Resolution - Lose Weight

Every year losing weight is one of the top resolutions made. Here is how I finally conquered my demon.

Losing weight used to top my priority list every year for self improvement. I began this process back in high school. A comment was made that no matter how good my grades were, fat people just don’t make it into college.

The Stillman diet was my choice as I love meat. I measured, had hard-boiled eggs ready by the dozen, cheese went on everything. I gained, but I got into college anyway.

College life added a new weight gainer; alcohol. On top of never having enough money for decent food, there always seemed to be a never ending supply of alcohol. Alcohol consumption also made me eat more. Enter in a new vice, cigarettes. Cigarette smoking makes food less desirable because your taste buds don’t work as well.

After college, losing weight was a priority to getting that perfect career. NutriSystem (based on the Stillman diet) was the answer to my prayers. So I thought. The food was expensive and tasted like crap. I hung in there losing about 20 pounds. One day as I was patting myself on the back, it occurred to me that I wasn’t about to be a slave to this kind of nutritional punishment.

Enter in Susan Sommer’s “Stop The Insanity.” I read the book, used the tapes. A lot of no nonsense information here. I began a self-modification process. First of all, fat people are not hungry. We eat for different reasons having become slaves to cravings.

We also don’t drink enough water. Water has a load of benefits whether you are fat or not. It takes up space in the stomach. It washes impurities out of the body. It plumps the skin so you look younger. Your organs work more efficiently. Your circulation system works better. There’s a good chance that those headaches are a cry for water. So is constipation.

We eat too much salt. Salt helps your body retain liquids. It is supposed to regulate not run amuk. Sheer weight keeps you in swollen ankles. You don’t need more salt.

A “sweet tooth” is your body’s signal that you need fruit not cake and cookies. This is one of those instinct things. Grab an apple, not an apple pie.

The best advice I learned was to eat natural. The more natural the food, the better your body behaves. Fruits and vegetables eaten raw or lightly steamed is what your digestive system is all about. Throwing in chemicals and pure sugar and fat is akin to throwing a wrench into a motor. It is not designed to handle it.

We also eat waaayyy too much meat. A serving is the size of a deck of cards, no higher or wider. You don’t require more than 1 serving a day. Fish is a better meat alternative.

When loading a plate; meat should be 1/4, potatoes, rice, or pasta should be 1/4 and vegetables should be 1/2. Lay off the butter, salt, mayonnaise, dressings, bread, and gravy. Become familiar with the food pyramid. It is usually present on the bread wrapper.

Experiment with foods in their natural state to acclimate your body to them. Eat more beans like kidney, navy, black. You will build a tolerance to gas as your body relearns using fiber. You will learn to appreciate naturally occurring flavors. Eating healthy will become a way of life. Incorporate exercise into your day and over time, the weight will reduce. Your stomach will shrink so you no longer overeat. When you get light-headed, you’ll smile and say, “I think I’m hungry.” And grab an apple.

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  1. This is my new year resolution..

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