact. The fact is, is that nobody knows why.

It could be genetic or environmental. It could be something that happened in the womb, during labour or at the birth.

Although it is not yet clear as to why some develop Autism and some do not, or why it’s more boys than girls that seem to develop it, there is a growing interest amongst researches about the role of the functions and regulations of the immune system and how this affects both the body and the brain. The evidence suggests that it’s the central nervous system and the inflammation within it that could be to blame.

As a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferer, which also affects the central nervous system and immune system with points of inflammation and also having a son with Asperger’s syndrome, I am very interested in this research as MS has no cure and they don’t know what causes it, just like Autism.

Long gone are the days when Autism was thought to be brought on by colds and unloving Mothers. We know that its not brought on by an illness or bad parenting.

The signs of Autism are sometimes very difficult to detect. My son was seven years old before he was diagnosed but that was because I though teachers were being unfair when they said he should see someone. I was being to over protective. Now there seems to be the correct methods of diagnosis in order.

If you suspect your child may have Autism or be in the Autistic spectrum, get help. See your health visitor or paediatrician.

Living with a child is hard. Living with a child with Autism is a pleasure, when you change your outlook on life and see it from their world.

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  1. Now I know better about autism.

  2. A very informative article about an important condition! Thanks for the share!

  3. Good information.

  4. Oh yeah, don’t know one know they just come up with all kinds of things. To me it’s all about the money for scientists and doctors.

  5. ceegirl, it really isn’t about money for doctors and scientists. Autism asn Asperger Syndrome are difficult conditions for the individual and for their family and friends to cope with. I speak from experience, I have a son and a husband with Asperger Syndrome.

    Lilyrose, thank you for raising awareness of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, it is a well written and informative article.

  6. Thanks for an enlightening article. Autism is a hard nut to crack. Hard to diagnose. Often misdiagnosed, sometimes overdiagnosed.

  7. Lily you always put out good content. Great write.

  8. Lily sweet one.
    We do need to be so informed correctly.
    thank you x :)

  9. Now that you mentioned, yeah I really see more boys having it. A very good share.

  10. Well done post from a loving mother. I must say if you can’t be authentic, at least you must be autistic. A happy new year wish for you and your family, my friend.



  11. I’ve seen and autistic children.The need people who understand.

  12. Great information and advice Lilyrose. An invaluable resource for parents bud :-) Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas my friend and here’s to a prosperous and Happy New Year!!

  13. An inspirational piece, Lilly. I admire you for the way you are coping with what life has dealt you. This is a great piece for helping others in a similar situation. Well done.


  14. This is a disease that have stumped scientist, I watched the rain man and another movies that showed autistic people. They have special gifts that amazes people. Great Article.

  15. very good information happy new year

  16. Its much misunderstood - thanks for helping to break down the barriers and raising awareness

  17. I know families who have children with this disorder and I know it takes a dedicated family to deal with it. I certainly can appreciate that.

  18. It does take dedication and understanding. Too often we try to find a blame for a disorder then to understand the disorder. Have a Happy New Year to you and yours. Friend, fan, smile

  19. Excellent article Lily. I was touched by your, “Living with a child with autism is a pleasure,” I know how hard it is for relatives at times.
    Wish you all you’d wish yourself for the New Year.

  20. Happy new year!!

  21. Thanks for sharing this lily. Now more people are aware about autism. Have a great year ahead! Keep in touch, sweety. XOXO

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  24. Today I got some very detailed overview about Autism..Thanks

  25. Many people don’t have enough courage to cope with this…I hope there will be a cure soon.

  26. Thanks for using your experiences to help others!~Jay

  27. A well researched and put together article, thank you. LB

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