Using The Competition to Refine Your Skills and Talents

The article explains how an individual can use competition to perfect skills and talents.


The future holds a wealth of success for ordinary people who roll up their sleeves and go against the best in the field. Many people experience self-doubt when competing against people who appear to be more advanced in skill than themselves. They are afraid of looking bad or feeling small when they lose to others with more talent. But in order to achieve excellence, people must see competition as a tool designed to bring out the best qualities and attributes within themselves.

Ordinary People

The message to ordinary people is to not avoid competition because the act of competing can bring out hidden abilities and talents within an individual. Even if they don’t win the ultimate prize, they will emerge wiser and stronger than ever before, eventually succeeding in some area of expertise. Competition is just the fuel to keep you driving toward the goal. Therefore when even we look at the best in others we should never minimize our strength and power under any conditions.

Competition Didn’t Scare Them

Ordinary people all over the globe have gone against the odds and have achieved things beyond their deepest imaginations. Famous business men such as Donald Trump and Jim Clark, Actors such as Whoopi Goldberg, Raymond Burr, Pierce Brosnan, writers such as Jack London and H.G.Wells and musicians such as Glen Campbell, Julie Andrews, Ray Charles, Cher were all high school dropouts but became successful people who didn’t minimize their strength strengths and talents when competing against those who had obtained an education. They went forward against the competition despite the seeming shame and intimidation.

Positive Qualities & Growth

Going against the competition is important because of the changes it creates in the individual who competes. Without the ability to compete, you will never know how for you can go or how great or talented you can become. The competition is there to not only oppose you but also to produce positive qualities within you such as discipline, focus, decisiveness, hard work, commitment, achievement and a sense of empowerment. You will also have a testimony to share with others who are traveling on a similar course in life.

Preparing for the Competition

As soon as you create a purpose and goal for yourself, you must be aware of the competition. Study literature on people who have done great things in your niche or endeavor. Then create standards for yourself that are measurable or equal to those of the competition. Keep in mind that you may never reach the ultimate goal. But if you embrace the competition as a means to achieving excellence you will not fail to reach higher heights in life and work.

The Key to Success

Choosing competition as a method of accomplishing the things you desire is the bottom line. It is a decision that will accelerate your growth in whatever career or line of work you engage. The more competition you face on the way to achieving your goals, the more excellent you become. Involvement with competition is the key to success. Only be competing against the best in your niche, market or field will you be able to ascend to the top.


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