Weight Loss Blog: 7/10

How are things going then?

Another blog so soon after the last one, there is no doubt about it, I am getting much better at this now. One of the things that I always struggle with on a Sunday is the fact that my family are often out of the house and this can mean that I am on my own and very tempted to binge. I can now cope with the way that I feel about my eating habits when I am not on my own, but binging is something that I always struggle with when I am on my own.

To try to stop myself from binging last night, I invited my partner over to try to take my mind off eating junk food. He stayed until 8pm and I was definitely good at not binging at that point. However, in the two hours that he went home before my family came home, this was the problem. I ended up eating a couple of hundred calories more than I should have done, but it wasn’t even half as bad as it might have been in the past so I do feel as though I made progress in that area.

I went shopping in the afternoon to try and get hold of some food that I would be able to eat during the week. I have quite a decent sized freezer, and this means that I can stock up on lots of things that are frozen. One of the things that I really like is the frozen vegetables, because it means that I always have something that I am able to eat when I need something healthy. Things like sweetcorn and peas are very easy to cook and are good for you as well. I have also stocked my freezer with some healthy things such as chicken pieces and vegetable dishes. 

I have taken over all of the cooking in my house now, and this is meaning that I am able to control the things that we put in our meals. I much prefer this, as my family who are not trying to lose weight don’t think anything of adding things such as extra cheese. This wouldn’t make any difference to them because they don’t need to control their calories, but it makes a lot of difference to me because I have to count the calories that I’m eating very accurately to make sure that I am not eating too much. 

I hope that I will be able to continue doing the cooking because I do feel that this is the difference between me being able to lose the rest of this weight and not being able to lose it. So I am very much enjoying it, and hope that I can continue doing it in the future. 

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