Ways to Recover From Drug Abuse

There is help with this disease.. you can’t do it alone. Read on..

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Being hooked on chemicals such as marijuana, pills, prescriptions,.. can be tough. Specially when the denial is so strong.  Not to mention your life going done hill. Everything you had pride in or worked hard to achieve goes bad. When the Holidays comes around, you come across dwellers,.  Makes it harder. Your day just doesn’t get any better.  All you think about is that next fix.  The chemicals in these. Can damage your immune system. Frying them savagely technically.  And, when done helped in time can kill you. Not a good way to die.    

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Hi.. there is a way out, though. Coming clean mentally and physically. Admitting is the first step toward recovery. Bonding with your family, friends,. Asking for their help. Also, asking for forgiveness for the damages you have done will also help as well. Going to the Dr. with them. Never quiting on your own.  Remember, depending on how long you have done this. And, your body size. You may be in for a bumpy ride. The right medicine carefully done, also plays an important role in recovery. A different lifestyle. Changing your environment, getting rid of the bad resources that got you into it in the first place,. Only being with positive people can help create the inner special wonderful you that should be seen all along. Be patient with yourself. Except yourself for who you are.  If you are in a bad relationship break free from it. Change starts with you. Always think of the things.  Always breathe in and out, frequently.  Cleaning out your lungs. 


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Get plenty of sleep, good nutrition such as fruit, salads, turkey, apples, cottage-cheese, milk, well balanced meals including protein rich meats: steak, tenderloin,., mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, lots of vegetables, chocolates, nuts together eatten between (10a-2p) walked off is filled with proteins, vegetables that your body needs. If you are allergic to the nuts, then I don’t recommend snickers. However, other chocolate candy bar, Lots of helpful resources,. Getting involved with your community.  Always talk to people in your life that care, when you have a bad day. Realize also you are human and you will make mistakes in your life. Never dwell on the past or your problems. Laugh at yourself when you make mistakes. Learn from you mistakes. Think before your actions or talk. 

When you feel stressed, take a breather. Talk to someone either on the phone or in person. As you as see them or you get them on the phone,. Listen to inspiring music, even if its a bathroom get in a quite place and meditate. Always carry an inspiring booklet, audio, Cd’s,. on you at all times. Modivational music can also helps when stressed. Give yourself “YOU” days. Give yourself a spa, manicure, walk in a park,.  Find your mojo.    

Most importantly forgive yourself. Realize you are a special person.  If you are religious which is always good. Pray about this. Join a local church with the family,. Crying also helps heal the mental scars as well.  You are allowed to hurt. As well as being discouraged its the actions that can get people in trouble.  By doing nothing when faced with challenges talk it over with the positive people in your life.  That’s where achieving actions comes in. Depending on the situation. When faced with challenges you never be alone.  Also, realize their are people in your life that love you and wants you to be happy. This addiction hurts them as well as you.  Which means drug addiction affects families,.  The faster its cured the healthier the family,.  

Thank you for reading my article.. I hope this helped.  May you have peace in your heart.     


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  1. This is very informative and I enjoyed reading it! thanks :)

  2. I couldn’t imagine what people go through in order to recover from drug abuse. I have never taken drugs and I never plan to. Thanks for letting people know the ways to get over drug abuse.

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  5. Lots of interesting information here.Thanks fortaking the time to put it together and for sharing it.

  6. I don’t think I will ever take drugs.

  7. Very informative thanks for sharing, Chocolate is a good way certainly. very useful article indeed.

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  9. An inspiring write and a great help for those who are sufferers and admit to it. Having someone to talk to about how they feel is probably the most important so they do not feel alone with their problem. Good work.


  10. Very informative article with encouraging alternatives to the consumption of drugs.

  11. Very well written. I hope this information will help those who struggle to recover, their families and friends will find this useful too.

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