Is Acai The World’s Most Powerful Superfood?

Is Acai The World’s Most Powerful Superfood?

Is Acai The World’s Most Powerful Superfood?

The acai berry consists usually of a pit, and only 10 per cent of the berry is edible. It is small, round, and dark purple in color. It resembles a grape, but it is usually smaller and darker. It consists of an enormous seed and very little percentage of pulp (or skin). It is usually mixed with energy drinks, ice cream, and even energy bars. Healthy acai requires quick processing right after its harvest.

Though it is not actually considered organic, the acai can actually be said to be better than organic as it grows in the rainforests of the Amazon. The rain forest is untouched, and everything is grown naturally, and cared for by the natives. No mass farming or mass production exists.

Pronounced ah-sigh-ee, acai, or euterpe oleracea (arecaceae) boasts of numerous health rewards, which is why its reputation as a wonder product has been growing impressively. It is highly promoted by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a health guru and best-selling author, calling the acai a “superfood.”

The acai berry was not found in North America until two years ago. It is a small, dark, purple fruit from the palmberry tree. It usually grows in the wild Amazonian jungles in Brazil, where it is harvested by natives who have been reaping its health benefits for generations now. Acai is usually served pureed, and consumed as you would a drink. You can even enjoy it as Brazilians do-as fruit shakes, where it is mostly sold along the beaches of Brazil.

Acai is an acquired taste, as the taste will remind you of red wine with a few touches of chocolate. Because of this, most juice bars in the west coast use it as an ingredient when serving smoothies and fruit juices.

Because it is rich in anthocyanins, an antioxidant that battles cholesterol and free radicals, regular intake of acai will help prevent blood clots, improve blood circulation, and relax blood vessels. It is also a great help in preventing arthresclerosis and a powerful combatant of cancer. Red wine has been said to be healthy, and this is because of the anthocyanin content found in grapes. Acai actually has 33 times more anthocyanin than the grape. Anthocyanins also help treat diabetes retinopathy.

Aside from anthocyanins, the acai also includes oleic acid, an acid that is very good for the heart. Oleic acid also keeps a cancer-causing oncogene, usually found in breast cancer patients, from acting up. Acai is also rich in iron and is a great help for people who suffer from digestive malfunctions.

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