Soy for Menopause

I’ve heard there’s an easy solution.

Since I am getting older, and finding it harder to manage my weight, it’s time to face the fact that I may be entering menopause.  Although I don’t really have many other symptoms, I am that age, and as this sinks in, I am trying to find out more about how to combat the effects of missing estrogen, due to menopause. 

I have heard that soy is one natural alternative to synthetic estrogen, and since synthetic estrogen has known health risks, I think I’d rather go with soy or other natural methods of keeping my hormones in balance. 

According to, “When women transition into menopause, they frequently have to deal with a number of side effects, including hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. Hormone replacement therapy can help with these symptoms by returning estrogen and progesterone closer to pre-menopause levels. This type of therapy increases your risk for breast cancer, however, so many menopausal women prefer to try natural treatment alternatives, including consuming soy products.”

I have also heard that soy supplements, when taken by pill in higher doses, may increase breast cancer risk, and that it is safer to take soy in your food.  This is what I plan to try.

It won’t be difficult for me to add soy to my diet because I like chocolate soy milk.  I am pleasantly surprised to see that it has fairly high protein content and even some fiber, too.  I’m not really in the throes of menopause just  yet, but perhaps if I am proactive about approaching it, I can ward off some of the side effect with soy!  Hopefully, it can’t hurt, and won’t add any extra fat or calories to my diet by switching from regular milk.

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