Fruit for Eye Health

Eye care is a window. So says the proverb says. It is true, from the point we can represent all the flavors available. Highlight a sense even the human eye can communicate only through face-to-eye. Eyes can not hide a lie. What a terrible eye function well able to demonstrate to us the beauty of the world. But explain to you what is good for the eyes? Yes, the eyes should be healthy and we will talk about the benefits of fruit for eye health.

Fruit eaten well, refreshing body once menyehatakan body, also have millions of other benefits. One is to improve the health of the eye. How could this happen? Yes, in many types of fruit contained a pigment component is referred to as beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is able to activate the pro-vitamin A into vitamin A is good for eye health and improve accommodation. Beta carotene is found in fruits, especially of yellow, orange or red. An example is the mango, papaya, oranges, apples, watermelon, cantaloupe. If berwanra red fruit, kunging, orange, orange seems that already contains carotene, green apple and pear appears also contain beta-carotene in a high enough rate. 

In addition to enhancing the accommodation, the beta carotene in the fruit can even treat cataracts glaucoma. Nutritional fruit for eye health is also played by the high rate of lutein as found in kiwifruit, bananas, guavas can also treat cataracts. High levels of vitamin C in the fruit can also strengthen the connective tissue of the eye area as well as improving blood circulation. Vitamin C also helps boost immunity, helping the body reduce the occurrence of infection in the eye. 

Some fruits contain essential oils such as olive, strawberry, good for the eyes, especially in the process of cleaning the eyes and treat eye inflammation. Also can treat cataracts. Content folate, calcium and potassium in some kind of citrus, bananas, prickly pear. What a great benefit to the health of the eye.

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