Weight Loss Blog: 26/9


So, my healthy eating and exercise regime is now back in full swing. I haven’t had a single lapse since I started it again, and I am very pleased that I can say that about myself. One of the things that is helping matters is the fact that we are trying to save money at home at the moment and that is meaning that we have to think about eating what is cheap to buy. I have found bags of pasta to feed four people for 75p so these are the things that we are buying plenty of at the moment. When I am living on my own this means that I can pay just a couple of pounds each week for my meals rather than buying loads of the junk food like I might have done in the past.

The scales haven’t budged yet, but I’m not too worried about that because of the fact that I only have a couple more pounds to lose and it is always more difficult towards the end of losing weight because your body doesn’t have all that much more fat to get rid of. I know that if I carry on the way that I have been doing I should be able to lose the rest of this weight way before Christmas, and that is something that I am working towards at the moment.

Exercise wise I am finding it a bit of a struggle to count how many calories I’m burning at the moment. Although I’m not really doing specific exercise (like classes or running or anything like that) right now, I am doing a lot of things round the house like cleaning and ironing, which leave me relatively tired so I know that they must be burning calories. But I wouldn’t even know where to begin counting them to put them in my log, so I am not bothering to do this and am just making sure that I am eating below my BMR so that every bit of exercise helps me to get into that calorie deficit for the week.

I am in the process of having to replace my wardrobe at the moment. This is because winter is on the way now, and I am a completely different size than I was last winter. Although some of my clothes don’t look too bad, others look ridiculous. Part of me doesn’t want to buy anything new yet because I know I have a couple more pounds to lose and I will be doing that in the next few weeks. What would be the point of buying things that fit perfectly now, only to find that in November they don’t fit anymore becauase I have lost more weight again. So I am trying to make do with most of my things and then probably will think about getting some new clothes for Christmas to celebrate being the size that I would very much like to remain for the rest of my adult days. 

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