Weight Loss Blog: 12/9

A lot has happened.

Of course, you wil no doubt have noticed that I haven’t updated these blogs for a couple of days, and the simple reason for that is because I was not here. We are having our bathroom redone at home at the moment, and because of that I moved into my boyfriend’s flat for a couple of days so that I would have somewhere to use the bathroom when I needed to. It seemed a little silly to remain in the house when I couldn’t do much of the kinds of things that I would have liked to have done.

The only problem with going to his was the fact that not only did he not have any healthy food, but he didn’t have any food at all. So I decided that I would use those couple of days just to enjoy myself before I had to get right back to my weight loss when I got home again. I did eat badly, but I also did a fair amount of exercise as well as I went shopping and the town was a little walk away and there was no bus so I didn’t really have any choice other than to walk there. I had to put some of my birthday money into the bank, as well as buying a couple of things that I really needed, so I was just glad to have been able to get everything done as well as get some exercise done at the same time.

I had some friends over on Monday night, which was fun, and I managed to get through the night without drinking any alcohol. I know I had started drinking a little bit again, but this was something that I had decided to stop again because of the fact that there were so many calories in the drinks that I just wasn’t enjoying them anymore because I was spending that much time thinking about it. So I am making the decision to go completely dry again because I felt a lot happier and healthier when I was doing it like that.

With regards to exercise, this is something that I do need to step up. My Mum has started losing weight this week, so this means that I have somebody who would be prepared to exercise with me if I wanted her to. I find it a lot easier to get motivated if there is somebody else with me, and I am much more likely to stay outside going for a walk if there is somebody else there as well. One of the things that I struggle with when I am out walking is that I get a little bit bored and decide that I am going to come home instead of carrying on and doing an extra half hour’s exercise or something like that. But I know that I have to lose these past couple of pounds now, and I also know that I am more than determined to do this, as my weight loss has been going on for way too long now. 

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  1. Well done thank you for sharing.

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