Ways to Recover From Mental Abuse

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Where you’ve been teased, joked in a wrong way, or humiliated in public or private it never feels good. Whether its from a family, friend, or etc.  It still hurts.  Even physical abuse such rape, slapping, etc. Can hurt. And, should not be tolerated. There is no since in that can of behavior.  Talk to a friend, etc about the situation. Take proactive action. Sometimes an abusive relationship can start and you don’t realize it until its to late. Their jokes starts to change, they start to change.  Which is not exceptionable by any means.  Their is usually no since saying anything to them, depending on the situation. They see you in a different way, possibly.  Save yourself.  

Get out of the situation any way you can.  Run,.  Find the nearest friend,. And seek help.  Never go back to the situation without someone with you.  And in public. Make sure the person who did this to you is far away from you.  

Realize you are a special person who deserves to be treated with up most caring, and compassion conduct.  If you make a mistake, still that is no excuse to be treated that way.  

Mental abuse has killed millions of people for years.  It has to stop.  Guilt plays a lot in this dysfunctional cycle, unfortunately.   Find your “happy” spot, environment.  Have a lot of YOU days.  Breathe in and out frequently.  Pat yourself on the back often.  Listen to inspirational music to relieve your mind from stress.  Join a church you feel comfortable going to.  If you work is stressful discuss this with your boss.  If you are not the only one who feels this way.  Join together and go to your boss an inform him or her of this matter. So who ever is behind this mess. Can be fired,.  

If you believe in God. Let him know how you feel. And, you don’t appreciate it. Crying is also an option. That can relieve a lot of mental agony as well.  Along with realizing you are a victim and know that you don’t have to feel that way any longer.  God does not want to hurt.  Ask him for strength.  You don’t have to deal with the pain alone also.  Talk to your friends, etc about the ordeal.  Warning people about the horrible ordeal you went through.  Talking does wonders to fix matters like this.  

When you get flashbacks of the situation, talk to people, walk,.  Try to picture wonderful scenes in your head..

You’ll be glad you did. Try warm teas,. To calm nerves as well.  Always around positive people.  Think positive thoughts. Even when you find yourself angry,.  Remember you were violated mentally and possibly physically. You aren’t having a good day.  You have feelings that got bottled up, possibly.  They may come out. That’s when talking and crying comes in. As well as relaxing methods that are right for you.  Investing in yoga methods, spas, aerobics, dancing, helps as well. Magazines, books comes in handy also. 

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Be good to yourself. Eat nutrition foods, exercise regularly.  Take great care of yourself.  Get your mind of the horrible situation. Take your life back. 

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  3. Great post! I agree that you should think positive not only that you should also feel positive :)

  4. I’ve been mentally abused when I was a kid and I grew up suffering from low self-esteem but God helped me to overcome this.Keep up the good work!

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  11. Talk about our feeling. It is not just for someone else understand us, but also for us to understand ourselves

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