Which is Better? Fruit Juice or The Whole Fruit?

How to differentiate between the nutritional content of fruit juice and the whole fruit, and which is better?

You often hear that fruit juice is a great source to maintain a healthy life. You get a lot of vitamins and the benefits of fruit juice, but is it so? Actually consuming the whole fruit is healthier than consuming the fruit juice.

What is missing in the fruit juice?

Fruit juice is often lack two important things: namely fiber and fruit skin. Fruit juice also often does not contain 100% real fruit juice, but with addition of water and sugar to make it taste more delicious. The sugar content will make fruit juice is not really good.

Benefits of fruit skin

Fruit skin like the peel of apples, blueberries, apricots, grapes, plums, currants, raspberries and strawberries that can be eaten is an important element. Fruit peel interacts with the sun and form a variety of different colors that contain various nutrients such as carotenoids and flavonoids that are useful to improve our health. Fruit skin such as grape skin has been studied for its ability to reduce the risk of cancer and helps protect the
body from ultraviolet rays. Unfortunately in the fruit juice, most of the fruit skin is removed and we will not get the benefits of fruit skin.


One of the advantages of whole fruit is high content of fiber. When the fruit is blended, the fiber will be destroyed and will even disappear in juices that are sold in a public place.

Is fruit juice not healthy?

Juice has experienced a reduction in levels of fiber and important nutrients and often is a source of sugar that could be dangerous for our health. Fruit juice may also increase blood sugar levels more quickly than whole fruit. Therefore, excess fruit juice consumption can increase your daily calorie consumption significantly.

Whole fruit is more advisable than fruit juice. But if you want to to make a fruit juice because it it easier to be digested, include skins of the fruit and do not add to much sugar.

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  1. Interesting article. I must say that I would rather eat a piece of fruit that drink a glass of juice.

  2. thanks for this post good one

  3. Loved you post. I prefer eating whole fruit.

  4. I go for the whole fruit…

  5. Unfortunate that we throw away nutrients in the skins.

  6. Very good article, the fresh fruit is definitely more nutritious.

  7. Fresh fruit juice will be better than those bought in the supermarket. I always peel off the apple skin because there is a kind of wax on it.

  8. Nice share.
    I like whole fruit than juice..,

  9. Great

  10. Very useful information. I think its better to eat the fruit as it is. But I do enjoy fruit juices.

  11. Good I did not know the answer and you thoroughly explained it,

  12. The fruit itself is the best one.

  13. I must say that I would rather eat a piece of fruit that drink a glass of juice.

  14. Very awesome article. I must admit I drink more juice then eat fruit

  15. useful information, like this

  16. This is very educational. Encouraging good health is always a plus.

  17. Great! I like fruits better.

  18. Yeah but I like orange juice(fresh) better than the fruit.

  19. When I get the juice I get the unsweetened.

  20. So very interesting and useful.
    Thank you for sharing and enjoy your day.

  21. Yes, the fiber in fruits is important, and should not be discarded if possible. Home juicing produces the most incredible tasting juice ever, and you can add some of the fiber that the juicer takes away, back into your juice. It’s nice that you can make your own blends this way. Many people do not know that sugar and corn sweeteners are added to commercial juices, as they do not read labels. Some do not care anyway. I love fruit juices. Motts Apple Juice doesn’t add anything, and bumps up the taste with extra apple juice concentrate. That’s the “Natural” label. Other brands of apple juice add citric acid or ascorbic acid, which is from corn, and is not good for us or necessary. Thank you for the article. Very good.

  22. thanks for this post good share

  23. Sorry to hear about your account. Brilliant read.
    Whole fruit is better and more nutritious but lazy people like me just like to by the juice in a carton. It’s been washed, peeled, squeezed. I must change that habit. :)

  24. Informative… this reminds me to have some fruit too… been quite a while huhuhu

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