Saving at The Grocery Store

Now a days with our grocery prices are going up..

Hi, my opinion.. the distributors who brings us our food be able to not have to pay for gas. For them it should be free. Then our food would be a whole lot cheaper. Also, beings there is a great deal of air in our packaged products that should be deducted from the price as well.     

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We should not have to have coupons to go to the store. If you noticed majority of the coupons aren’t really deals. Once you see what you have to do to get the deal.

It would be great to see samples of food in every isle. Loads of bargains/ buy two to more for a small price. Sales/promos every week.  30+ dollar Gift card handed out when you buy a certain total. Grocery foods should not be this high.  This also goes for the vegetable and fruit department. We have our own fields for this.  They should be cheaper as well.  Farmers should receive some kind of credit on gas for gas to ship/distribute fruit and vegetables to our markets if its long distance.  So they can be accessible.  Reasonibly charged.      

Also, it would be great to see a lot of free 60.00 or and higher gift cards being distributed on the local news,. From local grocery stores. Not to mention downloadable gift cards worth 60.00 or more from local news on their websites.  

The meat department the same way.  By the price per lb and cutting it down.  They would most likely get sold quicker.  Possibly create dinner packages from it.  Just don’t add the seasonings to it.  As well as putting it in a microwave container ready for it to be cooked. Or a aluminum container,.  


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  1. Nice share

  2. Would not that be great :)

  3. CT…Some great ideas…some of which are already being implemented through customer loyalty dollars and free item based on total amount of purchases. My daughter’s family qualified for a free turkey after doing some Christmas shopping at a local Superstore last evening.

  4. You have some great ideas.

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