Weight Loss Blog: 8/9

How are things going then?

So, I know that I was talking mostly about my birthday yesterday, and how my diet has been awful since around this time last week, and I have to say that not all that much has changed. I am going to my boyfriend’s flat for a couple of days tomorrow, as he is away and he needed somebody to look after his pets, so I have offered to go there. It is good in some respects because I have a lot of stairs to go up and down, but at the same time it is a little bit bad because of the fact that I will be taking a lot of my birthday chocolate with me and I will probably end up eating far too much of it. I don’t really think that this is a bad thing though, as, at the end of the day, I am going to eat exactly the same amounts of chocolate that I have been given for my birthday, so I might as well eat it sooner rather than later so that I can go right back to the way that things were and go back to the healthy eating side of things.

I have some exciting news to talk to you about on the exercise front. My family have been talking about perhaps getting a dog for quite a while now, and this is something that we are now seriously thinking about. This would be something that is absolutely fantastic for me, as I am the type of person who needs a reason to go for a walk rather than just being able to go for one without having a reason at all. Because of this, I know that having a dog would mean that I would be able to do much more exercise than I am doing at the moment. I would get up bright and early in the morning to take it for a walk, which should be around an hour long, and hopefully I would be able to do this at the end of the day as well with somebody else walking it in between. It would be good to have something to play with in the garden as well, as I imagine that this amount of exercise would almost certainly add up and make a big difference to me. I have just about got my diet spot on now, but the amount of food that I have been eating in order to lose weight hasn’t really been enough to make me happy. So, I know that the only thing that I am going to be able to do is to do more exercise to make up for the food that I am eating, and then I will be able to add a little more food to each of my days. 

Left over from my birthday, I have four bags of Thornton’s chocolates, one box of Thornton’s, one box of Lindor chocolates and one bag of Fruitellas, which my Mum got me because I find them really handy to chew if I’m having a sweet craving. I will save those until last, because sucking on just one sweet can stop me for reaching for the chocolate, and they don’t have all that many calories in them either, which means that they are a much better option. 

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