Weight Loss Blog: 29/8

Today’s diary.

I know I am only half way through the day, but I thought that I might as well post my blog and let you know how I’m doing with everything. Last night, I completely lost it, and just snacked the night away. I can’t even believe how much I ate. It started with dinner, when I was making perfectly healthy pasta with tomato sauce. I had planned that for a meal, and had built the rest of my calories for the day around the assumption that the meal would come to around 500 calories. However, I was not actually cooking the meal, and when it was ready I found that there had been all manner of things mixed in with it such as chopped meat, more vegetables, a lot of cheese, salt, and sauce. It was very nice, but must have added at least 200 cals, if not more, to the amount that I had been hoping to eat.

When that happens to me, I don’t just let it go and carry on with the day. It actually upsets me to the extent that I end up snacking more. I am aware that it makes absolutely no sense to do that at all, but there is no reasoning with me when I am in that mood. So, that evening, above my calories for the day, I also ate 4 chocolate digestives (80 cals each), 3 Thornton melts (50 cals each) and two Thornton’s heart chocolates and I’m not sure how many calories were in those. I also had a cup of tea with milk, which added even more.

I don’t know why I do it to myself. I could have finishe the day just 200 cals over what I’d planned, which wouldn’t have been all that bad, but instead I had to eat another 500 calories in junk just because I was upset about what had happened. And, of course, I was even more upset when I stepped on the scales this morning because it showed up that I had gained a couple of ounces. Of course I had, the amount I ate. Why wouldn’t I! 

I am not going through all of this to see the number on the scale rise. That’s not what I’m aiming for. I want the numbers to go down, and I want to reach my goal weight. I think that one of the tricks that I need to keep in mind is that I have to keep busy. This is going to sound ridiculous, but when I feel as though I’m going to snack, I put on my Waterloo Road box set to keep my mind busy, and a colouring book and some coloured pencils to keep my hands busy. I think it really does help, because often the only reason that I find myself snacking in an evening is because I don’t have anything better to do so I do it to relieve my own boredom. I have to snap out of that habit, because it’s going to be the difference between me getting to my goal weight and me getting slowly back to the weight I was right at the beginning. That is something that I just cannot allow to happen, and I’m not going to let food run my life again. 

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  1. Keep on! You are going the right direction.

  2. Well written piece, thank you.

  3. Well written, thank you.

  4. All the best!!! :)

  5. Istnieją różne stanowiska w istnieniu najbliższą uważam, biorąc tam odniesienie mogło doświadczenie pozwoliło to na miejscu lub artykuł naprawdę pouczające. Praktycznym wyrazem cel ten post jest złej jakości. Po prostu mogę wymówić, że informacje, które tutaj był wyjątkowy, tylko naprawdę uczynić go bardziej prawie całkowita, wspierając z byłym informacji będzie się już naprawdę dobrze. Punkty dotknąłeś wymienionych tutaj są istotne, więc Pozwól mi dostrzec wiele informacji, żeby zbudować to rzeczywiście dobre dla całkowicie początkujących jest tutaj. Wielkie dzięki za te informacje. Właściwie pomocny!

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