Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Fresh carrot juice contains a lot of beta-carotene, vitamins and minerals, which makes it great for health maintenance, particularly for people with weak immune systems, skin and vision problems. It is also great for children.

Carrot juice is also rich in potassium (130 mg/100gr), calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. This delicious juice also contains flavonoids, phytoncides and enzymes as well as organic acids, monosaccharides and disaccharides, starch and ash.

Drinking a glass of carrot juice a day is recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Slightly diluted with water, it can be given to children.

The main healthy component in carrot juice is vitamin A, which helps with vision and skin problems. Lack of vitamin A is immediately visible on the skin, as it gets dry or may be flaking. Heels and elbows get hard very quickly.

Vitamin A accumulates in the liver and cleanses it constantly, so carrot juice supports the health of the liver. It also helps in gastritis with high acidity and lowers stomach acidity.

Vitamin A is also essential for growth and development of bones.

It is also great for healthy tooth enamel in adults and proper development of teeth in children.

It is also quite healthy for mucous membranes, protecting against infections.

Carrot juice is rich in antioxidants, which slow down the ageing process and reduce the risk of cancer.

It helps cleanse the cells of toxins and impurities, thus ridding the skin of acne. Drinking carrot juice can help you get rid of dermatitis and eczema.

Vitamin C in carrot juice acts as a protector of the nervous and immune systems. A glass of fresh carrot juice relieves stress after a hard day and has a calming effect if one is overexcited. Carrot juice contains a substance related to endorphins which promotes a sense of joy.

It is important to drink fresh carrot juice for smokers because nicotine destroys all supplies of vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C in combination with B vitamins reduces the level of harmful cholesterol, thereby protecting the cardiovascular system.

Fresh carrot juice increases appetite and improves digestion. It serves as a great resource in atherosclerosis, infections and kidney stones.

Carrot juice is very helpful to women. Carotene normalises the synthesis of female sex hormones that allows women to stay young and healthy for longer. Because the lack of vitamin A leads to infertility, carrot juice, in some cases, helps to resolve that problem.

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