Update on Hormone Therapy and Cardiovascular Problems: Apparently Hormone Therapy is Safe

It’s amazing how information can go back and forth.

It is amazing how health information can flip-flop. It is possible to read information that tells you to do one thing and then a little later you will read something that will tell you to do something entirely different. Sometimes it is simply the result of new research.

So it is with hormone therapy (HT). Years ago women abruptly stopped employing hormone therapy. It had been determined that women who used hormone therapy were at a much higher risk for cardiovascular problems. This included heart attack, stroke and deep-vein thrombosis as well as causing breast cancer relapse. Estrogen is a potential tumor-causing hormone.

However further research as shown that the panic may have been unfounded.

There is an unlikely component to the safety of hormone therapy (HT). It is important because 1 in 4 or 25% of women entering menopause have a terrible time with adverse symptoms.

What makes hormone therapy safer? It is the unlikely addition of low-dose aspirin.

In addition to aspirin if a woman uses micronized progestin and bioidentical estrogen she will improve.

What are the benefits?

Incredibly 94% of women experiencing severe hot flashes and other very severe hormonal symptoms improve. The aspirin additive also reduces heart attack by 12%, strokes by 5% and deep vein thrombosis by 1%.

One of the huge positives is that your memory may improve. Further, using the additional aspirin therapy along with progestin and estrogen will keep your mind sharp for a longer period of time.

It is recommended that you find hormones at reliable local drug or naturopathy stores, not on the web.

Who should consider this new hormone therapy?

Most women should consider it. Certainly those 25% who have an extremely hard time with menopause should consider it. Also, 50% of women who have good and then bad days should consider treatment. This means women who cannot get their symptoms under control.

What do I do if I want to start hormone therapy?

Take low-dose aspirin two days before therapy. This dose is one-half of a regular aspirin.

Progestin and estrogen should be taken at .03 mg. doses.

Stay with this program for the shortest period of time possible.

One very important thing is not to incorporate this into your life if you are a breast cancer survivor.

Estrogen can fuel tumors.

It seems that women now have another opportunity for some help with what can be a formidable problem.

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