The Secret to Peace of Mind: Child’s Play

How many different techniques have you tried to be at peace? And how many have eventually yielded results. The method I have described here is my own which I have found to be very useful for handling a stressful life.

Thoughts of his boss and the approaching deadline formed a vicious loop in his mind; his heart was racing faster than the hands of his clock and cold beads of sweat formed on his forehead in the chilly weather. His eyes formed a blurred reproduction of the world in front of his eyes. A creeping pain was slowing crawling its way to his shoulder and before he knew it he found himself losing consciousness. The last words he heard were “Quick. Call an ambulance. The boss has had a heart attack”.

Complete cut scene.

Seems familiar? Almost every one of us who has been in a decent working environment has had a similar experience, either with the self or with a colleague. And the culprit? We all know the culprit don’t we? Stress. Stress is the best friend anyone can have these days. It’s easy to befriend and is omnipresent. And the best of all, you will never miss stress. Just like the mistress, it’s always there. Poor Tiger Woods.

Jokes apart, stress is perhaps the worst hindrance to good health. Heart problems, insomnia, depression, obesity, you name it and stress will grant it to you.

Luckily the world today is fully aware of the effects of stress and is also aware that in today’s extremely competitive world, it is almost impossible to completely stress proof. Doctors advise a healthy diet and a workout routine to combat stress whereas others swear by the effects of yoga. And it does help. My boss, who is barely thirty four and has been introduced to all you readers in the first paragraph, now follows a healthy diet but works doubly harder. He knows he will survive stress and win back his bonus again this year.

But is this the real solution? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working much more than your body can endure? Do you remember one phase in your life when you were not bothered by stress? No? How about when you were a baby in your mother’s arms? What did you life for then? Food and love? What made you sad then? Lack of food and love? What do you live for now? A false sense of gratification stemmed up from the need to have more? A bigger house, more salary, profits from the stock market, better car. Did you need all this to make you happy when you were a baby? Ring a bell?

The secret to a happy life, a fulfilling life can be taught to us not by spiritual gurus or inspirational books. The answer lays with the soul with the purest heart- a child. If you are able to live like a child, you could find yourself stress free and will move away from worry. Free your life from the desire to have more and live for just food and love. How much food does one need to survive? Simple and easy-to-digest food. How much love does one need to survive? Infinite.

The method:

Unlike Yoga or meditation, you don’t need a very peaceful place to practice this method. And you don’t need to put in hours to achieve peace. You just need a little time and some practice. Start with closing your eyes and visualizing the sun. As the sun rotates, it emanates hot waves from its surface. Likewise your own virtual sun should emanate all your worries. Start by giving up desire. Free yourself you’re your desires one at a time. Then move on to your worries, emanate one worry at a time. Then you can move on to hate. Continue until your mind is plain and without emotions. Once you achieve the state, try to maintain it for about five minutes. Stop the rotation of the virtual sun for those five minutes.

After the stipulated time, slowly start the rotation again. After a couple of minutes open your eyes. You will find that you have woken up fresh and rejuvenated. And all it has taken is about ten minutes of your time.

There is no limit to the number of times you can practice this method. Close your eyes and form your sun as and when needed. The worries that you dissipate from the sun will slowly never return. But please realize that it is a process that needs time. You can’t be free from a life’s worth of stress in one day. The first effects of the method can be felt only after a week. Life will seem better and more worth living. People will seem friendlier and you will find you are able to handle stressful situations easily and without use of stimulants. Sleep will return to your during the nights and holidays will be more fun.

Most people will argue that this is what they teach in many yoga and meditation classes. The base of any yoga or meditation course is the Bhagwad Gita. How you interpret the teachings and how you derive your own method is entirely up to you. The ultimate goal is to live stress free.

I have been living a stress free life for the past year entirely due to this method. I have moved away from promotions and competition. They will come when they will come. I have taken up a job which interests me more rather than exploit me and I am not a huge fan of deadlines. Not that I do not have them. I am able to achieve them much easily now.

I would love to hear your suggestions and your feedback on my method. Do let me know if any one of your have started practicing and the subsequent results. It would be very interesting to hear you and to further refine the method collectively. Till then I wish you all the best for a stress less life.

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