Five Amazing Exercises

If you’re tired of working out and seeing no results, try these five and you’ll be noticing great results in little to no time.

 5 Amazing Exercises 

  It’s extremely frustrating when you put so much of your time into working out, and you don’t see much resulting from it. I’m going to show you the five exercises that have helped me achieve the body that I have always pictured myself having. 

1. Walking Lunges (15 per leg) 

  The lunge is a fantastic exercise that develops the thighs and strengthens the hips. Also it is one of the best booty toners. 

  How to do it: Start by standing with your feet together, then take a large step forward with your left foot as you bend your knees, and lower your body into a lunge. Step out of the lunge, and repeat with your right foot.

2. Knee Ups (15 per leg)

  Knee ups work out the abs, and will help tone your legs. 

  How to do it: Start with your legs together, then step up onto a secure platform, and raise your knee up past your hips. Step down and repeat. 

3. Medicine Ball Squat & Press (15 reps)

  This exercise is definitely my favourite. It workouts your abs, legs and butt. 

  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, then grab your medicine ball on both sides, and do a regular squat. When you come up from that squat raise the ball over your head. 

4. Butt Lift (30 reps)

  This exercise is great because it tones, firms your butt, and at the same time it activates your core.

  How to do it: Lie on your back flat on the floor with your hand to your sides, and your knees bent. Feet should be shoulder width apart. Push with your hips off the floor, keeping your back straight. Remember to breath out as you do this, and hold the position for a couple seconds. 

5. Lay Down Push Ups (15 reps)

  With this exercise you’ll strengthen your arms and core. 

  How to do it: Lower your chest to the ground so that you’re laying down completely, then reach forward as far as you can. Bring your arms back, and position your hands by your sides. Push yourself up, and return into starting position. 

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