Weight Training for Speed?


Hi everyone. Want explosive speed for running? You can get explosive power from weight training, but how? Your speed depends upon the muscles’ adaptation to work. If you can finish a 100m sprint in 10 seconds, you can very easily cut down on a second if you weight train. This is because your legs are used to pushing your body weight smoothly during sprints and if you train you legs to lift heavier weights in the form of Squats, Dead lifts etc., they get used to pushing more than usual weights, so, your running speed will drastically increase as your own body weight is not a burden on your legs. This not only applies for legs but all the muscles in your body. If you can lift a weight more than 15 repetitions, you gain endurance which is not explosive power but a way to sustain the maximum speed for longer durations and on the other hand, the lesser the repetitions you can lift a weight, the more explosive power you’ll gain as your muscles put their maximum in pushing the weight. So people, lift heavy and reap the benefits of weight training. 

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