Excess Ear Wax Causes

Ear wax is designed to perform several important functions inside the ear.

It is also known as cerumen. It helps to keep the ear clean and lubricated. Without it, dirt, small insects and various other contaminants would quickly become an issue. The ear would also be dry and uncomfortable.

Many people are affected by having excess ear wax at some point in their lives. This condition may affect children as well as adults. It can be very uncomfortable because it leads to a feeling of fullness in the ear. When the ear canal is blocked by the extra secretions, it may be difficult for sound waves to be carried along inside the ear. The blockage also causes more pressure to be exerted in different parts of the ear.

Ear (Photo credit: Menage a Moi)

Excess Ear Wax Causes: Natural Production

The problem arises when we produce too much of this valuable substance. For some people, the excess is not triggered by any external factor, they just naturally produce a bit more than they need. This can be a probelm in humans, as well as dogs and other animals.

Ears (Photo credit: TimothyJ)

Excess Ear Wax Causes: External Factors

In some cases, there is a medical condition that is causing the excess production. When some people have damage to their ear drum, they may produce an extra volume of wax.

Wax may sometimes build up when there is an infection in the middle ear. When there is an infection in the middle ear, the wax cannot remove the bacteria. If pus drains into the middle ear, this can also stimulate the production of more wax.

Millions of people every year have to get professional assistance when the ear wax becomes impacted. Person who have problems with cerumen build up should go to their doctor every 6 to 12 months to get the excess wax removed before it becomes a problem.

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