My Thighs are Too Big!

Learn a few little known secrets on how to get thinner thighs.

Now the obvious answer is to eat less and exercise more and whilst this is the case it is by no means the be all and end all of how to get thinner thighs. The first thing you need to know if what type of foods produce fat thighs and that would be high sugar foods like chocolate sweets soda etc. this contrary to popular belief creates around body fat including fat on the thighs. Don’t worry about fatty foods they produce stomach fat. The next idea to throw out the window is that doing exercises that use the thighs is bad because it will build muscle this is ridiculous the more exercise you do that uses the thighs the better, if you don’t believe me look at marathon runners, these guys have insanely thin legs and they use those muscles more than anyone else, obviously now eight training on your legs though please. This is because going for a run or am g cycle ride wears down the muscle, it breaks it up and if you do this consistently it learns to be more efficient because the extra weight is slowing it down and it decrease in size.

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