Finding a Reason to Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is an experience that is different for everyone. Because no two people or circumstances are exactly alike, your reasons for quitting, the process that will be most successful for you, and your methods for avoiding the temptation to start again will be unique to you. At the same time, the many products and services available, as well as testimonials about what has worked for others, will give you plenty of useful information, tips and ideas for how to make your own successful transition to becoming a non smoker.

Because there are psychological as well as behavioral, social and physiological factors involved in any addiction, one major component of quitting can involve changing how you think about smoking. This means examining your reasons for smoking, as well as finding clear reasons to stop. This information will help you stay motivated, give you goals to strive towards and rewards to look forward to.

People have many reasons for deciding to quit. Maybe you are pregnant, or already have small children in your life and want to protect their health now and in the future as a positive role model. You may be ready to make a commitment to improving your own health, or may be influenced by the desire for a more aesthetically pleasing environment, including less damage from smoke and burns to your clothing, your car and your home. Your own appearance is also likely to benefit greatly, with fewer premature wrinkles, a healthier smile certainly enough reason to greet yourself a little more enthusiastically in the mirror each day.

Financial savings is another substantial motivator, and one that can benefit your loved ones as well. You could save up for a vacation, weekly evenings out, or other treats to enjoy together that are healthy, fun and a meaningful way to enjoy time with friends or family. Use the extra cash to explore new interests, or rediscover old ones. Invest in a membership at a health club or an art gallery, or purchase tickets for a sporting event, symphony, or ballet. More than just giving up an old habit, this is your chance to redesign your lifestyle and make conscious choices to create the life you want for yourself and your family.

Do not be afraid to incorporate some humor into your stop smoking plan. Remember, you are learning to think differently about cigarettes and their role in your life, so explore any avenues that seem beneficial in helping you see things differently, and make smoking seem like a less appealing habit. Envision yourself as happier, healthier and wealthier, and get excited about all the things you can do as a non-smoker. Choose some specific reasons for quitting, and find ways to remind yourselves of these daily in order to improve your chances for success. Combined with the right products and support, you will find yourself well on your way to discovering and creating the new you.

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