Threat for Women with a Waist to 80cm

In general, a woman of childbearing age is more protected against a variety of chronic diseases including diabetes. But if a woman is obese, especially if the waist circumference exceeds 80 cm then the protection will be lost. Because, women with a waist circumference of more than 80cm at risk of developing diabetes will increase two-fold. In addition to diabetes there are other diseases that also threaten women with a waist circumference of more than 80cm and the disease is cardiovascular disease. Because obesity can eliminates the protective effect of estrogen from the risk of cardiovascular disease. So before menopause, women are normally more secure than attack the disease than men. But due to obesity, the women have the same risk as men.

Diabetes, Health, Obesity | Both to women and men, diabetes can lead to various complications, including complications of blood vessels. In addition to increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes also widely associated with sexual dysfunction. In women, diabetes can affect the reproductive system if not handled properly. Women with diabetes are prone disorders egg maturation so that tends to be more difficult to get pregnant. The disorder is not only experienced after suffering from diabetes, but even at an early stage of diabetes attacks. Because insulin resistance has occurred in the early stages of diabetes, insulin resistance is the workings of the hormone insulin not properly due to impaired receptor.

Insulin is not only useful for the metabolism of sugar, but also affect hormonal cycles in glands gonads. And the process of egg maturation is one of them. Because insulin greatly affect gonadal glands to produce hormones needed by the reproductive system. One is the hormone estrogen, which is also known by the nickname of the female sex hormones. Disturbances in insulin action will cause disruption in hormones that make the reproductive system. At the onset of diabetes or diabetic conditions, the process of egg maturation could be affected by a disturbance in the hormones so that to become not infertile.

But there is one good new because the medical technology available today makes diabetes can be controlled but not cured. Treatment with metformin for example, impaired fertility or infertility in women with diabetes can be cured. With metformin treatment, menstruation can return to normal and egg maturation back good. But the main thing is lifestyle changes, due to lifestyle changes must be made if you want to get good results from treatment. Besides it, making the weight loss, so that insulin could work is good.

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