Benefits and Functions of Vitamin a for Body Health

Vitamin, Beta Carotene.

Benefits of Vitamin A - Vitamin which has the chemical formula C20H30O has a very important role in the formation of the vision system is good for our body , Vitamin A is one type of fat-soluble vitamins and there are several compounds that are classified into groups such as Vitamins A , compound retinyl , retinol , retinyl acetate and palmitate , and even maybe some people do not know there are other compounds in vitamin A , retinol compound is a compound that many take an active role in our body because that vitamin A vitamin A is more familiar with the name retino .

Vitamin A has 2 active form that can be digested by the human body , namely : Retinyl palmitate , is derived from animal foods we eat such as beef , liver, chicken , milk , cheese , and fish . While Beta Carotene is produced from plant foods such as broccoli , spinach and carrots . and when we are vitamin A deficiency , the body can experience respiratory irritation , myopia and even get to experience that we are from a small kebutaan.karena always advisable to eat 4 healthy , 5 perfect .

Benefits of Vitamin A For Body Health

Benefits and Functions of Vitamin A in our body is to maintain eye health , vitamin A but in fact it has so many other functions in our body , Diantaraanya namely :

Improving Immune

 The body ’s immune system plays a role in the body’s resistance to protein and vitamin A molecule evil and this will increase the work activity of white blood cells and antibodies in the body so that the body becomes more resistant to the toxin compounds against invading microorganisms and parasites , such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses so that Vitamin A will protect the body from foreign organisms infections , such as bacterial pathogens and defense mechanisms including the immune system to an external , because the immune system comes from outside the body .

Keeping Activities Antiohaksidan

The vegetables that we consume, such as spinach , carrots and broccoli will produce beta carotene , which is one form of vitamin A that can be digested by our bodies so that these compounds are compounds with antioxidant activity that can counteract free radicals . The compound is a lot of free radicals derived from the oxidation reactions in the body and in the environment of pollutants that enter the body . Antioxidants in the body can prevent damage to the genetic material ( DNA and RNA ) by free radicals so that the rate of mutation can be suppressed .

Prevent Breast Cancer

Based on a recent study by scientists from America , revealed that vitamin A can inhibit the growth of cancer that often affects women , namely breast cancer . Although not directly , but the form of derivatives such as retinoic acid or retinol which terdat in Vitamin A is what will inhibit the growth of cancerous tissue itself.

Maintain Eye Health

Vitamin A has an important role in the health of human visual perception . This vitamin helps distribute the object received by the retina of the eye to the brain as an image . because there are in Vitamin A and retinol compounds these compounds play an important role in maintaining the health of our eyes .

That was some of the Benefits and Functions of Vitamin A for the Health of our bodies , so from now on the consumption of foods that contain this vitamin because vitamin A is very important for the health of our bodies so that if we lack this vitamin our body will be susceptible to disease , and we will not be able to activities that we like . but when we consume foods that contain Vitamin A should not be exaggerated , because if excessive also can lead to diseases such as , nausea , headache , joint pain and hair loss .

so eat it with a vitamin A dose of 750 mcg per day

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